Honesty Essay: Do You Consider That You Are Honest Person?


Honesty is the avoidance of the cheating in relationships with other people. It is known, that the honesty is not always comfortable, but honest people always respect other honest people.

What does it mean?
Honesty is the reason to find out something new, instead of something all, that is needed to be changed.

Honesty is the main reason to respect the person.

Honesty is the talent to find the truth at the bottom of the soul.

Honesty is the fact, when you are sure, that other person is developed spiritually and will be able to understand the truth.

Honesty is one of the features of the noble people.

The honest people always do what they promise and they can help in the difficult moment.

Honesty can be as external as inner. You can see external honesty to other people, but the inner honesty is exactly before you, inside your head. The main factor of honesty is that you can understand and accept your mistakes, you do not lie and can judge your actions.

But it is very important not to lie to yourself. For example, the person trusts his best friend, but some years later he understands, that there was not any friendship.  Just the first person wanted to believe in it and the second one just used it.  There are a lot of facts, when people get into the network of their own illusions and can be there for a long time. You can also order academic honesty essay here and you will get the speech on honesty at the time you wish on the given topic.

The list of benefits or why should you be honest

  1. Honesty gives you the freedom.
  2. Also, it gives you the huge opportunities in the job.
  3. It will provide you with the respect of other people.
  4. It will help you to improve and to develop yourself.
  5. You will get  lots of understanding of other people.

Is it easy to be an honest person?

To the biggest regret, it is not very easy to be honest in this world, because you can find the deception and treachery every day. In most cases, the world like the people, which can cheat, avoid answering the questions or make some compliments. Also, the honest people will do all possible to prevent any lie from other people.

Honesty and cosmos

Did you notice, that our life is not predictable and some unexpected situations can happen every day? Note, that the rules of the cosmos are very honest. For example, you did something good, for example, you helped someone. It does not matter if you helped a lot or it was just the little advice, you will get it back in some time. But if you did something evil, be sure, that you will get it back and at that moment, when you even will not think about it.

Do not be rude

It is needed to make the difference between honesty and straightforwardness. The honest people always say the truth, but he is always polite. But other person can speak truth, but even in the rude way. You should think about other people when you are speaking with them and you should be very polite. If you wish, we can provide you with essay honesty is the best policy where the reasons of the honesty and explanation how exactly not to be rude are shown. We can guarantee, that you will be satisfied with the result.

Do you wish your children to be honest?

Here you have some advices how to be sure, that your children will be honest people in the future.  First of all, do not lie to your children in all situations. Even if you think, that it is needed in some situations. For example, a lot of mothers tell their children, that it is not hurt, when they visit the doctor, for example, dentist. It is better to tell the children truth, because later they will not believe you. You need to show them your attitude to the lie. You are responsible for the atmosphere in your family. It means that it is not needed to punish your children if you see that they lie to you. It is important to find the reasons of their lie. In families, where people speak with their children, there are not any lie.

 You can read the books to your children or turn on the cartoons where honest people or animals are always right. You should firstly read the book or watch the film from your side, to be sure, that your children will get only benefits after it, because all video and audio materials can change the character of your children. It is advices to speak with your children about honesty. Try to answer all their questions, but if you do not know the answer, you need to promise them to answer later and to find the answer. Do not think, that it is possible to avoid such types of conversations. If you speak with your children about it, you can be sure, that they will speak about it with their children too.

Honesty in the life

There are some examples from the real life which are possible to see around us.

  1. Professional activity. The main property of the honest businessman is his reputation and he will look after it forever, because it is very important for him.
  2. Folk traditions. The merchants in 18th-19th century did not have any contracts or anything  like that. Their “word of honor” was stronger than any contracts.
  3. Family relationships. The strong and happy family is that family, where all members are honest.
  4. Kids. If people do not lie to their children, then they will be honest people in the future.
  5. Low respect.  Honest people do not break low not because someone will know about it, but because they respect the rules and the system.

So, if you are the honest person, you have all chances to live happy and great life. It is possible to order more essays on honesty on our site and you will see the benefits of contacting us.