Essay On Money: Are You The Master Or The Slave Of Money?


Do you know the role of the money in the human life? Do you depend on them? And if yes, then how much? What is it needed to do to have a lot of money to have the happy life? Let’s check it step by step.

All of us know that the money has a huge meaning in our life, but no one teaches us how to earn money and how to spend them. You cannot learn it at school, and in the college or at university you will get only some theory, but not a lot of practice. Because of it, even if you have a good economic education, you do not understand till the end what is money and how they work. So a lot of things, which we need to study for our life, we will do here.

So what do we need to know about money?

We should know a lot about them. To start with, that you need to control your money and not just earn them. Actually, all: the rich and the poor can control their money. The difference is that the rich can control money better than the poor. They can make the profitable trades and they get the maximum of benefits from the cooperation with other people. We should understand, that money is something, that can help us to reach our goals, but it is not exactly the goal. You start to control your money from the moment when you firstly touched them. And you touched them at the moment when you got them from somebody for something. This is exactly money management tool.

If you are a child, you can ask money, for example, to purchase ice cream in your parents and it means that you can control your parents with the help of your request. When you purchase the ice cream, you can control all people, which created this ice cream. These people do something for you, you can manage them through your money. The rich people do not possess the money, they redirect them, encouraging other people and later just get the results of their work. And this result is the real wealth. It is not the problem to type the money, it is the problem to get the benefit from them.

Importance of money

Money is a very important thing in our life and we know it. But at the same time we have a different attitude to them. Someone is ready to do everything to get money and for someone money is far from the list of the important things. And such people are not poor. Why is it? The answer is very simple. If they know that they will be able to earn money, because of their skills, they will not be afraid to leave without them and because of it they will not become the center of the life. There is no need to do it, because they are sure, that they will be able to earn them so they are not afraid. From the other side, people that think a lot about money and cannot earn them and it means, that the money makes people. Sometimes, such people can even forget about their family because they wish to earn money. All know, that a lot of families divorced, because one of them went abroad to earn money.

Money and brain

All people like when they have a lot of money. But some people do not like when they get easy money. It means that money does not need any efforts to get it. It can relax people and also, if people have a lot of money, they can spend and not to think what exactly they are doing. But when people do not have money, they can work a lot and even spend their free time just to earn more money.

Is money evil or not?

It depends on the people exactly. When they work hardly and later start their own business, they will value money, but they will not put them in the center of their life. But, for example, a lot of people, which won a lottery, were not prepared to get such sum of money. A lot of them were killed or died because of the drugs. It is needed to think a lot if you are ready to have money, because they can destroy you if you cannot control your money. The more detailed information you can get, ordering “money is the root of all evil” essay here. You will be provided with the informative essay, because our professional writers will do their best to exceed your expectations.

What to choose: love or money

Nowadays, a lot of girls would like to have the boyfriend with car, house and money. Sometimes, there is no matter what the person is, it is needed only to have money. It means that girls can even sell themselves to get the rich life. But in the golden cage, without love, they will not be happy, but they do not understand it. You can order love or money essay on our site to find out the reasons why people want to change love on money and we can guarantee you the highiest quality service.

There always will be the winners and the losers in the money game. But it is not important, the important fact is if you can make yourself the master of money with the help of self development and your life will be great. But if you are the slave of money, that can do any job in order just to earn some money, then you will have a lack of money during the whole life. Money is the great power, but this power can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. To get more information about this theme, you can order money essays here, our skilled and professional writers who write essays for money will be glad to help you.