The Essay About Freedom: Are You Free Or Not?


Are You Free Or Not?People always wanted to be free. It was associated with the flight of the bird from the ancient times. The essays on freedom are very popular in the different schools. So, what is the freedom for every person? How people imagine and understand it? Why is the freedom so valuable? And do we really need the freedom? It is possible to get the detailed information about the freedom, ordering what does freedom mean to you essay
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If you are looking for the answers to all these questions, you can understand, that the freedom can be different. For example, the freedom of the choice, the freedom of the word, the freedom of the action. It depends on the factor, which exactly freedom the person needs. If you wish to order the freedom essays, our professional writers will be glad to help you. So, let’s check the definition of the freedom, the types of the freedom and in which spheres of our life we need the freedom.

What is the freedom for you?

The freedom is the understanding, that you can do some actions when you need. It is the opportunity of the choice. The people should choose, where they want to live or where they want to study. No one has the right to take their freedom. All people should have the right to say all what they think. Every thought, even if it is wrong, needs to get the attention. The freedom means, that all people have the opportunities to make the choice and to be responsible for it.

Today we can choose our favorite book, the place where we want to study or our friends. We can choose our hobby or which music to listen. All of us should understand, that the internal freedom is more important than the physical freedom.

People are responsible for all their actions. It means that they are not free, they are responsible for their life.

The types of the freedom

1. The freedom of the choice

All people have the right to organize the private life, to make the decision and to make the choice. It means that they are responsible for the consequences, which their actions will cause.

2. The freedom of the citizen

It means the freedom for the different rights in the country, for example the right to vote and to choose. Every country should give the freedom to the citizens.

3. The freedom of the soul

It means, that every person can choose the religion and the church, which he or she wishes to visit.

The freedom has the different meanings, but it is possible to underline the main ones.

4. The freedom of the choice

In the modern society, it is not the abstract word. All people have the right for the freedom, safety, religion. These norms are guaranteed by the constitution in the different countries.

5. The freedom of the thoughts and of the word

It means, that no one can forbid you to say everything, that you think. All people are equal and the freedom of the word is the important type of freedom for every nation. No one should tell other people, what they need to think or say. For example, if we choose some book, you can see, that some people will like it, but at the same time, the other people will say, that this book is bad. And all of them will be right. It means, that all people are different and they like or dislike some things. Because of it, they all have different thoughts.

It is very important not to copy all people and to have the own point of view. Yes, sometimes it can create the conflict, but if you are really wise person, you will do all possible to avoid it. But you should remember, that the respect for other people starts from the self respect. It is impossible to protect your own point of view, if you do not respect the point of view of other people. Also, it is possible to order the freedom of speech essay for the more detailed information.

6. The freedom of the activity

This freedom is very important for some people, that are dealing with the art. They can have their own style and it is possible for them to use all themes in their work.

7. The freedom of the religion

It gives the opportunity to all people to choose the religion they wish to have and even change it during the life. All people have some traditions and you can choose any religion you like. No one has the right to tell you, which religion you should have and it cannot create any difficulties for you. Only you have the right to choose. Yes, sure, when the children are little, the decision for them make their parents. But when they are adult, they can choose something other, if they do not like the choice of their parents.

It is possible, for example, to forbid the freedom of the word, according to some documents, but it is impossible to take the freedom of the religion. If you wish to know more information about the freedom of the religion in the past, you can order the religious freedom essay here and you can be sure, that you will get the detailed information from our writers and the result will exceed your expectations.

To sum up, everyone should know, what is exactly the freedom and find the own explanation of the freedom. Because only the freedom gives us all needed opportunities to live and to be free. We should value the freedom a lot, because without it, we will be just the slaves, which will do everything, what the other people want. We should protect our freedom and always have our own point of view on every aspect of our life.