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Besides obvious benefits like a cheap term paper online, you can also read our articles on various topics and this one about latent learning is perfect to start.

Latent learning is the development of certain skills in circumstances when their direct application is not necessary and they are not required. The great interest towards this theory appeared due to the fact that it contradicts the theory that studying requires stimulus or so-called award. By the way, reading is also a latent learning technique. If you want to benefit from your favorite leisure, follow the link https://findwritingservice.com/blog/essay-on-reading-check-the-benefits.

Imagine that you had to found information about pneumonia. Due to the fact that this information is not necessary for you directly you completely forgot about it. However, once the situation requires this knowledge (for example your relative have this very disease), this information will appear since such strong stimulus as the life of your relative put at risk is the best reason for recalling this information. However, in order to ameliorate the effect of latent learning, you need to follow these simple memory development techniques and you would be able to get access to the required information much faster.

It is latent learning. You learned about the disease without any motivation and stimulus for memorizing it, but when situation coerces you to appeal to it, you will definitely remember everything. A person subconsciously memorizes certain information and it suddenly appears in the time of need. However, unfortunately, it is impossible to learn English by means of audio books while you are sleeping but there are plenty of other applications of these techniques:

  • A certain student has no deep knowledge of math but he or she always attends lectures. However, when it this knowledge is required the information appears since it was absorbed subconsciously.
  • An employee learns how to perform more difficult assignments but waits for an opportunity to display this skills or a promotion. 
  • A parrot learns how to reproduce our speech orally but waits for the award to show this skill.
  • A person crashes in the middle of the ocean and reaches the nearest island. Suddenly, he/she remembers how to survive in the wild nature, although all these TV-shows he/she watched in a very childhood and it is unlikely to remember them but he/she manages to do it nevertheless.

The Edward Tolman’s experiment

Tolman was the only psychologist who did not accept the stimulus-response theory. He believed that stimulus is not always required for studying or training. He was also the one who introduced the term “cognitive map”.

A cognitive map is a type of mental reproduction that serves to acquire, encode, store and decode information about the objects or phenomena of real of metaphorical nature they encounter every day.

Each person has thousands of cognitive cards he/she does not even know about. Simply, when you study something, the image of this information is preserved in our mind. Then, when you study further, this cognitive map is laid on the new data, without causing cognitive overload. Thus, you don’t need extra efforts to remember something. The date just appears when you need it.

Tolman built a labyrinth for the experiment, that was aimed at proving the existence of latent memory. He also wanted to prove that the stimulus is not necessary to learn something.

Essentials of the experiment conducted

  1. The scientist divided the laboratory rats into three groups.
  2. Each group was trained to escape this labyrinth.
  3. The first group was rewarded every time the labyrinth was passed.
  4. The second group was rewarded after a short period of time.
  5. The third group was not rewarded at all.


The second group, which got the reward with a delay, was a primal object of the experiment. They stopped giving them the reward and they lost motivation and was not able to pass through the labyrinth but when they got the reward or a stimulus their cognitive maps were activated and they easily complete the task. Well, most of the readers might ask how this experiment actually proves that latent learning takes place it this case. In order to prove it, Tolman blocked the common way and rats were coerced to look for a new one. By the way, if you decided to conduct an experiment as well, you need to be able to describe the results properly. This article contains all the necessary information on how to write observation letter https://findwritingservice.com/blog/observation-essay-how-to-write-it.

He suggested that they made a cognitive map of the labyrinth in the course of previous experiments and displayed their knowledge as soon as they were awarded. The rats found the shortest path, reached the end of the labyrinth and received their reward. However, they examined the labyrinth without reward to complete this task.

Let’s consider our brain. We usually walk the same street to reach the work or the university and subconsciously memorize the location of all the cafes and other building in this vicinity. This information is not necessary but when you need to get to a certain placed located on the street you’ve already been before, you will easily find this place using the information acquired. However, one should consider concentration development techniques in order to memorized and preserve information to recall it when it is needed. These ones might be of use for you.

The results of this experiments proved that studying or training can be effective without additional stimulus. Thus, our brain can memorize information subconsciously. Our world is full of various signals that reach our brain every second but we can stay focused only on one of them. However, when we need this information it will definitely appear and most likely to be preserved for a long time.

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