Eating Disorders Essay: The Easy Solution Of The Problem


Eating Disorders EssayUnfortunately, this problem can happen with everyone. The eating disorder is a very dangerous thing. Just imagine, that you cannot do anything and you can just forget about your plans for the whole day. If you have such problems very often, you need to find the reason of the problem and after that to think, how to solve it. If you wish to order essays on eating disorders, you can do it on our site and our professional writers will do their best to help you with these essays. You can be sure, that you will get your papers in time and you will be satisfied with the result.

What Is An Eating Disorder And How To Cure It?

An eating disorder is a type of the mental disorders, and it can be determined as the irregular and out of the norm eating habits, which are detrimental to the body and the mental state of a person that has them.

Such a thing as eating is a crucial part of our well-being, and its function is to nourish the body and give it the energy to function correctly. Thus, the eating disorder is a horrible illness that can affect both your body and mind and its treatment in most cases is far from being easy, due to the fact that this ailment is always severely affecting the person's mind and the ability to judge right from wrong in terms of their behaviour. To cure this dangerous illness, you need to treat the body and the mind of the patient simultaneously.

However, if you want to cure any kind of ailment, you need to have a profound knowledge that is required to prove your competence in the medical field that the problem is related to. If you consider how fragile and irreplaceable the human health is, you will understand the weight of the situation one must shoulder in order to achieve any kind of success in the medical field of one's choosing. To become a successful doctor of any type, you need to spend a lot of time and genuine effort to learn everything you can that will or can help the person in need in the future. Moreover, you must be cautious and trust in the level of your expertise because the wrong decision of a doctor can easily half or even take away the life of the patient. Furthermore, improper treatment can make the person disabled for the rest of his or her life, so we strongly advise you not to try anything yourself when you are facing any illness or the people whose health is negatively affected and leave the case of the treatment to the professionals.

There are many eating disorders in the world, but obesity is not one of them. If you are overweight, you can turn the situation in your favour with the relative ease with a small amount of willpower and some physical labour in the form of physical exercising. This means that your mind is entirely unaffected by obesity, and you still have the power to fight back. In contrast, the people with the eating disorders usually have their sense of judgment being clouded by this no doubt a hazardous illness. However, it is only accurate when the form of obesity is light enough for the person to do so. People with severe obesity problems must be examined and treated by medical specialists.

After the necessary warnings, let us return to the main topic of this article. If we are talking about eating disorders, then you need to know its causes first. It will help you to achieve a more significant overview of the problem that you have at hand if you want to identify it correctly. You will definitely need this knowledge even if you are not a doctor yourself or you do not have any disorders whatsoever. For example, if you will encounter a person with this type of mental ailment, you can discern it quickly and correctly and be considerate towards this person's problems. In addition, you will be able to help in case something terrible happens. Your knowledge will be able to save lives or a person's well-being; you can plainly see the benefit of such information to you.

What Can Possibly Cause An Eating Disorder?

There are many debates on the causation of the eating disorders; however, scientists are still searching the reason a person can develop them. Thus, the origins of eating disorders are not clearly defined by even modern science, although there are some conditions that are believed to be linked with the origins of an eating disorder.

