Israel: Interesting Facts About One Of The Smallest Country


What goes through your mind when you hear something about Israel? It is an amazing country. It has such a long history. This is one of the smallest and one of the oldest countries in the world. Surely, it has so many fascinating things and moments that we have to discuss this line. Its territory is very tiny when one looks at it on the map. But when a person visits Israel, it seems that this land is endless. It happens because of various landscapes. Valleys, mountains, rocks, cliffs, shores, and desserts are located on the territory of Israel.

Someone probably knows about the war conflict between Israel and Palestine. If not, our cheap essay writing services can make an excellent paper on this topic. This war serves a reason for a person to be scared of coming to the country. Indeed, this is a logical decision. However, Israel is an attractive place, and its wonders entice thousands of people each year. For you to learn more about this East country we have prepared a list of interesting facts. Follow them as a little guide.

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1. Although Israel has a deep history, it is a young country. It was established in 1948. How can it be? Israelis were scattered all around the world long ago. It happened twice: when Jerusalem fell, and Babylon’s king captivated the whole country; for the second time it happened when Jerusalem was dashed to the ground by Romans in 66 A.D. Since that period Hebrews were dispersed.

2. Out of the whole population of the Middle East only 1.6% belongs to Israel. It is so small that for a person it is possible to cross Israel in almost 5 hours. Start from the Mountain Hermon, which is covered by snow, and finish at the hot Eilat’s beaches.

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3. Israel has become the third country in the world in consuming sweets and vegetables. The fact is surprising due to its population. It seems they eat nothing but vegetables and sweets. Indeed, Israelis pay not much attention to meet or eggs. One more vital detail is that almost 80% of wine which is made in the country is also sweet.

4. The capital of Israel Tel Aviv could be justly called the city of dogs. It has for about 60 dog’s parks which are the main place of entertainment for more than 80,000 dogs. Someone can find in Israel the biggest graveyard for dogs. It is very old. People in Israel take care about pets which usually even have passports.

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5. Since we are talking about Tel Aviv, we should mention that it is also the city of sushi. For about 100 sushi bars have been built there. So, as a result Tel Aviv has the biggest number of sushi restaurants per head after Tokyo and New York city.

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6. Jerusalem is one of the ancient places in the world. Do you know who built it? Jerusalem was Amorites city. Israelis defeated its king and settled the area. What is interesting about modern Jerusalem? It became the first city in the world which was completely covered by Wi- Fi.

7. Israel is the second country in the world in book publishing. It has a big number of publishing companies. Many of them embrace the topic of the history of Judaism, its society and philosophy. For this cause they are written in Hebrew.

8. Israel is among the leading countries in the world where people live long lives. The average period that a person may expect to live in Israel is 83 years. Some say that it happens due to positive climate conditions. This is an ideal country to spend a summer vacation. Read more about it here:

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9. The country has 273 km of beaches. The territory of Israel is washed by 4 seas: the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Dead Sea, and the Sea of Galilee. The concentration of salt in the Dead Sea is so high that it keeps a person on the surface. By the way, the area where the Dead Sea is located is the lowest on the Earth.

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10. Sometimes Israel is called the nation of startup. Someone can make a search on the Internet and check it. He will find that in Israel there are for about 3, 000 hi-tech companies. This is a very high concentration in the area. One of the explanations of such a triumph says that Israel is the country of immigrants. In this place different backgrounds and approaches have met. Usually this element is the best basement for any successful project like ours one. So, our company is a right place to stop. If you always say, “I want pay someone to do my assignment”, we know how to help.

11. Israel grows thousands of flowers. The country does it for selling. Once, Israel has delivered for about 60 million flowers to Europe for Valentine’s Day. Farmers have a high quality technology for growing flowers. This causes two important things: flowers are very beautiful; the country gets much money from flower industry.

12. Dana International the singer and a contest representative on Eurovision from Israel became the first transgender winner. Tel Aviv was called Gay Capital of the Middle East. Learn more about this singer with thesis writing services.

Along with this Holy Jerusalem is the mother land of annual gay parade. In the Bible God calls this city spiritual Sodom.

13. Israel is the only country in the world where the number of trees does not decrease. Actually, its number grows each year. There are special organizations and companies whose job is to watch trees. On the territory of Israel there are enough deserts which surprisingly yield plants. Israelis have invented a smart system of underground and above-ground watering. Not wasting their time on weeding, Israelis use donkeys as a natural way of removing bad grass.

14. The Western Wall in Jerusalem is the remainder of previous blossom of Jerusalem’s Temple. It is stuffed by millions of notes each year. People consider the Wall to be a sacred place. This is the world’s religious center.

15. Hebrew is one of the oldest languages on the planet. It is very ancient. But it was not changed by time as other languages. For these reasons, a modern Hebrew remains the same as the old one. People from present Israel could be able to speak to their ancestors without any problem.

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