Water Essay: The Importance of Water


People extremely need water. It is the second after air vital element which is necessary for living. Nobody will deny this fact. It is very interesting that a man consists of 80% of water. So, we almost made of water and still need it. On the other side, it is a very logical situation. We are filled with a fuel which is water, so in time we lose it. For proper functioning we have to fill again our body with the fuel.

Water pollution essay.

Many people worldwide often underestimate the importance of water cleanliness. We are used to taking everything we have for granted without giving any second thoughts about the origins of things we all have, use, and consume during our life expectancy. We are so much accustomed to living in the present that we completely disregard any concerns about the future of succeeding generations and our planet as well.

With this incorrectly formed mindset, we usually are not afraid to litter and pollute the very precious resources that we cannot live without, like water or air that we breathe in. This destructive mentality is hard to combat, and it is equally hard to persuade the mind-numbed masses to change the ways we are usually using to receive and preserve what nature is giving us.

The damage we cause to the water resources becomes more and more evident with each passing day. However, we continue to pollute the Earth with our industries and poor lifestyle choices and decidedly push the blame on everything but ourselves. This poor judgment will only lead to the horrifying and inevitable demise of humankind in the future.

Therefore, the only way to escape this terrible fate is to raise awareness about the problem of pollution worldwide. Even if you are only a student, you can base your essay on this particular topic and try to convince the masses that if the corruption of the water resources is going to continue, we as a whole population will face a complete annihilation caused by our own hands and poorly made decisions.

Water conservation essay.

One of the most damaging things we are doing to nature is the fact that we mindlessly consume and waste every natural resource that we can lay our hands on just because its supply seems to be endless to us. Our thoughtless behavior is slowly but surely puts the planet’s water supply into the state of jeopardy.

There are not many people today that are concerned about this matter, and even fewer of them are openly voicing their concerns, feelings, and opinions. However, you can help their voices to reach the ears of unfortunately ignorant masses by writing your essay on this particular subject.

It is essential for every single person on the planet to understand that if we do not take the preventive measures soon enough, we will have a global water crisis on our hands much sooner than we think. Raising people’s awareness about this issue is what everyone must do to minimize the negative impact of our thoughtless deeds on the world around us.

The way to change this situation does not require many complex and sophisticated methodology; anything you can do is simple and easy enough to do without putting much thought or effort into this. In this list, we compiled some of them to help you understand how easily one can contribute to this undoubtedly noble cause.

  1. Perform a monthly maintenance check of the water pipes in your house for any leaks or other issues.
  2. Try to use water more rationally. For example, put the soap on your dishes first and only open the tap to rinse them clean.
  3. Do not spend a lot of time in the bath or shower doing nothing while water is running. This is the most widespread way of wasting water, so be sure to warn your acquaintances about it.
  4. You can install the water-saving equipment into your waterways and not only save the water but also your money! Due to the rational usage of this resource, the sum in your bills will become considerably lower!
  5. Do not keep the water continuously running while shaving or brushing your teeth.
  6. Use your dishwasher or a washing machine only after you have filled its loading capacity.
  7. Research and follow the other methods of saving water, or any natural resource for that matter and explain the benefits of doing so to your friends, family, and colleagues.
  8. Promote the water-saving methods on the internet to raise awareness about this alarming global issue.

Water scarcity essay.

If you are living in a country, which is fortunate to be prosperous enough to have a high level of living standards, we are entirely sure that you do not have any difficulties with the quantity and purity of the drinking water you have in your home or on sale. On the contrary, it is not the case for many other areas or countries, which are continually experiencing a considerable number of severe hardships with the quality, and again, the quantity of their water supply.

The scariest thing about this situation is that almost nobody cares about this issue. Upsettingly, too many people nowadays firmly believe that the fate of the less fortunate human beings does not concern them in the slightest. We want to change this horrific way of thinking and help everyone to understand how dire the situation can be in the areas, where the fresh and clean water is considered a luxury.

Water that we drink must be clean. Although our essay writing service has not called our paper Essay on Water Pollution, in this text we will discuss this question also.

Do you know that a person cannot live without water even if he/she has food? Food will not save. We need water. There is a real story of one family who migrated to one country. It happened that they were persecuted. That was a winter time. They had no money and no shelter. A woman told that some time they were hiding in the building of a railroad station. They could warm themselves at radiators. And all that they needed more for staying alive was little snow for drinking. These people stayed without food enough time. However, they could not stay without water. If you have an essay about immigrants, we will improve it with a great pleasure. Say us this, “Make my essay better for money.”

