College Application Essay: Tips For Editing


It seems, that everyone had the task to write the essay. But the important part of this task is not to write it, but to check for the mistakes, because if you give your teacher the essay, but it will be full of different mistakes, you will not get any positive mark for it. Because of this fact, it is better to give this task to the professional writers.

If you are sure, that you will be able to write the essay with your own power, and just wish to give it for checking the mistakes, we will be glad to help you. If you do not want from what to start, we can write this essay for you. It does not matter which option you choose, but you can be sure, that you will get the high quality service and you will be really satisfied with our writing service.

Here you can find editing essays tips about how it is possible to check the mistakes and correct them. Also, you will be able to see, how our writers work with the different tasks.

Steps for checking the mistakes

  1. It is needed to check your essay in the different time, because you will be able to see it from the other side, if, for example, you wrote it in the evening, but you will check it in the morning. You will be able to analyze your essay and to think, what should be deleted or added to it.
  2. When you start writing the essay, it is needed to follow the recommendations, which were given in the task. For example, the structure or size of the essay. It will help you to avoid the mistakes and editing them when you write the essay.
  3. You should have some breaks, when you write the essay. It is needed to have the fresh head and to give the opportunity for your brain to relax. If you have a lot of short breaks, you can be sure, that you will make less mistakes and because of it, there will not be the need to edit them later. It is recommended to have the break every hour for 5 minutes.
  4. You should check the whole paper to edit the structure. You should be sure, that the main idea of your essay is clear for the people, all paragraphs are built correctly and there is the logic structure between them. It means, that the previous paragraph should be continued in the next one and the idea should not be lost.
  5. You should check the arguments. If they are not strong enough, you should edit them. It is better to have 2-3 arguments, but which are very strong than 5-6 weak ones.
  6. If you wish to know something about the structure of your essay, you just need to give it to read to your friend, for example. If he understands the idea from the first lines, it means, that everything is correct and there is no need in editing the structure. But if your friend does not understand, it is needed to check the structure. The best way to do it is to write the short structure, where the main idea is presented. After that, just try to add some additional sentences, which will explain your thoughts and arguments. It will help you to preserve the idea in the essay.
  7. Also, very important part of the essay is the style. You should check if the style in all parts of your essay is the same, because if you used different books, you will be able to see the different style and you could write in the same style too. It is recommended to read your essay and if you hear some strange moments, it is needed to edit them and to change.
  8. If you can see a lot of long and complicated sentences in your essay, it is better to divide them into some shorter ones. You should understand, that the long sentences are very difficult for the reader. He can even loose the idea of the essay. Because of it, you should use only short or middle sentences. Of course, sometimes, it is impossible to avoid the long sentences, but you should not use a lot of them in the essay.
  9. Check all grammar and orthographic mistakes. Some people use a lot of online checking tools, but you should understand, that the bots cannot understand all the information which you can see in the essay and because of it you should check it from your side. The bots can also have a lot of mistakes. If you are not sure with some punctuations or some word, it is better to check the grammar rules or the vocabulary. There you will be able to find all needed information and it will give you the opportunity to edit your essay very quickly. As you can see, nowadays, there are a lot of vocabularies, which you can access online. So, you should not spend too much time on it. It will take up to 5 minutes of your time.
  10. It is recommended to print your essay and to check line by line. It will give you the opportunity to check it better and you can find the mistakes in the shortest way and can edit them.
  11. If you think, that everything is correct and you edited everything you could, you can give your essay to someone from your family or friends just to check it. You can be sure, that the person, which will see this essay for the first time, can easily find some mistakes, because you spent a lot of time writing it and all words are the common for you. Also, the person can have some fresh ideas, which will help you to improve your essay and you will be able to get the best result.

To sum up, there are a lot of ways how to edit the essay and you were able to check some of them. But it is recommended to give your essay to the professional writers for checking and you can be sure, that your teacher will not find any mistakes in your essay. It is possible to do here on our site and you will be satisfied with the results, because we provide only high quality service. So, what do you choose?