Essay About Mother: The Closest Person


Can someone be closer to a person than his/her mom? It is impossible to find the sweetest person in the world except the one who gave you life. “Mother” is such a nice and lovely word. It sounds differently in almost all countries, but it contains the same warmth and care. In essay about mom we will discuss several topics. To the image of a mother have been dedicated numerous poems, novels, songs, movies, and even holidays. It happens for several important reasons. A person will never forget his mother. She gives birth to her child. She is the first face someone sees. Her voice is a lullaby, support, and comfort. Children all over the world who grow up without mothers suffer. There is something inside our soul that longs for care which only a mother can give.

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Very often we may here such words, “My mother is my hero.” Indeed, it can be true. Observe your life or the life of your neighbor. Can it be that a mother becomes a hero? Yes, it is possible. One can see it even in the wild world. On the Internet someone can find many videos where a puma-mother defends its child from a bear. The puma attacks her enemy, although it can be stronger and fiercer. She gives her all to protect the offspring. Finally, the enemy-bear leaves a peaceful family.

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How children imagine their mothers as heroes? Sometimes, a mother becomes the only parent in a family. She has to work hard and raise children. On this way a woman may face struggles, problems, and depression. However, she puts herself together, says “no” to all difficulties, and brings up her kids. She overcomes all unsuccessful situations and always fights with her inner fears and self-distrust. As a result, the mother gains big achievements. Her children are intelligent and well mannered, she has a good job, and has always been a great example for the family. The children of such a mother will certainly think about her as a hero. She has been with them, always serving as a model of a person who deserves to be called “a mother”.

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It is not simple to be a mom. We are not talking about an ideal mother now. It is a big challenge. Women sometimes want have kids. Unfortunately, they forget about responsibilities they have to take obtaining the position. To have children does not mean to be a mother. It happens that a lady who biologically is not able to have a baby becomes an excellent mother of a foster kid. At the same time, hundreds of women in despair throw away their kids on the streets. Our expert thesis writers online can prepare an essay about relationships between parents and foster children.

One can understand mom’s concern about her kids only when become a parent. This is the rule. Nothing can change it. Teenagers often quarrel with their mothers because of this super attention, and the repentance visits their heads not soon.

To be a mother means to think about kids, their future, cry when they fail or fall, take care about them when they are sick. It means to set a good example, to help when a child asks, and teach how to be brave. To be a mother means always to be reliable and always be there where she is needed. That is what the best cheap essay writing website wanted to say about it.

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How to Show Your Gratitude to the Mother

It is so important to maintain relationships with your mother. All kids leave parental house too quickly. They study and continue to grow up far from their homes. People say that daughters and sons have extremely different attitudes to mothers. When a young man gets married, his wife takes the place of his mother. From the other side, when a young lady becomes married, the feelings and attachment to her mother remain the same. Learn how to improve mother daughter relationships, until it is too late.

So, here are several tips which help to express appreciation to your mom.

1. Spend enough time with mom. It is impossible to understand until you are a kid what is mother’s care. But it is possible to believe in it. Trust your mom. Be confident in her experience and good intentions. She is the closest person, and only a mother really takes care about her child. Talk to your mother about everything: school, movies, friends, classes. She can give wise advices as well as our company. Here one may not only read papers, but also find samples, and tips. However, we remind one more time that we do your essay quickly.

2. Be a hard worker. If you are a student and study at school or college, it is significant to do the best. This is how one can show his love and respond. It is not about the dream of your mother. It is about your general desire. So, you and your mom are happy.

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3. Perform housework. Do not wait until your mother will ask you to throw the garbage or wipe the dust. While you are living at the same house, it is a common thing to help your mother. Wash your plate after the dinner, tidy up at least your own room if not a living room. There is a good tip while cleaning: switch on the music. Thus, it will be very easy and comfortable to do cleaning up.

4. Be a good-mannered person. Do not quarrel and do not speak dirty. If you are proud of your mother, make her to be proud of you. It goes about one’s behavior at home and at school. It does not mean that somebody must aspire to perfection. Preserve your personality, but be always polite. Do not forget to congratulate your mom on Mother’s Day.

5. Train yourself to say “I am sorry” to your mom. Since your mother is a very close person, she can be very sensitive. Do not offend her. It is so easy to say a rude word. Think about her feelings.

6. Be thankful. Sometimes it is difficult to say “Thank you”. This fact is very funny. It seems that this word is a usual one. Do not avoid saying it to your mom. She does everything possible to make your life easier. She works, saves money, cooks, and guards you. Do not you think that it is enough reason for giving thanks? Also, don’t forget to say, “I love you”. It is not a shame. It is a big joy to say these words.

7. Always speak to your mom. If you have a conflict with her, try to stay calm and open. This is a time to solve the problem. Never shuts the door before your mother. Speak about things you do not like or do not understand. You both can manage it.

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8. Love and be patient. When parents get old, they may become anointing. Your mom deserves your love. Just love her because it will help you to look through all bosh at her real soul.

We hope that you like this Essay on Mother. Surely, it is too short to tell everything about the significance of this person in our lives. Treat your mother well. Make orders on our site. From our side we guarantee every customer an excellent result.

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