Drinking And Driving Essay: Risk For Everyone


Why drunk driving is so dangerous? Nowadays each society suffers from this phenomenon as drunk driving. It causes so many deaths. In many countries drunk drivers abandon the place of car accident and take no responsibility for their deeds.

Drinking is not so bad, if a person controls himself. When he/she crosses the limited border, troubles come. In this paper we will talk about teenagers, other people who drink, and how to avoid car accident. Also, our professional assignment writers will mention other cases that lead to huge injuries, car crashing, and deaths.

Drunk Driving Essay. Teenagers

Teenagers and drinking seem inseparable friends. Of course, it happens not in every family but still very often. Teenagers have to try everything. This is the opinion of many people. Even adults think that this age is for fun and “adventures”. Indeed, many parents allow their children to drink. They are sure it is a natural part of growing. This opinion probably flows out of their own experience. One more view says that the more you forbid the more your kid will do. So, it is smart to push your child towards desirable but not healthy or useful act.

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What about parties? These are events where teenagers drink alcohol. Kids learn from movies about youth, college, or school and what teenagers are doing on parties. Such movies teach them that it is right. It cannot be different. Drinking is an integral part of growing up process and you should not avoid it. You have to try it. That what movies dictate.

Teenage drinking is dangerous. This opinion is immortal. Parents believe in it and do everything possible to hold their kids from drinking. A teenager is a person whose body and brain are still developing. Drinking changes its process. It brings harm to one’s brain. Besides, teenagers are more inclined to alcohol dependence. Let us emphasize several significant points about teenage drinking. Drinking causes violence. So, you can check Youth Violence Essay.

1. The main purpose of drinking for a teenager is to get drunk. There is no other obvious and normal reason for this. Teenagers are still kids who want fun. In this way they get it. This feeling brings them joy and freedom.

2. Teenagers prefer hard alcohol. They do not drink beer. It happens for several reasons. It is always easier to steal tequila or vodka. Your father will probably notice some missing beer in a fridge. So, teenagers avoid this not safety way. Another reason for choosing hard drink is again to get drunk.

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3. A teenage drunk driver is a dangerous driver on the road. A drunk teenager is not able to judge. He is so far from this in such a condition. People do know when they have already passed the limited zone. However, they never realize they cannot take the wheel.

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4. Another danger appears when a drunk teenager sits in a car with a drunk teenage driver. Such a passenger cannot consider the things properly. He/she cannot judge impartially. It is always a problem. One is never sure whether his friend will drive him home safely.

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5. It is a huge mistake to think that, if your kids drink alcohol with friends at your house, it will prevent them from committing serious mistakes. You still not control them. Alcohol brings the same harm to their bodies as if they were drinking somewhere else. At least you can forbid drunk driving. By the way, drinking stimulate weight gaining. You can find out more about weight and how to lose it in Losing Weight Secrets.

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Drunk Driving. A Huge Risk. How To Avoid It

It is a common problem in every city. Sometimes even families die because of a drunk driver who does not control himself. Alcohol in blood at its high point causes car accidents. This situation has one positive side: everyone can prevent it.

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Don’t you know that people sometimes do not control themselves because they do not want it? Even in the state of drunkenness a person may control himself. He/she must make huge efforts for this but it is possible. Anyone knows that it is dangerous to drink and then drive. Still, when it comes to the very moment people choose another position. This is your decision. Everything is in your hands. Come on, stop complaining and control yourself. Do not let depression or other thing ruin your life. Find more interesting facts about depression here: https://findwritingservice.com/blog/essay-about-depression-7-ways-to-overcome-it-successfully

Although we live in time of huge progress, drunk driving remains one of the main problems. Bad roads often become a reason for car crashes. All in all, society makes efforts to protect its people. They build new good highways, rebuild vehicles, and make them more safety. Bad roads and a drunk driver are bad friends. You can check drunk driving statistic. Nevertheless, as we have already mentioned, each person has to take care of himself. It is written below how to do it.

1. Do not take the wheel when you are drunk. Protect yourself and citizens from injuries. Do not sit in a car with a driver who has tried several glasses of hard drink. He will kill himself and you.

2. Use a safety belt. It is the first help in car accident. It is not an optional service. Use it each time you get in your car.

3. Rural roads may be dangerous for any driver. It is better to avoid them. Do it, if it is possible.

4. Driving after midnight is not a good choice. Especially Friday evening may become a troublesome part of the day.

5. Be caution when drive, even if you are an experienced driver.

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7. Never drive when you are too tired. Fatigue will cause distraction and slow down your reaction.

8. Do not distract your attention by such things as phone calling or make-up applying. Using a cell phones during driving is much dangerous than any other thing.

If you cannot avoid drinking and then you have to drive a car, follow such tips.

1. Eat food while drinking. It will help to stay sober.

2. Drink alcohol slowly.

3. Between drinking take non-alcohol beverages.

4. Stick to smart proportions.

5. If you take any medicine, consult the doctor about mixing it with alcohol.

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