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People are very concerned about their outward and do their best to look good whatever the cost. This is a normal behavior for everybody but sometimes people cross the line and look rather ridiculous.  Such behavior can result in Dorian Gray’s syndrome and for those who actually read the novel of Oscar Wild its symptoms are obvious. However, if you hear about this one for the first time, we will try to explain it. The biography of Oscar Wild should also be read to understand what origin stands behind his ideas.

The syndrome of Dorian Gray is not considered a disease by many psychologists of the world. The Association of American Psychologists does not include this disorder in the number of diseases. Nevertheless, most of the scientists are positive that this so-called syndrome causes devastating damage to our psychological health.

Dorian Gray's syndrome is a cult of youth and people subjected to this one experience fear in the face of aging and growing old. Thus, they do their best to stay young as long as they can buying clothes that are more referred to teenagers, making plastic surgeries and making-up extraordinary. The funniest thing is that they don’t really have a clue about modern teenage fashion and it looks really weird, especially if a famous person suffers from this syndrome but you should be brave enough to make some changes https://findwritingservice.com/blog/what-is-courage-red-badge-of-courage-essay.

History of Gray

For those who hear about this novel for the first time, we provide a small note since it is difficult to understand how this syndrome affects our brain without knowing its origin. There was a young boy, Dorian Gray. He met a painter named Basil who was rather impressed by his youth and beauty and decided to make a portrait of him and once the friend of a painter Lord Henry Wotton visited him. They had this conversation about youth and beauty and Lord Henry was positive that this is the most valuable gift a person has and these words shake young Dorian to the core. He turned to the mirror and said: “I wish this picture grew old instead of myself”. By the way, if you need professional essays homework help on the basis of Dorian Gray’s plot, our writers are able to complete these assignments perfectly well.

As the years pass by, everybody grows old but not Dorian. He remains beautiful and young and nobody knows how it is possible. The boy puts his youth above everything and as soon as he understands that the portrait actually ages instead of him, he does his best to cover this fact and when Basil finds it out, he kills him without a shade of the hesitation. As well as you can pay for custom term paper writing services with the highest quality on our website without a doubt.

However, soon enough he realizes that he is the one who should put an end to this. He takes the knife and strikes that picture with his corrupted face on it and fall breathless on the floor. Suddenly, his portrait acquired his youth and young Dorian turned into his terrifying image.


The most obvious symptoms appear with the first gray hair or corrugation that result in serious panic and even depression. If you don’t know how to cope with your depression, this article contains all the necessary information for you. Actually, every person experiences these feelings when they become older but with much less influence. An individual subjected to this syndrome pays too much attention to how to prevent aging. However, as soon as he or she realizes that it is impossible to stop this process, they suffer from depression. Even young people are subjected to this illness as well as Dorian himself. If one won't deal with it as soon as possible it might result in horrible consequences. The undone homework and writing assignments can also lead to unpleasant consequences. Order cheap term papers of a good quality at Findwritingservice.com.

What is the danger of Dorian Gray's syndrome?

  1. Constant underestimation of your appearance.
  2. Depression.
  3. Thoughts of suicide.
  4. Narcissism.
  5. Always mistreated by other people.
  6. Other crucial issues concern you less than your outward.

Where to get a closure?

There are several ways that can actually help to get rid of this syndrome only in case if it is not too late. Since people that crossed their fifth decade are unlikely to change their lives. The most effective measures that might be taken to deal with Dorian Gray’s syndrome are as follows:

  1. A new hobby. It is important to draw your attention to something else to be less focused on your appearance. Thus, you will be able to spend your time mastering a musical instrument or improving your cognitive skills rather than thinking about growing old and its consequences. You may apply to our academic essay help from the UK to order an essay about benefits of experience. It will help you to consider growing old from the different points of view.
  2. Communication with other people. Switch your attention to other people in order to become less obsessed with your age.
  3. Go in for sport. This is the best activity for those who suffer from this syndrome since the sport is actually one of the most effective ways to stay younger for a long type without applying to special surgical procedures.
  4. Hardworking. The last but not the least point in our list is hardworking since this is the best way to shift your focus on the things you really need and get distracted from this illness https://findwritingservice.com/blog/hard-work-essay-examples-and-tips.
  5. Do not purchase too many clothes. This is a tribute our ego is waiting for. Why do we actually buy new things? Moreover, your old ones haven't worn out yet. You want to look better and sometimes even younger than you are.
  6. Visit a psychologist. Sometimes, one has not enough strength to overcome this illness all along and he or she should apply for professional help until this is too late. Professional psychologies know the best ways to cope with this kind of problems.
  7. Traveling. This is the best distraction one can possibly find new places and sights attract all our attention. Moreover, it helps to get rid of officious thoughts about growing old.

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