Something You Should Know About Pizza


Pizza is the best word for most people. Who does not like it? It is impossible to stay calm when you see a nice looking, hot, and aromatic pizza. Almost in every town around the world there are places where someone can buy it. Although this food belongs to the Italian collection of the best dishes, pizza has become popular and precious course for people from every corner on the earth.

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Indeed, pizza is a real wonder. It managed to become one of the best, favorite, and welcomed food on the planet. People of all social status equally enjoy it. Somebody can say that pizza is a common and boring dish. Well, it is not true. Since almost every party, lunch, or even official meeting cannot do without pizza, it is a significant element of our lives.

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The process of cooking pizza may turn into a craft. There are hundreds of pizza recipes. Every person who makes it at home adds something special from himself. In this way, one can find an immense amount of its recipes and ways of cooking. Actually, to prepare a good pizza, someone needs many efforts. There are secrets of making this dish. Not far everyone of us is able to cook a pizza which everybody else will enjoy. There are experts around the world who use their own methods of making a dough for pizza and a tasty topping. Some chefs knead the dough, some toss it. While there are people who consider a frozen pizza to be the top of pleasure, others say that one should try pizza only in Italy. To tell the truth, even the most simple recipe of pizza which someone can find on the Internet can change everything. Good food brings good mood, and yes, it is possible to make a delicious pizza at home. When the flavor of freshly baked dish spreads in a house, no one can resist a temptation to try it.

The history of its name and background is very interesting. So, let us start from here. The word itself was first mentioned in a document of an ancient Italian town. The verse was about one rich man who used to give every Christmas and Easter 12 pizzas to a bishop. These two holidays are very special and fascinating topics to discuss. If you have a paper about them, and once you will need the help of our college essay editing service, just chat with us.

From etymological point of view the word pizza has a Latin origin and means “bread”. The history knows many cases when people wishing to improve the flavor of a bread added different ingredients and also toppings. So, the habit to cover bread with cheese and herbs is an old one. History experts say that Persian soldiers always made smooth breads. They used cheese and sometimes or often dates as a topping. One can hire research paper writer to continue the topic about Persian foods.

Here is the history of the oldest but well known Neapolitan pizza. Its story starts in 1700. People knew the recipe of pizza till that time, but they never added tomatoes to the topping. There were no tomatoes in Italy. Sellers brought them from Peru only in the middle of the 18th century. That was the first time when people began to use tomatoes for flatbreads. Very soon the dish was greatly appreciated by the society. It became the jewel of the town.

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Have you heard about Margherita Pizza? Its birth was unusual. Once in Italy lived and worked one pizza maker. He received an order to make a pizza for a ruler. The task was responsible, and the man was a little bit confused. However, he managed to cook a three-colored pizza. The pizza maker picked for this such products as tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella. It was a triumph. All people including the queen were pleased. Nobody knows whether the story is credible or not. Many people are doubt of that. Still, the story is extremely nice.

Impressive Details about Pizza

It is not only a very tasty and healthy meal. There are things about pizza that somebody should know.

1. In Italy pizzas were first sold as a commercial product in 18th century. It had a different look. The pizza did not have a topping. It was just a flat and very tasty bread. By the way, that kind of pizza was cheap enough. Actually it was specially made for poor people.

2. The whole world opened for itself a new dish which name was pizza only after the Second World War. Italian towns were occupied, so a huge amount of soldiers tasted pizza. These were people from France, England, America, and Germany of course.

3. Surely, immigrants from Italy in the USA cooked pizza before the Second World War, but it did not have a wide popularity. Since the end of the war soldiers made it common in the country. Pizza became a part of the American mainstream.

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4. In 1987 in the USA it was decided to make October as National Pizza month. People in America so like to eat pizza, that its industry receives each year for about 30 billion dollars. Almost 17% of all restaurants in America are called pizzerias.

5. Pepperoni is the most preferable topping for Americans. In India people like to add tofu and often mutton to the topping. People from East Europe prefer pizza with chopped pine apple and chicken fillet.

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6. In 1957 people created frozen pizza. It was not available in every supermarket point. One could buy it only in grocery shop. The popularity of this kind of pizza was so big that soon it became possible to find it even in gas-filling station.

7. Every year pizzerias around the world sell almost 5 billion pizzas. Among all days of the week Saturday is considered to be the day of pizza. On Saturday evening people consume the most amount of pizzas.

8. Experts claim that vegetarian toppings for a pizza are ordered more by women than by men. Even more, people who work in pizza delivery assert that ladies give better tips than men.

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In 1990 the biggest pizza in the world was made. The event happened in South Africa. The diameter of pizza was 37 meters and the weight of it was more than 12 000 kilos. Imagine how much flour the pizza needed. The longest pizza was cooked in Naples. Pizza makers gathered together and created a 1.6 km dish. Each of them took part into cooking. They connected all pieces, spread ketchup, basil, and cheese. Then roll pizza through the oven.

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