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A student with a 3.4 GPA may wonder, if his Grades Point Average is merely good in comparison with a 3.7 GPA required by particular universities or colleges. In fact, a 3.4 GPA for state college or university students seems to be good. It is above the national average, and this is the reason why it is not bad.

It enables the student to apply for admissions at a number of selective schools and selective colleges they wish and there is a high possibility of acceptance. Moreover, this is an excellent way of applying for scholarships, which may be applied to pay student's full or part tuition, programs, majors, or courses. So, did you act or simply sat in the class?

We can give you a valuable piece of advice if you have the average GPA.


It's quite satisfactory to start such a GPA as a freshman because there are opportunities for improvement. During this year, you have the potential to improve your GPA and better the grades between the very moment until when you decide to apply to college or university of the state, if you do practice the "sat or act" approach.

Though you may not select the colleges for admission as a freshman, there is a lot of time to ponder over this aspect during this year. You may try to check the chance for admission to college or university of your or any other state at a number of schools at once and you also have the opportunity to improve your grades and score with the beginning of the sophomore year.


With a GPA range of 3.4 as a sophomore, you turn to be firmly above average standardized test scores. Although this stage is challenging to work on the improvement of your grades, there is still a chance to act to improve prior to the application and acceptance to college or university.

The junior year is a chance to be involved in a more challenging class and make all possible efforts prior to sending college applications for admissions. Again, check the opportunities for acceptance at schools of your interest to determine if there is a need for you to act. In the next year, you need to work even harder to improve the current average GPA.


The GPA of junior students has a low potential to change between the moment from now and when they start sending applications for acceptance. It is higher than the average, which is quite satisfactory. However, with such GPA, a very limited number of options for college or university will be given to you, and the majority of schools may be unattainable. Therefore, it's time to act.

The course or classes available during this year and retakes should become the focus for you. Retakes allow for increasing bad grades, while improving GPA. Locate the schools that may be a good fit for you to evaluate the chances for admission and to act. In this way, more informed choices may be made concerning the schools for application, thus having in store some reliable options.


Are you in a senior year? Then, it's more likely that you are in the process of college or university application. There is a room for improvement during this year by earning A grades and doing retakes. There is a list of schools at hand to apply to and you need to stay focused and act to get good grades to maintain the current GPA. It will be extremely difficult during this year. Such a GPA range enables you to be accepted to quite good private schools.

What is the benefit of having GPA a 3.4?

Having a GPA of 3.4 implies you have a grade point average to be accepted in colleges and universities in New York. We may provide four reasons why a 3.4 GPA is quite good.

This GPA is higher than the national average gpa across colleges. It is higher than a 3.0 GPA, and is close to the 3.5 GPA what colleges may require from students to finish the school successfully. Possessing this GPA implies that an individual performs well at high school and have high chances to graduate high school with distinction. You have a chance to act to improve your gpa if you have courses ahead.

This is a B average, a letter grade that is acceptable and enables students to apply to the graduate school of their choice if necessary. A number of grad schools and colleges put the requirements of possessing a minimum GPA for a person to be accepted.

While the minimum GPA in many colleges is less than 3.5, a 3.4 gpa is something that is considered average and gives hopes for admission and acceptance. In other words, a person may be accepted to numerous colleges.

A 3.4 gpa is good to receive financial aid, i.e. tuition free. Since this is a good GPA, which is higher than the minimum requirement for GPAs established by the government, all students should maintain it to continue receiving financial aid. This is also a high GPA that grants you a great chance to reduce the payment for tuition or any other bills associated with college or university (it is an opportunity for free tuition).

A 3.4 GPA is believed to be good because it enables students to participate in co-curricular activities. Multiple colleges set the requirements of maintaining a minimum GPA to take part in the extracurricular activities.

The chances of High school students with this GPA score

Evidently, this question may be one of the most concerned questions you have. What colleges are open to you? What are the chances for admission at schools you have selected?

The important element to focus on when looking for admission is the average GPA to state or private university or college in New York you are interested in. You may find free resources to identify what Gpa is the set requirement for a particular college or university campus.

Another important moment is the tendency to challenge yourself in your classes. Numerous state or private schools have the range of GPAs between 3.75 to 4.0, implying that each school aims to accept applicants with the average of A score.

Keep in mind that the difficulty of the classes you had at school typically play a more significant role for schools. Whether they consider you above or below average is dependent on your willingness to challenge yourself.

Calculate the Grade Points Average by Yourself!

The calculation of the grades point average is carried out by finding an average of all grades of students based on a point system. It will show how students sat or act during their academic years. In other words, a point corresponds to grades that range like D (1), C (2), B (3), and A (4).

Further, they are calculated together as a total point to identify the average.

Two major types of the grades point average exist: a cumulative one and a semester one. A semester PA takes for basis the grades of the specific semester in a campus, while a cumulative one involves all classes and resources since the start of the school career of the student, whether it is college, high school or other institution.

Whereas some schools bear in mind the classes students have taken at the educational establishment within the framework of the calculation, many others may consider the units undertaken while calculating.

The lowest PA is typically given to degrees in exact sciences, while the higher PA is assigned to arts and humanities. This is due to the difficult grading nature and the practice of humanities as compared to such precise subjects as science and math.

Is there a link between the 3.4 GPA and future employment?

A 3.4 GPA definitely gives an individual a chance to be employed wherever he is ready. This is because this score implies a great GPA. Though this score may be insufficient to get distinction, the majority of employers view it as sufficient to be accepted to work.

Remember that an undergraduate degree is not a single criterion employers search in future employees. They search for individuals with particular academic achievements.

Typically, employers take into account GPAs, and the GPA range of 3.4 is basically perfect for those people, who apply for competitive posts.

This average GPA is satisfactory for employment in the majority of organizations that accept graduates coming straight from colleges. Nevertheless, you need to know that many employers do not take into account the GPA when they consider the candidate for employment. The important elements taken into account are the applicant's skills and experience. If you possess exceptional skills, you will be hired even if the GPA is low.