The Essay On Violence: Do Not Be So Cruel!


The violence is the very big problem in our world today. It can happen to everyone and it does not matter if you are the rich or the poor, the young or the old. If you wish, you can order the violence against women essay here. It is impossible to predict, when it can happen. If you wish to get more information about the violence, you can order the youth violence essay on our site.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people, that are sure, that there is not any violence in the world and if it exists, it seems that people just provoked it. Also, a lot of violence you can see via TV, you can read about it in the media violence essay. There are a lot of stereotypes, which can show it.

The stereotypes of the violence

  1. If people can beat you, it seems, that they like you.
  2. Some people only provoke the violence and because of it, they need to get it.
  3. The family violence is popular among people without higher education.
  4. The woman, which suffers from the violence can always go from her home.
  5. The relationships will change if the people have the children.
  6. The life will be better if people will decide to marry.
  7. The family violence was in the past and does not exist now.

What is the violence?

The violence is the fact, when one person humiliates the other person and can do harm to physical and psychological health and body. There are a lot of places, where the violence can take place. It can be, for example the street, the family, the school, the university, the college and even your workplace.

A lot of people suffer from the violence and it does not matter if you are the man or the woman, the young or the old. No one can be protected from it.

4 main types of the violence

  1. The physical violence in the family
  2. The sexual violence in the future
  3. The psychological violence.
  4. The economical violence.

Unfortunately, the most popular is the violence against the children. So, let’s check this issue in detail, to know how to protect the children from it in the future.

The violence against the children

The cruel attitude to the children can have different shapes, but the consequences will be always the same. They can have the harmful influence on their health, development and even the death.

4 types of the violence against the children

  1. Physical
  2. Sexual
  3. Psychological
  4. Disrespect of their interests

One of the type of the violence against the children is the fact, that the pregnant woman does not like the child, which she will have. It is the known fact, that the children can feel if their parents want to have them or not. Such children can be born not in time and have the bad health.

The any type of the violence against the children can have a lot of problems, for example, the illnesses, the problems with the physical and mental health and children can even die. The statistics can show, that from 100 accidents of the violence, 1-2 can end with the death of the children. It is needed the time to forget about the violence, but it will be impossible to forget the stress, which children had.

The physical and mental problems

In a lot of families, where there are a lot of violence against the children, it is possible to notice, that such children are nervous, they are thin, do not smile and even start to go and to speak later, than the other people from the normal families. They have plain faces and sometimes old and dirty clothes, also they can smell bad. Also, it is difficult to learn at school for them.

Psychological problems

Such children are very emotional and aggressive, they can show their anger in the games and even can be violent with the other children or with the animals. Some of them can not protect themselves and do not want to have any contact with the other people. Such children cannot be confident in themselves and they always think, that they cannot be on the same level as the rest of the children. It is very difficult for such children to get the respect. They are always shy, cannot sleep well and do not eat too much.

There are two consequences of the violence: for the victim and for the society

The children, which had the violence in their life, often have a lot of difficulties in the communication with the adult. They are afraid of them and it is very difficult for them to trust someone. They do not have enough level of the knowledge and do not have friends. Because of it, they can drink alcohol or take the drugs. They cannot create the family because they cannot give the love to their children. They do not know how the normal family should look like.

And the consequences for the society can be negative too. Such children cannot be useful for the society, because they will do a lot of crimes and can even kill someone. It is impossible to make the good citizens from them and because of it, the consequences are very bad. Also, such children cannot create the family and because of it our nation cannot be increased.

To sum up, we should understand, that all people were born free and no one has the right to take the freedom of the other person. But any type of the violence leads, that the freedom of the other people is destroyed. We should only respect each other and to protect our society from such a serious problem as the violence. If you pay attention to this problem, you can even save someone’s life.