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What is euthanasia?

There are plenty of questions, which seem quite uncertain and if you feel that you have already formed opinion concerning such an issue, after a couple of minutes of reflection you will realize that this is not true. Such a question attracted our attention today and this one is the issue of euthanasia since this is a rather controversial phenomenon, which can be considered from the different point of view. In this essay, we make an attempt just to reflect on this topic since sometimes such a solution is reasonable while sometimes it might seem disputable. Sometimes, even religion might be an obstacle against euthanasia and despite all the sufferings and pain, friends and relatives of the one who suffers won't let him or her be euthanized

The development of the biomedicine has led to the blurring of human life boundaries; the beginning of life and the end of it have lost the status of natural predetermination. Our time on this Earth now depends on our decision to use or not to use certain medical and biological technologies, for example, the prolongation of life provided by modern medicine, and it has exacerbated the debates concerning the pros and cons of euthanasia. A couple of facts concerning proofreading services online at We are able to find all the possible grammatical mistakes and get rid of them, and we deliver all the papers without delays. The term "euthanasia" in the modern sense was introduced by Francis Bacon to denote the need to take care of the fate of a dying person. Bacon wanted to alleviate the suffering of the dying person as much as possible. In the past, medical workers sometimes were not the ones who pronounce death. Due to the predominance of the soteriological type of culture, the person who was next to the dying one was more likely to be a priest than a doctor. However, the processes of medicalization of death, which began in the XIX and continued in the XX century. As the result of this changes, the doctor was the one who was beside the dying person and the efforts the doctor should put in trying to save this person’s life despite the fact that he or she is doomed was very disputable. The question of morality is discussed in this essay so many times that we couldn’t avoid this topic and prepared some additional information for you concerning this topic.

At the end of the nineteenth century, in the USA and other countries, social movements began to emerge, which were intended to help patients who suffer from severe pain and relatives of the victim and a doctor to make a decision to let this victim pass away. Thus, the legitimacy of the actions taken by people who want to alleviate the sufferings of others on the verge of death was protected by many influential lawyers.  They paid attention to several features that will help to justify and approve euthanasia. Why do people order their papers on our website? They just want cheap dissertation proofreading from the UK writers and appreciate high quality we provide. We will list them but first, let's clarify that the same rules are used by the countries where euthanasia is allowed. These rules are
as follows: first, the diagnosis and proximity of death, as well as the unavoidability of suffering
due to the poor level of medicine are precisely established (that is, for example, several experienced
doctors discussed this issue to come to a unilateral conclusion); secondly, and this is probably the most important, the patient repeatedly and explicitly expresses his or her desire to die. These two obligatory conditions are well considered to identify whether euthanasia should take place in this case. There is an opinion that euthanasia contradicts the common sense but if we refer to common sense we will see that it is far from being truth

In fact, the term "euthanasia" is used to denote a great variety of its types. For example, euthanasia is voluntary and involuntary, but the issue of involuntary euthanasia is an actual murder, even if it is justified to the alleviation of human suffering. For example, in most of the countries, involuntary euthanasia is regarded a murder. The voluntary euthanasia is a term used when the patient consciously decides to pass away to end his or her sufferings. The second typology of euthanasia is the division of euthanasia into passive and active one. We prepared a perfect team to order essay revision service at a low price and get a fully-revised paper of the highest level. Passive euthanasia is said when doctors decide not to start treatment or stop the treatment that has already been begun. In this case, it is very difficult in each specific situation to find out the reasons for refusing to continue treatment, because this motive may be either personal, moral or inability of the medicine to help the patient on the current level of its development. Therefore, if we talk about the legalization of euthanasia at the level of law, then the question is precisely the active euthanasia, that is, the admissibility of actions that actually lead to the death of another human being. In this case, these actions can be carried out in different forms. We are the company that provides first-rate admission essay writing services for all the customers both who ordered a one-page essay and those who ordered a thesis paper.

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Can euthanasia be somehow connected to the suicide?

Euthanasia is sometimes associated with so-called assisted suicide, when a patient who has decided to die asks to assist the doctors who, for example, know how to let this person die quickly and painlessly. However, most of the disputes are caused by active euthanasia, connected with the actions of the doctors who take certain measures to help a patient to pass away. This essay dedicated to top 10 innovations in medicine for 2018 will show you that there are no borders for the modern medical science.