Water surrounds us. One can find it under the ground, in the air and clouds, and in the rivers. Drinking water is a significant resource that our nature needs. People are not the only living creatures on this earth. Animals and green world long for water. Our writers can make an excellent paper about wild world. If you write us, “Do my essay for me online”, we will do it immediately.

Think about Africa and its animals. Have you ever watched any TV program about wild world? Sometimes drought comes to this continent and the period of rains stops. Because of the sun which is too ruthless, rivers and all water springs dry up. Animals begin to suffer. They gather into herds and wander wishing to find any source of water. What is the most surprising about all this is that when the time of drought comes to an end and starts the time of rains, all animals both predators and not gather to the one stream of water. One more important thing is that the country with dirty water becomes very poor. Check more information about poverty on this page: https://findwritingservice.com/blog/the-poverty-essay-do-you-want-to-be-the-poor-or-the-rich

People often do not value water because they have it in plenty. There is no problem with water in Europe or America. We cannot say the same thing about not only Africa but also Australia, New Zealand, and many other areas on the globe. It is time to understand that we need to take care of water until we have it. Many people die because of the lack of water. They know the price of one glass of a clean water.

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Today our generation face such problems as water pollution and water scarcity. We will talk about it and also we want to emphasize the significance of water in our lives. It is necessary not only for living but for health. Doctors always say their patients drink water for better digestion and metabolism. Only in rare cases it is forbidden by physicians to consume water. Sportsmen need it as well. It is true, and if you want to read an interesting information about sport, find it here in Essay About Sports.

If you are trying to cut extra weight, you need water. Choose a good water without any supplements. It cleanses liver and kidneys. It is so good to start a day with a glass of warm water. People sometimes drink water when eat food and meals. It is also very good. A proper consuming of water makes one’s body very strong and healthy.

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While backing to the line of water pollution and scarcity, we want to talk about it main reasons.

Reasons of Water Pollution

If we are going to live on this planet, we have to protect it. Besides, some experts assert that there is one more potential habitable planet. Read about it here: https://findwritingservice.com/blog/why-proxima-b-can-be-potential-habitable-planet

  1. Industry pollutes water greatly. Waste systems of almost any type of industry need fixing. Because of that dangerous elements get into water making it a source of death. Different toxins and chemicals change the composite of water. The influence of toxins is so high that they even make the color of water different.
  2. Sewage brings into water a huge amount of dangerous matters. It is a waste which people do not leave at their homes. Such water contains bacteria that are unsafe for people and fish. As you probably know, in India water canals are too polluted exactly because of sewage waste. It is very dangerous to drink dirty water. It causes many diseases. Malaria is one of the brightest results.
  3. When oil gets into the water, fish and sea-coast birds literally die. It is almost impossible to survive in such conditions. Usually oil splits accidentally. However, it does not matter because it brings such horrible consequences.
  4. Who would think that mining is another reason of water pollution? Rock minerals obtain a toxic influence. While mixing with water, such minerals make it poisonous. It harms one’s health.

These are the most reasonable and common points that explain why water which we use is so unclean. People have to learn how to prevent water pollution. Otherwise, we would have no water to drink. Now let us discuss why there is such a fact as water scarcity.

  1. Climate influences this issue extremely. Recently experts have noticed that climate changes greatly. It brings changes to the world and decreases the amount of a drinking water. While talking about drought, it is also the result of a climate change. Many people and animals suffer from it.
  2. War and military conflicts. It is an obvious reason. In such countries and areas there is a very limited access to a drinking water. People gather their possessions and move to another region. This is the only way out.


  3. Very often we overuse water. While in some countries people do not have enough water, in others there is too much of this privilege. Our professional typing essay service may suggest you a paper about the most developed and rich countries in the world.

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Because people do not value a free admission to water, they do not consider it as a gift and a vital resource.

Everyone and everything needs fresh water. We need it for drinking and using for personal purposes. In cooking women have to use clean water, otherwise, the whole family will suffer from intestinal diseases. By the way, read useful Paper on How to Cook Pancakes.

How a farmer can manage his work without a good water? Domestic animals will be sick or die because of the absence of this liquid. Any plant for proper growing has to receive a necessary amount of water.

Many things are in our hands. We are in charge of the water which we use. Let us take care about it.

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