Creationism VS Evolution Essay: Two Ideas


All people on the Earth are believers. Even those who say that they do not believe in God or any supernatural power are believers. A person who denies the existing of God sets himself on His place. A person becomes god in his own world. This is nothing more but religion. If you need a paper on different religions and their ideas, our writing service is ready to help you.

Christians and followers of Theory of Evolution have the same eyes but they look at things differently. Two persons look at the globe of the Earth. One of them who believes in the Theory of Evolution says, “It is amazing what bacteria have done during millions and millions of years.” A Christian who believes in the Bible looks at the Earth and says, “Oh, look what God have made during six days.” So, how our planet has been formed? There are two opinions which we will raise and discuss in Evolution Essay. Besides, you may read our Christianity Essay.

It is written in the Scripture that people do not know how the world was created. They also do not know that the first world was overflowed with water. It means that God can judge His creatures. At the beginning of the 18th century people started to deny the Bible. It happened for several reasons. One of them was industrial revolution. Also, in many countries political revolution took place. It was the age of antimonarchy and of new investigations. People thought that the Bible did not fit their new way of life. So, it was invented the geological column which led to the Theory of Darwin. Today we will talk about it.

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Creation Versus Evolution Essay. What People Thought And Still Think

1. The creation of the Earth and a man.

In Genesis it is written that God has created heavens and the earth. On the sixth day God has created a man. He gave people authority above all creatures and every seed-bearing plant as food. Then devil decided that people should bow to him. In Isaiah it is written what exactly devil thought and the description of his desire to be like God. So, devil wants to be God but he cannot be God. He has decided to destroy everything that God has made and make Him a fool. The Bible says that devil is a liar and his weapons are doubts, denials, and worship of a human.

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In 1859 the world could read a book which name was “The Origin of Species”. This is the work which was made by Darwin. By the way, this man was a very influential person. Check our paper on Influential People Of The 20th Century. So, according to the author no one could explain how life started on our planet as well as how species appeared. However, the name of the book which has been mentioned in the previous sentence is not full. In the name of the book was hidden the idea which supported racism. You can search it on the Internet. It is very lengthy. According to the theory of one of the followers of evolution the intellectual abilities of a common African is the same that of eleven-year old Homo sapiens. So, the theory says that there should be a link between white people and apes. Leaders of this theory asserted that aboriginals in Australia have been evolved differently from white people. Their bigger jaw bones serve as the proof of evolution.

The Theory of Evolution or Charles Darwin a profound geologist explains the creation like this: the world was created because of the Big Explosion billions of years ago. The materials of all universe have concentrated into one spot which is smaller than the spot on the page and exploded. By the way, you can easily order Evolution Of Man Essay to continue this topic.

2. The Age of the Earth.

The Bible speaks to people that the Lord has created the Earth 6 000 years ago. He has done it during 6 days. All the actions were very logical and consecutive. 3 000 years people lived before Jesus Christ. Since the time when Jesus has come people live 2 000 years. In the Bible there are all dates. So, if one will add all the dates, he/she will get 6 000 years.

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The Theory of Evolution teaches that everything was created for about 20 billion years ago. People have likely been evolved out of bacteria which lived more than 4 billion years ago. It says that for about 30 million years ago larger primates such as monkeys and apes evolved. The earliest fossil apes are ancestral to both humans and apes. For about 3-5 billion years ago steam began to get thick and fall unto the surface of the Earth as rain. Thus, the oceans were formed.

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3. The purpose of man’s life.

Since all people are God’s creatures, they have duties. While reading the Bible, someone may find the laws which God has settled. They are written in the Old Testament and they concern not only Hebrews but all believers. When Jesus has come, He told that everyone needs salvation because the wrath of God is come soon. It means that once the Lord will judge the universe. He will divide people and separate His followers from those who have not believed in Him. So, everyone has to repent of his sins and follow Jesus. You may continue this topic by reading an essay on Christian Worldview which you can find here:

The Theory of Evolution says that each one is the god in his life. Every person is the ruler of his own life. Nobody will ever judge him. He decides what is right and what is wrong.

4. Life after death.

The Bible claims that a person’s soul leaves the dead body and goes either to the heavens where it will find everlasting rest or to the hell. Repentance is the main condition of being with God in heavens. The hell is the place of temporal torments. Later devil, his demons, and the rest who have not obeyed God would be thrown in the fiery lake where they will stay forever.

The Theory of Evolution has never explained anything according to life after death.

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