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If you are looking for English writing websites to help you, you have chosen the right one. Students often feel helpless when they are not eager to accomplish some homework they have to. Essays, papers, terms and other types of academic writing become a heavy burden. But not for our essay writers who can easily solve all your problems. On this site, you are free to get help in writing a narrative essay, for example, get an English article written or even a Ph.D. dissertation. The benefits of this service include honorable treatment of customers, excellent result, the ability to complete the task in short order, cheap prices, and 24/7 availability. We will help you with pleasure, as we understand how it is hard sometimes to focus on work or learning when your life is in full swing.

The main problem that we come across when it comes to focusing on is the thoughts, which have nothing to do with work or study wandering in our heads. These thoughts are the reasons for our reluctance to work. In theory, the brain consists of neurons, which form different connections between them. Neurons constantly change connections between them depending on what operations of thinking we do. When we start to think about the new task, the new connections between neurons are established. The less we know what to do, the more complicated gets the process of new connection formation. For the brain, using already present connections is much easier than creating new ones. That is why, in the very beginning of work, the brain has to form new neural connections. However, in a few minutes, most of the necessary neural connections are established and focusing on work or learning becomes much easier than it was early in. Thus, any working process comprises 3 stages. At the first stage, a person swings into action (0-15 minutes) and the productivity begins to increase. It lasts a few minutes, after which the productivity stage comes (ranging from 20 minutes to several hours). The last stage involves fatigue and the drop in productivity. Our brain gets tired similarly to our muscles. Accordingly, when you feel slow on the uptake and work ineffectively it is a signal for you to rest or concentrate on another task requiring the activity of other neural connections.

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7 Ways to Focus On From English Essay Writing Services

1. Avoid distraction

Let us assume that you need to write an English paper and suddenly your phone rang. How do you usually feel? The definite factors, which divert us from time to time, exist. In view of this, the time allotted for a person's productivity stage shrinks considerably and a person has to waste more time on focusing again. We can compare it to nervously driving a car with speeding up and braking in sequence. In such a way, you get higher fuel consumption and lower middle speed, which is far from efficient driving. The same we see while working. As your attention is distracted every 10 minutes, it becomes harder for you to reach maximum productivity. As the result, you get tired by doing less than you can.

What is to be done? Our students assignment help site recommend you to say “no” to multitasking. In the beginning of your working day, ask your colleagues not to bother you, explain that you will be available after a while. Remember that business before pleasure. Do not start your working day from checking your timeline on social media platforms, idle talks and so on. It resembles eating sweets before the main dish at the dinner. Turn the phone off, refrain from surfing the Internet and checking your mailbox, avoid chattering. In general, try to devote yourself completely to the project so that you can gain the highest efficiency while you feel that you are at the peak of productivity. In the case of your distress and the decrease in productivity, it is time to change your activity. Look at your missed calls and call someone back, check e-mail, talk to your colleagues and then start the previous activity again. 

2. Remove all unnecessary things from your work table

Remember that any unnecessary objects on your table may arise the memories and thoughts, which are not related to your work. Those objects designate informational chaos inside your head since the brain is capable of centralizing on the one single matter. Inside people’s brains, something of a single core processor takes place. Make your table empty and you will notice that your effectiveness enhances.

3. Work with timer

Determine that you will work without any distraction at a definite time segment. Set your timer or alarm clock for 30 minutes, for example. Such method of working or learning enhances self-discipline. The time when you work productively for each of your repeated tasks will remain almost unchangeable. This means that if you do the same things every day, the time of your maximum productivity will be defined (however, with tiny deviations) and you will presumably know what time will indicate your fatigue period. I know, for instance, that it takes me 30 minutes to write an article diligently. After 30 minutes of writing, I “switch over” another activity for 5-10 minutes so that I could keep the highest point of my productivity. If this method failed to help you, hire our academic writer who will not let you feel down.

