Essay On America: Facts. Freedom. Dreams


America is one of the greatest countries. Some people say that it is the greatest in the world. Indeed, its influence is so huge. Today almost every political and economical issue in the world is discussed and decided not without control of America. Many people in the world long for living in America. A well-known lottery Green Card is the most popular nowadays. It gives a chance to those who want dwell in the USA.

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Most people say that America is the country of opportunity. It gives future for people, a good future. If you are a smart person, it will give you a job with high wages, so you can live safely and take care of your family. In this paper we will discuss interesting facts about America. Also, we will talk about freedom in this country and dreams of people that come true in the USA.

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View Of America Essay. Interesting Facts

1. There is more than one official language in America. The reason is that it is multiethnic country. The folk speaks here in English, Spanish, French, and Hawaiian.

2. This country was founded by immigrants. It influenced greatly the policy, culture, and economy of America. For instance, a huge amount of Italians and Irishmen live in New York.

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3. People differently react on case-law. It was established in America long ago. For example, in 1938 it was adopted the law according to which no one should add any of uneatable things to foods. For this reason, there is no Kinder Surprise in America (a chocolate egg with a toy inside).

4. The total amount of money that one has to pay for studying in college per one year is for about 27 thousand dollars. Find more interesting facts about college education in our paper here:

5. Most students use credits to pay for studying. What is most surprising about it is that 14% of such students pay off money till retirement. There is a very good education in the USA. It is the guarantee of one’s good future.

6. People in America when give or buy flowers pick an even number. In other countries there are different traditions according to it. If you need someone to type an essay like a pro, you can rely on us.

7. Till 1970 a quarter of all workers worked on factories. Now the amount of such workers has reduced to 9%.

8. There is an expression in America - “Uncle Sam”. It comes out of US. “U” for “Uncle” and “S” for Sam. In 1812 this mark was put on casks with meat for American army. This is the part of Uncle Sam story.

9. In the USA anyone can easily return any bought good. One can explain anything like, “I do not like this stuff.”

10. On 100 US dollar bank note one may see the picture of Benjamin Franklin. Not everyone knows but this person never was a President of the USA.

11. If somebody looks at our planet from outer space, Las Vegas would be the brightest spot.

12. From 1788 to 1790 the capital of the USA was New York. It happened because in Philadelphia were located all administrative settings. You can read our Essay About New York City.

13. Most Americans are incredible hard workers. One may observe how office workers seat at working place at 6 in the morning and go home at 12 at night.

14. Only in rare cases children live together with their parents. The only reason is the absence of money. Often students or lonely people rent apartments together with unknown people. You can read essay on money here:

15. Americans do not take offence when somebody says bad words about their country. They will easily talk about problems in their society, economy, and political system with such a person.

That was just a small part of interesting facts about the USA. Now let us talk about its freedom.

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Freedom In The USA

There is an opinion that the USA is a very free country. Many essays on America contain such information. People here live in freedom. This country has achieved its independence and then managed to overcome slavery and beat discrimination of other races. Now all people are equal. Well, this meaning has two sides. Indeed, Americans are free people. They have so many laws which support their freedom and even superiority above other people in the world. Any American may buy a ticket and fly anywhere he/she wishes without any problem or permission.

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In last century they had numerous civil movements. African-Americans wanted equality. They reached it. Many people died but it turned into freedom for everyone. However, some people say that freedom in America is just a myth. Many people claim that the tragedy which took place 9/11 destroyed the freedom of America and Americans. It is a legend that Muslims attacked and killed men and women. It was done by American government. It ruined constitutional rights of the folk.

However, from the other side people still move to the USA. They want obtain good education and find nice job in this country. The same people who say that America is an unsettled country send their kids to the USA. America differs from any region in the world but consists of the same people whom we meet each day.

Dreams And America

Dreams come true for many people who come to America. It is very easy to start your own business, if you have brains and enough money for its beginning. All in all, some people come to America and do not receive what they expect to receive. Without money and job you have low chances to survive. Then one has to apply to the support of the government which has bad conditions. This support lies in accordance of some housing which has a type of dormitory and some sum of money. Usually it hardly covers all expenses.

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