  • Heavy cases of anxiety and depression may cause a severe eating disorder due to the instability of the mind of a person who is suffering from these conditions. Many people usually resort to the comfort eating, trying to relieve the psychological tension they face on a daily basis. This negative tendency can create the possibility of developing a compulsive overeating and dangerous eating disorders.
  • If the person is a victim of sexual abuse, he or she is more likely to encounter such a harmful ailment. After suffering such a difficult situation, many people cannot cope with the emotional weight and the enormous amount of pressure, leading them to such destructive tendencies as anxiety and depression.
  • Many people have a genetic inclination towards eating disorders. This is very unfortunate, but as the science stands right now, there is nothing we can do to improve or change our genetic material. Our DNA is influencing everything we have in our body and psychological state, thus leaving us almost powerless in this regard.
  • The obsession with the diets of various kinds and severity. This issue is very prevalent today among teens and adults alike. In addition, many diets that you can find on the internet were made by the complete amateurs with a close to none knowledge in the medicine and dietary fields. Numerous cases of eating disorders were linked to the various diets found on the internet and the lack of basic knowledge about what a person has to ingest and in what quantities in order to survive and stay healthy.
  • The overindulgence into the harmful habit of "comfort eating" is one of the most widespread minor reasons behind eating disorders. Many people cannot deal with the stress in their lives and try to relieve themselves through eating anything they like in order to comfort themselves. This practice may seem harmless at first glance; however, it is very damaging to the mind and the body, because you are basically destroying the natural metabolic rate.
  • The constant idealization of the slim and thin figure in societies across the globe. A person can face numerous insecurities thanks to this unfortunate development and after a continuous mental strain; it is not unusual to find yourself suffering from the eating disorders of various complexity.
  • The fixation on "correctness" of the eating habits, meals and their ingredients seems to have a clear and strong connection to the appearance of the eating disorders. Such a thing usually happens when a person is prone to overcomplicating the issues they want to avoid, and as a result of that, they become obsessive with the prevention of said problems. This tendency may lead to severe stress overeating habits and may create a strong belief that eating disorders are positively normal.
  • A strong desire to achieve some notable results in any kind of sports activities. Many individuals who want to boost their athletic career suffer from various food disorders wrongly assuming that they will be beneficial to the results they desire to accomplish. However, the horrible truth is that the illness is slowly consuming the bodies and the energy of those who wish to put their health on the line.

Although these conditions are common, there is still no clear and concrete scientific explanation on what are the definite causes of illnesses of such a destructive nature. The matters listed above are just secondary causation of the problem of eating disorders, and many doctors and scientists today still do not have the definite answer on the origins of these conditions. Nevertheless, if you can spot the negative tendencies that may cause potential trouble in the future, you will be prepared to deal with the situation properly before it escalates to its full horrific potential. On the other hand, for example, you can tactfully and softly insist or directly ask the involved individual to put their full attention to the eating disorders they may or may not have and seek for professional treatment in order to fix the dangerous situation before it is too late to do so.

Just remember that everything you can do correctly may save the life or general well-being of the person beside you. Every bit of information that comes from a reliable source will help you and others plenty. Many incorrect myths surround the eating disorders, and sometimes even some doctors are confused to distinguish the truth on their own. Many of these superstitions may negatively affect the spirit of the patient, and in some cases, their physical health as well. We strongly advise you to check all the data you come across many times over until you are entirely sure that your knowledge is exact and correct in the field of expertise that it is covering.

The nature of these myths is utterly unscientific. They are primarily based on the superficial guesses and superstitions many people have due to the lack of adequate and correct knowledge on the subject. Without any doubt, it is unrealistic to expect these incorrect statements to gain any positive results whatsoever due to their questionable origins. Thus, we encourage everyone who will read this article not to believe in these harmful and plainly false myths without any critical thinking and thorough scientific investigation.

Here we want to give you some scientifically proven pointers to understand the nature of the eating disorders better. This information will provide you with the ability to distinguish the truth behind this hazardous illness.

  • Many people who are suffering from any eating disorders may look quite healthy, contrary to the popular belief that anyone who affected by these diseases must look unnaturally thin, obese or unfed.
  • The diagnosed eating disorder is a severe issue that is harmful to the physical and mental health of the patient.
  • It was not a personal choice to develop an eating disorder. A lot of people have it due to the unfavourable circumstances and not by their own desire or volition. A person suffering from an eating disorder can easily be misunderstood, and you must keep that in mind if you want to intervene in any way possible.
  • The full recovery from any type of eating disorders is undoubtedly possible, although it will be much easier to deal with them in an early stage of their development. Just like with the most illnesses a human can suffer from if diagnosed and treated early, the negative effect on the body and mind of the patient will be considerably lower.
  • The eating disorders does not differentiate between the human race, beliefs or financial situation of the person who suffers from them. Contrary to popular belief, anyone can be affected by these no doubt, destructive ailments.

