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Our custom term paper writing service wants to share interesting pictures in the cinematographic world with you. Enjoy!

The age of information technologies provides us with a lot of sources for personal growth, and movies place the leading position today being the most widespread way of self-education. Thus, a person acquainted with the world of cinematography is more self-determined and has no problems with perception of the world. Despite the fact that cinematography became a part of our life approximately a hundred years ago, movies remain an excellent way to pay attention to crucial problems within the society, find new ideas and get the motivation we are seeking for. We have selected 7 old, but outstanding pictures, which fits perfectly with self-development. In spite of lack of special effects, they highlight serious issues that should be discussed.

12 angry men (1957)

Due to the total onslaught of destructive and unreasonable thoughts, appearing subconsciously without any reasons, people become tired and lose their attention. As a result, without even trying to get closer to the truth, they choose to fail. This approach is far from being promising and will soon drag you deep down to the hole of oblivion. This picture shows the abilities of individuals with leadership qualities, attention to details and perseverance. Those who have problems with anger as well can benefit from this essay on anger management themselves.

Red beard (1965)

The whole world is a single organism. There are pathogenic cells, people, and even entire systems, which can infect the entire layers of society causing mental and physical disorders. Beyond the reasonable doubt, people can numb the pay with "meds" but only for a short period of time. Thus, without knowing the original trigger of this pain, it won’t be cured. The main idea of this movie is simple; most diseases could disappear if our kindness and compassion could defeat such issues as ignorance and poverty.

The Seventh Seal (1957)

Death is a strange phenomenon with a degree of uncertainty and embraced by the mystery that shakes our core with unexplainable fear. Alas, no one can give an intelligible and truthful answer, explaining whether this is the end or only the beginning of our way. But one thing we can actually know for sure; the death will take everyone regardless of the status, wealth and power and in his hands, we are all equal, just a toy of the doom. This film is worth your attention since it reveals such immortal questions like black and white, happiness, and suffering, about the frailty of existence and about essentials of the light itself.

It’s Wonderful Life (1946)

This movie is about love, duty and sacrifices predispose our personality. The story took some ideas from Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” but the main hero is far from being envy and greedy man. He is an honorable one who was caught by hesitations. We all ask ourselves why we are actually here and whether something would change if we hadn’t existed at all. However, our main hero managed to get an answer to these questions and see the influence of his absence on people he does not even know. “It’s Wonderful Lie” helps us to realize that any obstacle we face can be overridden and this life is worth living appreciating every moment with people we truly love. This movie is a good representation of the same old American dream and its consequences. Read more about it on

The Seven Samurai (1954)

This movie is filled with philosophical and social ideas, and despite the fact that it was released more than 60 years it perfectly represents modern society and their main intentions. The main ideas of this movie are the following: the life of a constantly developing person should not be embraced with fear and humiliation; we would not be able to develop without both internet and external freedom. This is a very controversial question but each of us should know what true freedom really is.

Freaks (1932)

The stunning and extravagant picture covers the instructive story about such a concept as morality. The serious differences between the world of freaks and physically healthy people force us to consider compassion and kindness as the world’s most serious problem. Paying attention to the main idea of the author covered behind ugly faces, one can recognize same-old lack or tolerance, humanity and kindness and selfish of people make these gap between us and them even bigger.

On the Waterfront (1954)

Most part of the society is concerned about rules and restrictions that work as mental chains stopping us from being ourselves. What should an individual actually do to override them? There is a simple choice; one can live passively flowing down the river poured by the government or whatever created these borders considering only financial stability and physiological needs or one can start a fight trying to stand for what he or she considers to be important till the last breath. The choice is yours. If you choose to disobey, this essay will reveal the ways to fight with the system

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