Why may I need a personal statement writer?

A personal statement is required when applying for a job, when applying for a visa, entering a college or university, during an internship, and in many, many other cases.

The further studying, career or even future life often depends on the ability to prepare an admission letter correctly. By looking at this document, the admission board, consul or future employer instantly makes up the image of you – whether you are successful, educated, experienced or unsure of yourself or hopeless.

Composing the text requires preparation. Creation of an admission essay or motivational letter requires double preparation! Therefore, we would not recommend postponing such a complex task on the night right before the deadline: a definite result is possible only if are proofreading the text several times, improving it. Note that the structure of an admission statement can differ, depending on your ultimate goal. There are different types of admission letters; moreover, you may create own letter structure. Whatever the type is, it requires a thoughtful and serious approach.

What is the process of a correct personal statement writing?

Here are basic recommendations on how to compose a well-structured personal statement:

  • Official style. It is an official document, and it must be issued accordingly. Jokes or colloquialisms may appear not appropriate. The whole paper must be prepared in the official style.
  • Finish all thoughts. Paragraphs must not end abruptly; moreover, all the passages should be justified. For example, if you mention that you did well in some sphere, indicate what it says about your hard work and ambition.
  • Write individually. The motivation letter must be unique; it must be prepared individually for each university or organization. Universal letters are immediately discarded in the trash. The employer / consul / admission committee should understand that the letter was written for them. Poor quality or copied work immediately catches the reader's eye.
  • The size of your admission document must not exceed a sheet of A4 format. There are cases when you may slightly exceed the volume if you possess solid professional experience behind your shoulders, which cannot suit the limits of one sheet of paper.
  • Less "I". Do not start each sentence with "I ..". It may hint about narcissism or even overestimating the capabilities you have.
  • Follow the main point. Do not mention outside activities and interests if it does not relate to your aim (even if it may appear to be crucial for you). Therefore, you only increase the amount of text.
  • Make it simple. Avoid too complex and long words and phrases. Simple presentation often looks more profitable and attractive. Re-read your text - you can try to break long sentences into shorter ones.
  • Try not to use trivial and famous quotes. Better pick something interesting and unknown to the public.
  • Only the truth. Do not lie and do not exaggerate. Smooth and perfect biography looks at least suspicious. Besides, people in the admission committees, personnel departments, embassies – have long learned to recognize lies (and some have become real experts-psychologists).
  • Overall writing skills. After you finish creating your statement of purpose, check it carefully. Any spelling and style mistakes will act against your goal. You may send a letter for review to people who are fluent in English and has experience in writing such documents. Also, consider the correct stylistic design of your motivational statement (to whom it is addressed, date stamps, etc.). Increase the chances of a favorable outcome!
  • To sum up – DO NOT COPY texts from samples on the Internet! The copied text immediately catches the eye. If an admissions officer, employer or consul finds plagiarism, the consequences can be dire. At best, such a letter will simply be ignored. At worst – the organization may refuse the further consideration of your documents. Your paper should be individual, describing only personal accomplishments, successes or goals.

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