Today, there are about ten countries in the world, which have legalized euthanasia on their territory. However, only two countries, Belgium and the Netherlands, have permitted euthanasia for children, without specifying the age, at which a child can express a desire to die, thus, this age is uncertain. The longest process of approving the active euthanasia is in the Netherlands. A doctor who decides to euthanize a patient must follow certain established rules. He or she must make sure that the patient wants to pass away, without being under the influence of any circumstances, without being forced, that this patient is well aware of his or her diagnosis and the symptoms and he or she consciously requests to be euthanized. Most students wonder where to buy argumentative essay online at low cost? If you are one of them, welcome at Then, the board of doctors once again make sure that there are no circumstances that coerce this patient to make sure a decision, that the disease will continue aggravating the condition of this patient, life is not worth living anymore due to the permanent sufferings and there are no other ways rather than let his or her pass away to make their decision concerning euthanasia. Thereafter, the doctor of this patient is instructed to note that the reason of death is euthanasia in the death certificate in the "cause of death" column, without providing any commentaries, and then refer the case to the competent authorities, i.e. to the coroner who decides whether this case is admissible and does not violate any law. It is difficult to imagine such a long procedure of euthanasia in other counties in Europe and beyond its borders. It seems that you need to distract a little since this is a very difficult topic for the discussion. We offer you to read our essay on reading benefits

If we refer to the historical notes, we will trace back the origin of such a high degree of people’s confidence in each other and medicine since the legislation of euthanasia is an acknowledgment of people's right to choose their own destiny and its acknowledgment is something more important than social interests. Those countries that have legalized euthanasia, as a rule, rely on some arguments. Among these arguments, the first place is occupied by this very right that allows us to control our own destiny. In the countries where collectivism dominates this is not a valuable argument to allow euthanasia. The best cheap essay writing service in the UK prepared a special offer for its customers. Everyone who places an order within this week will get a 25% discount for the second order. Hurry up! Those who support euthanasia are positive that an individual should have the right to pass away willingly and with dignity since they consider euthanasia to be the last resort. The attitude to this argument is also quite contradictory since people say the guillotine the best treatment of a headache and thus, the death is the best treatment of all the diseases. This might lead to the slowing down of the medicine development since certain fields of medicine are usually more developed than others. If euthanasia is approved it might result in such an outcome since other fields of medicine are likely to get investments rather than those who deal with cancer, HIV, hepatitis and other diseases of this kind. Thus, the scientist will pay more attention to treat people rather than helping them to avoid death. There is something you need to know about incurable diseases. First, you should know at least a couple of them. All the information concerning these diseases you can find in this essay.

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What about the choice of the one who suffers?

Another argument, which is also controversial, is related to the right of a person to make his own decision concerning his death and additionally this is the way to pay due respect to people’s desires. Just write something like “reword my paper in 12 hrs” in our online chat, and consider the job to be done. Some people say that it is better to die without seeing their friends and relatives sufferings and euthanasia is the best way to let the one who suffers die with dignity and to save his family from seeing him or her weak and broken. However, there is an objection since such a decision that deprived the family of the one who suffers to be near in the hour of need and spend the last hours with his or her. However, the followers of euthanasia usually use another serious argument, which they called an economical one. It might sound immoral and inhumane but they are positive that such a way to realize the pain of the one who suffers also allows preserving the resources of the health care system that might be necessary for the ones who still can be treated. Obviously, we understand that it is impossible to compare a human life and hypothetical saving of the budget and other resources of health care system. Moreover, due to the research conducted in Holland where euthanasia was legislated and according to its results, there were no savings of the budget thanks to euthanasia. Today you can hire an online paper editor at almost for free. More detailed information concerning this offer is on our website.

In addition, the legalization of euthanasia is always an infringement to the status of a doctor in the society. If we recall the Middle Ages, after the torture of the Inquisition, the doctor had to patch up a sinner before burning him or her so that he could realize what is happening. There are plenty of other facts concerning Inquisition you can find interesting and this essay contains detailed information about this religious movement. If a country legalizes euthanasia, then, of course, it is an infringement to the status of a doctor. Will you go to the doctor to ask his or her help knowing that this person actually concedes the possibility of euthanasia. There are plenty of other arguments that forces us to consider the legislation of euthanasia more carefully. Unlike other companies, we are able to do highly professional dissertation proofreading for each and every customer who needs our services. For example, the desire of a person to die due to the pain might be caused by the longing to relief the pain. Moreover, in the conditions of the highly developed medical science and the sufficient amount of the resources and the availability of these resources and drugs, which helps to release the pain, the possibility of euthanasia is not even discussed. For most of the researchers, the decision to approve or disapprove euthanasia is not a question of morality or humanity of an individual, this is about the moral principles of the entire society and the question about the dignity of the one who suffers does not arise. Dignity means that there is no need for additional justification, and thus, euthanasia is not a way of preserving the dignity of a dying person. The last question that should be clarified is the question whether such actions are actually violent ones and our essay will answer this question

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