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The Best Alphabetizer For Your Texts

Let's organize your text in a convenient form. Both variants of the alphabetical order are available: A-Z and Z-A. Fast, easy, free — try now!

1. Choose Type of Sorting
2. How is your list formatted?
3. Result will be formatted
4. Removal Options (you may choose couple of options)
5. Added Options

Detailed instruction ⮟

  • Precise alphabetizing
  • Adjustable parameters
  • User-friendly form
  • Costs you nothing
  • Immediate results
  • Unlimited use
  • No registration

Save your time and receive perfect outcomes with our tool! Let's get started.

Alphabetize your text online: Detailed instruction

A well-thought-out Form of our tool foresees all the most popular parameters of alphabetizing. You can use it without any additional hints: simply pick the necessary points, insert the text, and push the button. If you have any issues, please, read the below instructions or ask questions on the chat.

1. Decide on the type of alphabetical order

Our instrument enables you to select one of three variants:

  • Sort the text in the "A-Z" order

    Our program analyzes the first letters of words (sentences, or text fragments) and composes the list in common alphabetical order.

  • Sort the text in the reverse "Z-A" order

    In this case, your information is sorted in reverse order.

  • Last name order

    This order is convenient when the items in your list consist of two or more words. Meanwhile, the first word does not matter, and you have to sort everything in accordance with the second or third word. You might need this way of alphabetizing for lists of people (names, second names) or addresses (states, cities).

    Please, note: We use the English alphabet to sort your data. If your text is in another language, turn to our support agents. We'll try to help you with that.

2. Adjust the parameters of alphabetizing

It is about the initial data and the final result. Let's begin with the text you need to alphabetize. It could be a list of words or phrases that need to be systematized in alphabetical order. First, determine the element of the list. For this purpose, point out the separator.

  • Choose "Blank Space" if you need to alphabetize every word.
  • Pick "New Line" when one line equals one element of your list. The line can contain several words and even sentences.
  • Select "Comma" or "Semicolon" if you have to alphabetize phrases separated by commas or semicolons, respectively.
  • You can also choose another symbol to separate items in your list. Insert your separator in the corresponding field "Custom Separator."

3. Check settings for the results of alphabetizing

The format of your final list corresponds to the initial parameters. Please, revise if the format and elements of lists are correctly set.

4. Use extra options

We have established several additional features for your convenience too.

  • Eliminate duplicates. It is challenging to notice similar items when sorting long lists with many lines. Our program can automatically eliminate identical lines or words.
  • Remove punctuation. Punctuation marks can distract attention from the crucial information and spoil formatting. Our program easily deletes all the commas, colons, semicolons, brackets, etc.
  • Do not consider articles. Mark this option if items on your list begin with articles. Both definite and indefinite articles prevent us from effective sorting, so our program quickly deletes them.
  • Get rid of HTML symbols. Texts can contain unnecessary HTML elements. Let our program know if you want to eliminate them.

Conveniently, you can mark one or several additional options. Besides, it's possible to change parameters and restart the program; the number of tries is unlimited.

5. Insert your text

Enter your information in the corresponding field and press the button "Alphabetize." One click, and you get instant results for your further work.

Professional tip: Do not hurry to copy an automatically-generated list to your file. Since the AI cannot be 100% reliable, we recommend you check everything. It deals with numbers, words, and symbols. If you do not have time, send your text to our editors. We'll correct the small mistakes in the shortest terms.

Test our alphabetizer and tell us about your experience. What have you liked about it? Your answers make us keep developing free instruments for students. Drop us a line on the chat!

Why use online alphabetizers?

If you constantly work with a big number of texts, you probably encounter the necessity to systemize information from time to time. Meanwhile, it is difficult to systemize words and sentences, especially when it deals with a bunch of pages with long lists.

This issue inspired us to create our online tool. It organizes your lists and arranges them in alphabetical order. With such a systemized text, you may:

  • quickly find the necessary item,
  • make a short visual analysis of your information,
  • notice different patterns, etc.

With our free alphabetizer, you can easily arrange your lists or any other information. It is always at hand, free of charge, and effective. Add this web page to your bookmarks — thus, you get access to this instrument at any time.

One-stop alphabetizer tool for all your lists

We can say from our professional experience that this program is a popular instrument in the modern world. Indeed, people make lists for various goals, and they need a convenient way to process data.

Arrange your files for education

As a modern student, you probably use lists for various assignments and projects:

  • lists of recommended books,
  • lists of references for academic papers,
  • catalogs of textbooks,
  • lists of used materials for research reports,
  • catalogs of most popular colleges,
  • lists of the university professors,
  • catalogs of additional courses, etc.

Systemize your private data

Our tool is rather helpful to arrange lists from personal notes:

  • to-do lists,
  • lists with your individual goals,
  • shopping lists,
  • travel packing lists,
  • catalogs of good films,
  • lists of regular expenses,
  • lists of wedding guests, etc.

Alphabetize your business data

Put your information in order with the help of our online instrument:

  • list of employees,
  • checklists for work functions,
  • catalogs with goods and services,
  • lists of clients,
  • database of partners,
  • lists with account data, etc.

You do not have to download any paid apps or learn tricky ways of how to arrange texts. We offer an effective ready-made solution. When using our tool, you effortlessly compose a clear list.

This awesome alphabetizer is just the beginning. Check out our website too: it is a cool place where we share helpful tips for learners and many more. Join the team of our registered clients — stay informed on our new free instruments, discounts, and events. Please, take this opportunity and sign in here!

FAQ on alphabetizing tools

If something is unclear to you, contact our support managers. We are always willing to answer all your questions on the chat.

What are the modern ways to alphabetize lists?

One can do everything without any help, yet it is a rather tedious task. Another alternative is to use one of the apps, such as Alphabetizer, Sort Words, Word Sorting Machine, for instance. Yet both these variants are not so fast, easy, and convenient as our instrument is.

What if I want to remove HTML symbols or punctuation marks?

You can easily adjust our program, and it will quickly delete them. Point out the parameters "Remove HTML" and "Remove punctuation," and our algorithm will generate the text without unnecessary symbols.