4. Exercise before planning your working day

Most people know that before training sportsmen loosen up their muscles by doing simple exercises. Stretching exercises improve circulation of blood and tones the body. Thus, exercising represents a preparatory stage, which provides the smooth change from the state of rest to physical activity. The same thing concerns the intellectual activity of a person. As it was mentioned above, as soon as we start the new task, the brain needs to prepare. 

How can we prepare our brain to work? It is quite easy. Make a plan for your immediate tasks. Write in your notebook the tasks you must do right now. If you have only one urgent task, divide them into several stages. Write at least 5-10 points to do. The list will show how fast and easy you will go through your working stages. In addition, you can imagine you working process before starting. Spend some minutes reflecting on each step in your work and it will definitely facilitate focusing on.

5. Use your logic

It is a well-known fact that a human possesses two brain hemispheres. The left hemisphere is responsible for logic, analyzes, and movement of right-sided body parts. It is also in charge of our motivation: The features of the right hemisphere are imagination, feelings, passive behavior and movement of left sided body parts. The left hemisphere must be activated to let you quickly focus on. Due to some logical exercises, such as doing crossword puzzles and playing checks, you turn this hemisphere on. Another option is to put the left brain hemisphere into action by engaging action of the opposite (right) body parts. You can write something with your right hand or just move your right leg, for example. That is the reason why some people have a habit of twiddling a pen in one hand. This is how they activate their logic.

6. Eliminate all unnecessary sounds

Unexpected and unpleasant sounds cause considerable attention distraction. Whether we want it or not, any sound comes out to be the obstacle to effective work. If you work with a group of people, your colleagues, you may use the earmuffs or headphones. Listen to the kind of music which will not let you experience too much or fewer emotions. Chill mixes will do.  

7. Control the excitement

The excitement highly depends on the adrenaline level in blood. The stronger the excitement, the higher the adrenaline level is. Sometimes, we feel very excited and some obsessive thought and ideas interfere our work. However, in other situations, your condition may be sleepy and you do not feel like doing anything. So, to focus on work or learning you should maintain the adrenaline on the middle level for the higher level makes your thoughts tangle and the lower level makes you feel tired. The aim is to avoid overexcitement or too much resting. Let us imagine the scale with 0 indicating the state of rest and 10 signifying the point of the highest excitement. Estimate your emotional and physical condition based on these two extreme points. If you are going to work with documents, your adrenaline level should be equal to 3. If you are to complete some work physically, this level should reach 6 approximately.   

At times, you will need to moderate your level of excitement on your own. There are several tips on decreasing and increasing excitement that will be useful. To settle your nerves you should do the following:

  • Listen to classical music or the sounds of nature;
  • Walk outside;
  • Recollect the moments of your life when you felt good and calm, safe and sound;
  • Imagine still water, nature or small quite animals;
  • Try to decrease the tones of your muscles, that is, take a position involving less muscle activity;
  • Slow down. Do not hurry to accomplish your project. Remember the proverb “Slow but sure”. The physical condition of a human is dependent on psychological one since both conditions are regulated by the neural system. When we start to slow down all our action and breath consciously the excitement also vanishes.

This additional article on staying calm will be even more informative for you: However, if you want to get more excited, follow these rules:

  • Listen to energetic music;
  • Think of the brightest impressions in your life or even the most critical ones when you had your heart in your mouth;
  • Imagine yourself overcoming any danger (but don’t do it in reality), for instance, climbing the highest mountain or bailing out;
  • Dance or do some exercises;
  • Imagine that you are competing with someone in sports or something else;
  • Increase the tones of your muscles. If you were sitting for a long time leaning on the back of the chair, straighten your back;
  • Put your speed on. Try to complete your job faster. By moving and accomplishing day-to-day tasks faster, you turn your neural system on and as a result, we see the growth of excitement.

This was the list of the best methods to focus. We hope it was really useful and informative for you as we ourselves use these rules for concentration when we work. Hire our company to write academic essays on the topic you need, order English thesis writing or ask the qualified dissertation writers online to proofread your paper if you are running out of time to carry out your assignment and be sure to get an A for it.

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