The Influence of Popular American Food


Often traditions and customs become key elements which recognize the culture. However, food that a nation consumes also identifies a country. Each society has its particular taste, preference, and cuisine that make it exclusive. While thinking about Greek cuisine, Indian, Chinese, or even American food, it is true. Even though most people consider that hamburger is the only representative of the USA cuisine, it is not true. This nation has many iconic dishes and foods which influence the whole world in different ways. The most typical kind of impact is that the food becomes popular, common, and beloved on the other side of the planet. People open restaurants and cafes which produce these foods. New American products appear on the market shelves, and sometimes people spend money to make an order of it and wait its delivery from America. Today we are talking about traditional American foods and their influence, but we have many cheap research papers which one can easily order.

One may be seriously surprised by the fact how one culture may influence another. This is the smart reason which explains why people in Europe use cardamom (traditional Indian spice) to improve the flavor of a dish, and why oregano becomes more and more popular in Japan.

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So, we have to go back to the main topic. American foods and dishes are interesting, tasty, and very popular. People often pay attention to all new and unusual. One can learn much from American cuisine. Sometimes Americans take common dishes like pasta and make it unique by adding their traditional ingredients. People in the USA have many ideas for holiday evenings. For instance, Thanksgiving dinner can vary, but it always delicious.

1. American pancakes would be the first food that is very special to this country. This dish usually starts the day in the USA. Not all but many families are ready to spend several minutes to enjoy the breakfast in this way. Traditional topping for American pancakes is maple syrup. Also, Americans use strawberries, blueberries, jam, or honey. American pancakes are very special. They differ from European and Asian pancakes which are usually flat. The influence of American recipe of pancakes is huge. It has become popular in Europe in the last 10 years. The popularity of American pancakes has born the popularity of the next American food – maple syrup. The last product is often ordered from the USA for it is cheaper than in other countries.

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2. Cheeseburger was the next step after hamburger which popularity started in far 19th century. Nowadays it is almost the most common food in the world. It is American dish which managed to influence people from all over the planet. There are several reasons for this: cheeseburger is extremely tasty and aromatic food which takes a person little time to make. Actually, one can make it out of ready products, so he/she has just to heat hamburger and enjoy it.

This food has snaked almost in every corner of the world. It is the most common dish for every nation. The popularity of the restaurants where one can order cheeseburger does not fade.

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3. Apple pie opens another page of American traditional dishes that influence the world. Long ago apple trees were brought to the New World. Since then apples became very common fruits that could feed hungry people. Also, it was added as a filling to pies. Now it is a usual dessert in not only American families. The recipe is more than simple. The dish is super delicious and economical. These two factors draw attention of many countries to American apple pie. 

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4. S’mores are extremely tasty and purely American food. Its story started long ago, since Girl Scouts exist. The first recipe of the dessert has appeared on the pages of Girl Scout Handbook. S’mores have gained world-wide popularity as the most popular campfire sandwich. Traditional ingredients of the dessert are marshmallow, crackers, and chocolate. The combination is more than delicious. It is a custom of many youth camps to make s’mores at the last day. It is not surprising that this food has become so popular in other countries.

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5. Peanut butter is always associated with America. Indeed, Americans love it. They make different sandwiches with peanut butter, and add it into cookies and pies. There is an awesome and smart peanut butter diet which has contributed greatly to its popularity. This American food is common in many countries. Peanut butter has many healthy properties. Its components are necessary for one’s body but not in big portions. You will be surprised how difficult to find peanut butter in some countries. It may cost much money. Again, people fall back on the websites which help to order this food from the USA.

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6. BBQ ribs had no chance to go unnoticed. Although the food belongs to absolutely American tradition how someone can spend time with friends, the world has adopted it with big pleasure. Culinary techniques in the USA were established primarily in Southern regions. The pork was the main meat for barbeques. BBQ ribs are very substantial dish. The meat is served when it is soft, tender, and well sipped with sauces. BBQ ribs can be easily cooked at home and at restaurants. This food may be found everywhere. The flavor of the food is always unique.

Many people say that most of traditional food in America is not healthy. To this group belong also beverages like coca cola. Who can say that it is a healthy product? Some investigations show that coca cola destroys liver. It contains elements that are able to clean different surfaces with stains. However, the beverage is rather popular all over the world. One can buy it in every story and at every gas station.

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7. Twinkies have possessed a huge impact on the world’s society especially in 1990s. One can notice many analogues of this American food. It is not healthy, but it is crispy and has a tender filling inside. Most people think that Twinkies can stay on a shelf in a supermarket for long years. Well, do not play with fate and your health. Stay wise, consume only fresh foods, and get cheap essays written for you.

American foods give the world huge opportunities. Americans like to experiment with dishes, so they always invent something new. The fast food is the major invention of America. It spread its influences across the country and the whole world. The modern world is very rapid. For these reasons, dishes that fast food restaurants suggest are so popular. We are not talking about its harmfulness. The main sense is that such food is extremely common. Its influence will always be enormous. So, the role of American food is very big. It also has showed the world new ways of cooking. Without any doubt we can say that American food meets some needs of modern people.

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