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The great majority of people experience stress wherever they are. You try to hear somebody out and feel some sort of tension. You do your best to avoid eye contact because emotionally you cannot cope with these feelings. You feel that you can’t listen to this person’s complaints even if you are quite tolerant towards other people’s sorrow.

That’s why it is better to identify what type of stress you suffer from since it will help you to select the correct approach to get rid of it. Most of the stress overcoming techniques depend on the type of stress you have since they all have various triggers and ways of treatment. Order cheap term papers from real experts on the most effective ways to overcome stress.

There are four main types of stress

Dr. Carl Albrecht identified four types of stress in the book "Stress and the Manager", written in 1979.

  • Temporal
  • Early
  • Situational
  • Conflict

In this essay, we will consider each type of stress to elaborate effective treatment customized to each one. Such an approach is important since it might not aggravate your condition but will be nothing more than a waste of time.


You experience temporal stress worrying about the time (for example being late or having a small deadline for the difficult assignment). We are usually nervous running out of time. Thus, we feel trapped in the cage of time. As was mentioned before, people experience this type of stress having to do something but the deadline is almost expired. That’s why order homework essay help for tomorrow and our writers will complete your assignment within a stated deadline.

How to cope with this type?

This is one of the most common types of stress, here are some effective strategies for overcoming it:

  • Time management techniques;
  • To-do lists;
  • Priorities concerning the work to be done;
  • Sometimes, it is better to say no rather than regret about it later.

Usually, this is a matter of discipline and organization of work which is likely to be disregarded. If you will be able to plan your work and day-to-day activities you won’t experience this type of stress anymore. Music is also a good way to deal with day-to-day stress. More benefits of music are on


This is the stress we experience when we think about the future. Sometimes we focus on a specific event, for example, the speech that will be given. In this case, we clearly understand what triggered the stress. The future is hidden we are afraid of it. We have concerns about the future success and start demotivating ourselves that everything will go wrong.

How to deal with it?

Since this type of stress occurs when we think about the future, it is important to realize that this is nothing but a play of our imagination and an intentional waste of our energy. Our thoughts are aimed at thoughts about the failure. There are several good ways to deal with this very type of stress:

  • Visualization. Imagine you stay on the stage and you actually succeeded. You gave a perfect speech and the audience was literally astonished by your performance. In order to benefit from this method, you need to develop your imagination skills first. Otherwise, thoughts about your failure will swallow you.
  • Meditation. This one helps to relax since experiencing stress people are very and thus can’t think clearly. It is rather difficult to apply to this very method since most people can’t turn off the inner voices but once meditation is mastered, you will be able to abstract from noisy thoughts in your head.
  • Self-confidence. How can you actually become more confident? It is rather simple. First of all, you need to prepare for the events to come. Lack of knowledge usually leads to lack of confidence. However, if you are positive that your knowledge is enough to succeed there is no need to be nervous anyway. Thus, all you need is hardworking


You experience this one when the situation appears that you are unable to control or predict. When you’ve come up with a plan and it goes not according to this one, people might experience either irritation or stress. These feelings are connected with a fear of being humiliated since people are actually afraid of making mistakes.

How to cope with it?

First of all, it is important to understand that it is impossible to predict something with 100% of accuracy. That’s why get prepare for unexpected or even unwanted events that might happen. You should also have a plan B in case if everything will go wrong. It is called adaptation. This is the ability to customize your approach with regard to the current events. These planning and organizations techniques should promote your fighting with stress.


This type of stress appears within the society and is directly connected with communication with other people. People are unpredictable and sometimes even rude. We experience stress talking with somebody we actually don’t want to. This is a widespread problem since no matter how strong you are, we are all vulnerable to the conflicts i.e. negative emotions. Order writing term papers for money to avoid negative emotions towards your paper from your professor or teacher.

How to overcome it?

There are several approaches that will help you to deal with this type of stress:

  • Emotion control. Any stress is connected with our inability to control emotions.
  • Conflicts resolution. It is impossible to avoid conflicts being a part of society. However, any conflict or confrontation can be easily solved paying necessary attention to the problem arisen.
  • Empathy. Sometimes we care about other people's feelings more than about our own ones. You are the one to care about.
  • Breathing exercises.

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