Essay On Divorce: How To Avoid It In The Future?


Today we live and enjoy with our family life, but tomorrow we go and divorce. What was the reason and why did it happen with us? It seems to be the very popular question in our modern society. The answer to these question you can find it this article.

The main reasons for the divorce in the family

The main reason is exactly in the usual life. It means that people know each other very well and it is not very interesting for them to be together. People do not have such feeling, which they had when they first met. It was very interesting for them to discover some new facts about other person, but now, when everything is usual, they are tired of it. If you wish to avoid it and to keep your family together, you need to change your life.

The war between wife and husband

It is a very difficult situation, when, for example, the wife wishes to change her husband, for example, some habits or something like that. Because of it, there are a lot of quarrels in such families and they decide to divorce. We should understand, that all people are different, and it is impossible to change the other person and to make him or her as you wish.

The other wife/husband

It could be a shock if you understand that your partner loves the other person. You cannot understand your feelings and you think, that your partner just changed you to someone new. It is really difficult to live with this understanding of the situation and it can often causes the depression. If you wish to know more reasons of divorce, you can order the causes of divorce essay and we will provide you with all possible reasons for it.

The life after the divorce

When people divorce, their life changes a lot. It is very difficult for them and this feeling, that they lost their partner can disappear only after many years. The people understand, that they cannot change anything, because of it, they are angry. It is known, that men do not show their feelings, but at that time, it is easier for women to find the solution of the problem in the communication with other people.

What do other people think?

It is known, that the relatives do not understand the decision to divorce and because of it, there can be a lot of quarrels in both families. It is very important just to speak with your relatives and to explain the whole situation. They should understand you and help you to start the new life.

What does the divorce mean for the children

It is very difficult for people to divorce, but in most cases, exactly the children suffer from it. They do not understand why their parents do not live together and it can cause a shock and even stress. The children love both parents and they do not want to choose only one person. When parents have a lot of quarrels, the children can get the feeling, that no one needs them and they can be angry about it.

How can children live after it

The reaction of the children depends on the parents. Also, the main fact is the age of the children. At the age of 6-8, they can be shocked, because they are afraid of the fact, that they will not see their mother or father near them. At the age of 9-12, they are lonely and cannot change this situation. Because of this fact, they can have not very good marks at school, be even more aggressive. The teenagers can have even the depression because of the fact that their parents can divorce.

The typical reactions of the children

  1. It is known, that very often, the children think, that the main factor, which caused the problem is in them. For example: “ My father went, because I was not good for him.”
  2. The mother can use her children to make hurt to her ex husband, for example, telling them something bad about their father. Because of it, children think, that their father came and left them and they hate their father.
  3. The children, whose parents divorced, in many cases cannot have the long term relationships. Also, it is known, that they often do not want to have the children in the future to avoid the situation they had, when they were the children.

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How to explain the situation to children?

It is needed to explain the children, that they will see both parents: the mother and the father when they wish. The children should understand, that they did not cause the fact, that their parents decided to divorce and they should not support only one side. If the children will communicate with both parents, they will not have a lot of stress because of the situation and everything will be ok. If you wish to get more advices on this topic, you can order the divorce essay on our site and you will get the detailed information and useful advices that will help you with this situation.

6 useful advices to protect the children

  1. It is needed to give the partner the opportunity to see the children. They will really appreciate it.
  2. You should find the compromise of your behavior before children.
  3. You can try to attract the attention of the children to something new, for example, to the new hobby or if you have some money, to give them the opportunity to spend the holidays in the village, in summer camp or abroad.
  4. Do not create the situation, where your children need to choose only one person. Try to do all possible to avoid such situation.
  5. It is better if you honestly explain the situation to your children. They need to know the truth.

It is impossible to prevent you from all difficult situation, but in every situation it is possible to find the solution in the conversation. Your life depends only on you and on your attitude to this world. Just think a lot before you make some actions and you will see, that your life is not as bad as you think.