Therefore, it is hugely important not to trust anything you can learn about the eating disorders, their treatment and origins at face value. The importance of proper medical therapy and an accurate diagnosis must not be underestimated. Such conditions may even lead the people who are suffering from them to seriously considering committing suicide due to the unstable state of mind they usually have. It is vital to be considerate and knowledgeable if you are dealing with the eating disorder regardless of its type.

5 Reasons Of The Eating Disorders


A lot of people, that work at night are having this problem. It is because of the changed style of the life. People should work during the day and sleep at night. It is needed to sleep 7-8 hours at night. It will be great if you wake up at the same time, because of it, your body has the habit to wake up at the same time.

The danger of the diet

A lot of people decide to follow different diets, but they do not want to have any consultation with the doctor. Unfortunately, this fact can create this problem. Such people want to eat the products without sugar, but they even cannot imagine that they are wrong. The daily need in the sugar for usual person is 5g but not more.

The pain in the muscles


If you have this pain constantly, it means, that you are very nervous and because of it you can have different problems like this one. You need to visit a doctor and have the consultation.

Physical activities

This problem can have a lot of sportsmen, because they have a lot of physical activities. In this case, it is needed to drink a lot of water and to avoid any coffee after 6 o’clock.

Bad mood

People, who often have the stress or the depression can notice, that they have sometimes this problem. Your brain is connected with all your body and if your thoughts are negative, this problem can appear.

The main reason of this problem is the special kind of viruses, but, unfortunately, the antibiotics cannot help in this way. But there are some natural ways of this problem.

10 Ways To Solve The Problem

The ice

This problem has appeared because of the lack of the water. But if you do not want to drink, you can take one piece of the ice and have it in your mouth till it disappears. Your body will get all needed water.

The cumin

The cumin will help you to overcome the problem. Also, it is very easy to prepare and it takes not too much time. You need to drink it 3 times a day, but only before you eat something.

The chamomile tea

A lot of centuries, this tea was used, when people could not sleep or had a lot of stress. It will help you if your body does not have enough water and you will see, that your problem disappears.

The dill

The special oils, which are in this plant will help you to solve this problem and you will be in the good mood during the whole day. Just try and you can be sure, that it will help you.

The mint

The mint contains menthol, which can decrease different spasms you have. Also, you can use this tea if you have a lot of stress or just the bad mood. It is really helpful.

The yogurt

Yes, it cannot help you with the exact problem, but it can help you when this problem disappears. It contains a lot of useful bacteria and you will see the result at once. Also, it is very delicious and, it seems, that everyone like it.

The bread

Usually, it is known that you can only get your weight, if you eat a lot of bread. But, exactly, if you have this problem, nothing better than the bread you cannot imagine. It will help you to get a lot of vitamins, because your body is not strong enough to eat, for example, meat or something like this. It is recommended to eat only bread and to drink the water or the tea for a few days.

The ginger

It can help you with a lot of problems in your stomach. You can choose any way you wish to take it, but the best one is the tea. You will not spend a lot of your time to prepare this tea, but you will have a lot of power and a very good mood after drinking the cup of this tea.

The bananas

They can help you with the problem, because they kill the bacteria, which create this problem. Also, they are very healthy and delicious.

The apple

They can kill all the toxins you have in your body and will help you with the problem. Also, they have a lot of vitamins and minerals and are very healthy.

You Should Not Eat

If you have eating disorders, it is impossible for you to eat spicy and fat food. Also, you cannot eat sweets and to drink coffee, because it will not help you, but can even create the new problems. If you wish to get the whole list of the products you can and cannot eat, it is possible to order the eating disorder essays here and we will be glad to help you.

To sum up, your health depends only on you. If you have a good mood, eat only healthy and fresh food, do some exercises, you can be sure, that the problems, like eating disorders, will not appear in your life. You should not be afraid of this problem, because you can easily solve it, just following these advices.