Make Your Life Easier With The Essay On Fear


If you are afraid of the death, animals, illnesses and other things, you need to read this article. The advices, which are shown here, will give you the opportunity to forget about all your fears.

Why does the fear appear?

The fear was something like the protective reaction from the ancient world. It protected us from the danger. The fear helped to survive the people in different times.

In our time, people have a lot of different fears, which do not give them the opportunities to reach their goals. We cannot be happy, if we are afraid of something.

A lot of usual fears can be changed in the form of the fear, which we cannot control. For example, you love your children, and take care of them, but if you do it a lot, it can become something like paranoia.

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We can see, that there are a lot of situations, when the fear does not give us the opportunity to live as we wish. The fear does not protect us from all dangers, but it makes us more vulnerable. So, we need to change the situation and there are 11 advices how it is possible to do.

11 advices to overcome the fear

1) Just stop being afraid of the fear

If you are afraid of something, it does not mean, that you have the real danger. Your feelings can just lie to you. Do not run from the danger, which even does not exist. You just should wait. You will live without the fear only in the way you really wish to do it. You will not be afraid of it anymore.

2) Try to think about perspectives

When we are afraid of something, we think, in the first turn about the fear in this moment. But we do not think about what will happen in the future.

For example, you are afraid of loosing your job. You like your comfortable workplace, the salary, which gives you the opportunity to purchase the things you wish. If you think, that you will not have this job, you get the feeling of the fear. You start to imagine that you will need to look for the other job, even with the lower salary and something like that.

But just try to change the way of your thoughts. Can you just imagine what will you do in the future? You will start to find the new job, but it is possible that you find the job even with the higher salary. But even if you do not get as big salary as it was on your previous job, it is not the reason for the fear. Yes, sure, you will not be able to purchase expensive clothes and to visit different bars or shops, but it is not the problem. Our life is changing every day, so it is possible, that tomorrow you will earn a lot of money.

3) Be ready

For example, you are afraid of the death. But you should understand that it will happen in the future and it does not matter if you wish it or not. You just need to understand, that there are some facts, which you cannot change, so you just need to live and to accept them.

4) Breathe

If you are in the panic, you just need to breathe deeply. You can even save your breath for 4-10 seconds. It will help you to understand the reality and to be calm.

5) The chemical reaction

You should understand, that the fear is just the chemical reaction of your body. But you can control these reactions. The fear is here with you only in this situation, but not during the whole life.

6) Accept your fear

Sometimes, it is possible to control your fears, but sometimes, it is needed just to accept the situations, where you cannot control them. You should not panic, you should not find the new solutions of the problem, you just need to leave it as it is. You need to accept it with the understanding.

7) The things are changeable

It will be better to show on the example of the money. For example, you set the goal, you have a huge motivation and you want to earn some sum of money. We think, that we will be happy if we reach our goal. But when we get this sum of money, we understand that we want to have more. It is impossible to reach the final goal and because of it, we cannot feel ourselves satisfied.

8) You are not alone

As you can see, there are a lot of people, which are living with you on the same planet. You should not think a lot about your fears and problems. All people have fears, but you are not the only person with the problems. Just try to think about other people and try to help them if you can.

9) The meditation

The meditation will help you to realize the fact, that your fear is nothing more that just the simple illusion. It will help you to change your thoughts, you will have more energy and you will be calm. It will give you the great opportunity to relax and to forget the stress. You will accept your fears and you will not be afraid of them.

10) Stop listening to other people

It seems, that everyone has some people between their families or relatives or just friends, that can say, that everything is very bad and there are a lot of dangers around the people. We should not be afraid of the different things, just because the people speak about it. It is just the stereotype.

11) Do not avoid the situations, which are connected with your fear.

You should do that, you are afraid of. If you wish to avoid such situations, you will live with your fear always. You should see, that nothing happened and you can control your life.

To sum up, you should not think, that it is possible to control all your fears, you just need to understand, that it is possible to control some of them and just to accept the other ones. It will help you to make your life better than it is now.

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