Business Essay: How To Start Your Own Business From Zero


All people know, that it is very difficult to live without money and to earn them you need to work a lot. It is difficult to work on somebody and you will get not very good feeling, when your boss is not satisfied with your job. It means, that it is the time to start your own business.

If you have your own business, there are a lot of benefits, because you can control your time, you do not need to work in the office and you can plan your life as you wish. If you want to order business essays about the benefits of your own business, you can do it on our site and our writers will write it for you.

1. Have the right thoughts to create a business

Which thoughts you must not have to start your business

  1. I need to earn a lot of money in the shortest time.
  2. The idea, which I have, will work properly and I do not need to think more about it.
  3. My neighbor started his own business and I will do it.
  4. I am tired of my job and I will start my own business.

Which thoughts you must have to start your business

  1. I have a lot of skills and qualities and I know, what exactly people need and I will create that goods and services.
  2. I understand, that it is very dangerous to take a huge sum of money to start the business and I will need to have my own money and to calculate the needed sum.
  3. I understand, that own business will need a lot of time and efforts to develop it and I am ready for it.
  4. If I start my business, I will not have the boss, who will tell me what I need to do and I need to start to be organized right now, before I start my business.

Also, a lot of people are afraid to start their own business, because they know that someone started, but lost everything, they think, that the same scenario is waiting for them.

2. Think About the Idea for Business

Your own business will open the new world of freedom to you and will give you the opportunity to change your life. You can be sure, that your family, friends and relatives will be only glad for you and for your success.

You can be surprised, but your own business will start from the idea. Not with business plan, how a lot of people think, but exactly from the idea. First of all, you need to think about what exactly you are going to do, which kind of business you wish to start and develop your idea.

For example, you wish to open the language school. You need to think, if this school is big or small, how many subjects you will have there and how many teachers you need.

3. Analyze yourself

When you have the idea, it means, that you are ready for the next step. On this stage you need to analyze yourself and you may also need a business owner resume. You should also estimate if you have enough possibilities for your idea. Also, you should estimate all possible difficulties you can have. You should analyze every moment. There are some important things, which you need to estimate firstly:

  1. Your skills and qualities and how you can use them in your own business.
  2. Your clients.
  3. The need in the building or some special equipment.
  4. The needed sum of money.
  5. If something goes wrong, how to change it.


4. Analyze your competitors

You need to collect all information and after that to show your own benefits. If you wish, for example, to open language school, you need to find the information about all language schools in the area, the information about salary, number of people and other detailed information which you need for your business. This information will give you the great opportunity to analyze yourself and your benefits before your competitors and also will show your weak sides and will let you change the situation.

5. Create a business plan

When you understood the idea and analyzed your competitors, it is exactly the time to create your first business plan. Exactly the business plan will help you to understand the sum of money you need. You will know whom exactly you sell your goods and services to.

6. The registration of your business

You need to be very serious with it. It is needed to ask the people, which have the experience in it, because you will have a lot of problems with the law, if you do something incorrectly. You can get more information by ordering the business law essay here and after that you will know about all that you need to register your business.

7. Get finance for your business

To start your business, you must have a sufficient amount of funds at your disposal. In the modern economy, nothing is free. There are many ways to acquire the necessary monetary assets, so in this section, we listed some of them for you to consider. However, do remember that you must have a solid business plan first along with adequate budget management skills.

Find the investor who is interested in your idea.

After you decided on your plans and strategies, you may present them to an existing company or a wealthy person, in order to persuade them to invest in the development of your business. Of course, you will have to share your future profits with your investors afterwards, but it is a solid way to start things off.

Take a loan from a trusted and legal bank institution.

The way this method works is very similar to the previous one, but you will be getting the money you need from a bank, not the investor. This means that you will have to take a loan with the nominal interest rate.

You will have to pay off this loan under a designated time limit, but after doing so, you don't have to share the potential earnings from your business with anyone.

Try to save the money to accumulate the necessary amount.

This process is the most time consuming one compared to others, but it disposes of the necessity to rely on the involvement of the third parties into your business. This approach will be hugely beneficial to you long-term because it means that you can develop your company without any external interferences.

You can ask your friends or relatives for some money.

This may seem like a good idea at first, but you must be very cautious about how intimate your relationship is with the person, who will provide you with the funds you require to start your business. Money is infamous for ruining any bonds between people, so do be careful if you are going to take it from someone who is close to you.

Sell something valuable.

You can sell your vehicle or real estate if you have any, but you must be sure that you know about any possible dangers and the rules of the market. But under any circumstances, do not sell the only lodging you have, because you can become homeless in case your business fails.

Alternatively, you can rent your property.

This way, you will have the ability to capitalize on it while retaining the ownership rights.

Try some crowdfunding websites.

You need to present your ideas to the public in an engaging way. Your aim is to stimulate the flow of donations to your cause. However, false Advertisement is strictly prohibited and is morally repugnant. Don't try to use any "dirty" techniques, because your business will undoubtedly fail, and with a ruined reputation, it is impossible to start again. Please keep that in mind.

Find and invite the angel investor.

Such people are tough to find because a lot of them are keeping a low profile for various reasons. They will give you the necessary amount of money to boost your startup for the stake in your business. Despite the need to share the profits and the company in general, the angel investors will offer you not only their funds but also their valuable and influential connections in the industry or a market you want to try your hand in. Besides, considering how many one must have in order to succeed in the world of business. In essence, it is not a bad idea to consider having a trustworthy companion who is experienced in the ways of the market or production of your choosing.

8. Organization of your business

If you wish to start your own business and not to lose everything, these 10 advices will help you a lot.

  1. Do not take a huge loan in the bank if you did not have experience in it.
  2. Before starting your own business, give the answer to this question: “ What will I lose, if my business does not bring me the money?”
  3. You should be ready for both situations: as optimistic as pessimistic.
  4. Do not start your business on the money, which you need to use on something else, for example, the education of your children.
  5. Check the market and decide, if you are able to have benefits from your business.
  6. Do not work with the project, which promises to you a lot of money in the short time.
  7. If you have the opportunity, ask about advices in people, which are more experienced in this question.
  8. You should start your business in the sphere, you are familiar with.
  9. If you plan your actions, you should think a lot about every your step.
  10. Just be optimistic and do not stop if you have some difficulties.

As you can see, it is not very difficult to start your business. You just need to have the idea and the strong wish to be successful. If you work hardly, there will not be anything impossible for you. You can get the examples of the stories about different people, that started their own business, just ordering the essays on business on our site.

Some myths about own business

  1. It is impossible to start the business without money and some friends, which can help to start it.
  2. The taxes will be higher than my profit.
  3. Some criminals will take my business.
  4. I do not have the experience in it.

9. Advertisement is the next step to your success.

The creation of an adequate marketing strategy doesn't mean that you can solve everything with money. The most important thing to do after you have secured the required funds is to start the correct advertisement process for your goods or services. This matter is essential to any business because without a proper advertisement your company will remain almost completely unknown to the target audience.

You can try to come up with the ways to promote your company's merchandise on your own, but the wisest decision you can make is to leave everything regarding the publicity to the professionals. Your time is of the essence, and you don't have the luxury to waste a lot of resources learning the ways of the advertisement industry.

10. Don't be afraid of cooperation with others.

If you want your business to prosper long-term, you have to cooperate with many people and various enterprises. You may think that it is a waste of money, but it is fundamentally wrong. The mutually beneficial partnership is the best way to make your business grow exponentially. Just like in everything in life, you cannot achieve everything alone. You will exhaust yourself physically and mentally, and your company will suffer as well.