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Our cheap essay writing service from the UK wants to present you a new essay on the essence of competence.

Personal management with all its functions and responsibilities includes the number of features that should serve as a guide for the modern HR-manager. These factors include one of the most important features called competence. The meaning of this notion is rather diverse. Since this quality is very important for everyone we decided to dedicate the whole essay to this very topic and try to understand its essence and the features it includes. Need homework help with an essay on any topic, order your assignment on our website with a huge discount. Hurry up!


The founder of the competency-based approach to personnel management is the American psychologist David McClelland. In the late 1960s, he presented the basics of this concept as a set of personal features that affect effectiveness. So, in 1973, "American Psychologist" published an article "Testing for Competence Rather Than for Intelligence" that revealed the essence of competence. You actually need to be brave enough to publish something like that since people usually take all the changes slowly and critically

The point of the approach proposed by McClelland was the comparison of the most and the least successful employees of the companies in order to determine the factor that influences their effectiveness. They wanted to understand what behavioral and psychological characteristics result in success. However, this approach became popular only in 1986 after the publication of the book of the American psychologist Richard Boyatzis "Competent manager: the model of effective activity". This very book gave a rise to this approach as an approach of more accurate applicants selecting. If you want to order the best college term paper for sale, you are welcome to the best website that actually can provide this level of quality.

What is competence?

There are plenty of versions on the account of competence and its major feature. We will draw our attention to the most propagated ones. These are the following:

  • The personal features that predispose his or her success in a certain affair or activity;
  • What kind of a person this is, his or her knowledge and skills;
  • A detailed description of personal features and skills of an individual expressed by means of his or her behavior, necessary to succeed;
  • Specific abilities and skills that enable an individual to perform a certain type of work and succeed;
  • Behavioral components that differ from intellectual and personal characteristics;
  • Behavioral patterns peculiar to the most successful employees.

This is only a small number of versions elaborated by various scientists all over the world. However, having examined all of them, it is easy to understand that competence is a certain feature or a set of ones that influence or even predispose his or her success at work. However, it is also obvious that the success depends on other features like temper, values, believes, motivations, skills and abilities, behavior etc.  Thus, there is a fairly simple question. Why was this term actually invented? There are professionally required qualities that are the nearest equivalent of the term “competence”. Why this term is so propagated when it comes to the description of professional qualities? In order to answer this question, let’s examine the main difference between the competence and other personal and professional qualities.  Most of our qualities depend on our experience and the way we perceive information. Read more about our experience and its influence at

Qualities peculiar to competent people


This quality means that an employee will put all the efforts, knowledge and skills to satisfy the customers’ needs. Thus, such an employee should have the desire to help people, provide the services they are looking for and meet their requirements in this or another way.

Strategic skills

These skills include the ability to see the future as clearly as present to be able to override all the possible obstacles that might arise even under the influence of stress and anxiety. An individual with such skills is able to plan his or her activity, properly schedule the day, and properly evaluate the current situation to find all the possible effective solutions. You might also need strategic planning skills to master in order to plan your daily work effectively.


An individual with the leadership should be able to motivate and inspire people, delegate responsibilities correctly with regard to the personal features of each member of the team, consider the benefits and flaws of each employee in order to make the work of the whole team as productive and effective as possible. It also includes certain psychological and communication skills in order to support and promote personal growth and development. There are also certain qualities required to be a leader and this essay reveals them all.


Such an employee is able to find all the opportunities to the external and internal market development. All the actions performed by this employee are predisposed by proper evaluation of all the possible market risks to make a maximal profit or achieve certain achievements beneficial for the company.

Let’s summarize all the above-mentioned qualities. Whether these are certain personal qualities or a complex of independent qualities? They are more likely to be the complex of independent qualities. Thus, the complex rather than separately taken qualities predisposes the behavior of the employee in such a way to provide maximal effectiveness. With regard to the above-mentioned statements, HR-managers should consider competence specifically but they should also understand that this is not just a set of certain qualities.


In order to clarify and summarize all the above-mentioned information, we will make a small comparison. Everyone knows that in order to create a painting we use various colors. Let's say, that the competence, in this case, is the object painted, the way it is painted and the colors on this picture are individual qualities.

On different pictures different colors will dominate, for example, on one picture it will be green and on another, it will be blue. The competence is controlled by the same processes. The way the leader understands the goals and intentions of the employees depends on his perception and the ability to feel it. In order to develop the most effective working strategy both of a single employee and the whole team, one should evaluate all the weaknesses and benefits of each individual and customize each approach to work to make effective decisions. Each company has a set of required features each employee should possess. For example, it might be creativity, attentiveness, strategic thinking, certain knowledge or skills etc.

There is no need to focus on painting since it was taken as an example. There are only a few people who actually can paint and even fewer number of people who can actually understand art, especially a contemporary one. Thus, there is no need to start working as an office clerk and become a head of the office or have a background in the field of psychology in order to understand what competence is. Today custom college research papers are for sale and you can get yours with 20% discount. Order now!

Therefore, we can make two strong statements. The first one: it is important to understand the importance of competence of each employee alongside with his or her personal qualities. The second one: In order to determine the degree of competence of an employee, one should know and understand the peculiarities of work performed by this employee on the occupied position, the strategy and intention of the company where this employee works and apply to theoretical sources of information to see the whole list of all the competencies. Thus, one will be able to understand whether this employee meets all the stated requirements.  

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