Top 10 Most Influential People of the 20th Century


We think that people of the past centuries were different from us. Their thoughts and deeds are deeply reflected in art, science, and technology. The 20th century was one of the brightest periods of the world. Enormous events happened during that time. People that lived in the past century could contemplate both beautiful and horrible scenes.

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While talking about the 20th century, we would like to remind someone the names of some people who have influenced it in a huge way. Among these names, one will notice someone who inspires him, who sets a big example to him.

These people have changed the world. Their deeds were good and bad. We have made up the list for you.

1. Mahatma Gandhi. Another prominent representative of the 20th century was this Indian politician. He managed to create and put into effect non-violence methods of fighting. Mahatma Gandhi was an outstanding person during civil rights movement in India.

Gandhi believed that any conflict could be settled in a peaceful way. He developed passive resistance that exposed widely in India. Very soon he became a national figure. Mahatma Gandhi studied the Bible and the teaching of Jesus Christ.

First, Gandhi faced racial discrimination in South Africa where he practiced law. His life was the message of peace. According to Mahatma Gandhi, understanding and love are the main methods to solve problems between people. Indeed, he changed the train of thoughts of many people.

2. Albert Einstein. This man was the most influential person among all of the last one hundred years. He was the best in his field. This man set the beginning of the atom bomb discovery. How did he manage it? Albert Einstein was the one who became the father of Theory of Relativity.

There are people who say that Einstein was a hero. He played and still plays an important role in lives of many. Albert Einstein showed how to see nature through technology. Einstein usually told about himself that he was not talented, he was very curious.

Albert Einstein lived in the century of vital inventions. His contribution became the biggest part of that century.

3. Adolf Hitler. This man did everything to make himself a hateful person. His name is associated to the World War II, the Holocaust, and annihilation of Jews. He was one of the greatest German leaders and one of the most influential men in European history.

Hitler possessed a huge power of persuasion. He made the whole nation to follow him. People trusted Hitler. Some experts claim that he could use human’s nervous system. That was the reason of why society obeyed him. He had a particular aura that spread over all people.

4. Martin Luther King Jr. His impact on American society and world was great. This person had an idea of equality. The race question was the key element of how people were treated and how did they live in United States. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted to change it, and he did.

Nowadays someone can see the influence of his civil movements. The admirable thing is that Martin Luther King Jr. achieved big respect of some political leaders.

As well as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King believed in non-violent system of resistance. In fact, Mahatma Gandhi greatly inspired him. Martin Luther King won in two fights: for civil rights and for voting rights.

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5. Charlie Chaplin. While talking about general influence of a person, we cannot forget about this brilliant actor and director. People from all over the world know about him. Charlie Chaplin became a symbol of silent movie. His life was impressive no less than his career. He was a comic genius, the most talented in his sphere.

Chaplin tried to combine social events with emotional side of a person. He played a crucial role in the development of movie industry. Charlie Chaplin was highly honored by critics and people.

6. Mother Teresa. Indeed, this woman was a big inspiration for everyone and everywhere. Although most people would connect her name with care about poor, she did far more. Mother Teresa believed that every person deserved respect, kindness, and support.

Her acts of love continue to influence people all over the world. There are schools, hospitals, and orphanages in honor of Mother Teresa. Everyone has an opportunity to make a step towards compassion and generosity by donating.

Mother Teresa always told that the Lord influenced her decision. God said a word that made Teresa to change her life. She started the first mission in India. Soon after that Mother Teresa decided to dedicate her life to those who suffered and needed aid.

7. Winston Churchill. He had a huge influence on people; that was the impact of the real leader. Churchill was a soldier during the First World War, but he became a big commander during the Second World War. His words and quotes supported people in difficult time.

Churchill’s unwillingness to bow down before Nazi Germany encouraged British people. He assured his nation that blood and tears would be the only way to overcome. Winston Churchill showed a huge example of courage and high spirit.

8. Nelson Mandela. All people in South Africa were grateful for his life. Mandela was a freedom fighter. He wanted to see equality and justice in South Africa. Nelson Mandela was struggling for social justice, for human dignity, and human rights. He captured the symbol of what the fight was about.

The whole world, presidents, kings and queens opened the door for Mandela to come in. He was a movement builder and organizer. It was about his personality and something that was inside his soul.

Mandela just started the way. There is still too much work to be done in his country. South Africa stands on the threshold of big changes.

9. Princess Diana. She was the lady who charmed people. She could talk to everyone. Age, color, status did not matter for her. Diana was a busy woman, but she always found time on helping others. One of her most significant deeds was shaking hands with AIDS patient. That was the act which stroke millions of people.

Diana had a very soft and tender heart. She used her popularity to deliver a message of love. Princess Diana often gathered huge sums of money to help those who were not fortunate.

10. Alexander Fleming. Do you know that this bacteriologist is the person who has discovered penicillin? Fleming was a genius person. His contribution was huge. Penicillin became a mass production in England during the Second World War. Soldiers usually died from wounds, but Fleming’s discovery reduced this process greatly.

We thank you for following this essay. All these men and women deserve to be in the list of the most influential people of the 20th century.

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