List Of The Most Expensive Cities To Live In


In the world one can find numerous countries. Some of them are prosperous and successful. Other countries seem are forgotten by God and people. Tourists visit big and small, rich and poor cities every year. It is always interesting to find out what are the richest and most expensive places to visit. What element makes them to be different from others. Let us start examining the top list of the most expensive cities to live in.

We should say that European and Asian cities get the upper hand of other world most expensive cities. Indeed, such Asian countries as Japan and South Korea develop more and more. Our paper writers sure that cities in these regions have growing economy and belong to the top costliest cities.

1. Hong Kong opens the list of the most expensive cities. It could not be differently. In this city housing market is extremely expensive. If you have been searching for a city with the least affordable price policy for estate property, we represent you Hong Kong. People have observed this tendency for about seven years. So, monthly pay for rent will cost for about 5 thousand dollars. It is the city of skyscrapers. It grows higher and higher as well as its prices.

2. Zurich continues the list. This European city has nothing to do with any other in the world. It is beautiful, old, and attractive. The quality of life in Swiss city is high. It demands money, so to live in Zurich is too expensive. If you would like to receive a good lunch, be ready to spend 80 dollars. The city is a significant bank center and everything is expensive here. However, someone should include a fact that people also receive good wages in Zurich.

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3. Tokyo is the city that relentlessly expensive to all visitors and tourists. It has managed to strengthen the currency. So, it has overstepped several cities. Tokyo is extremely expensive place for living. The city will amaze visitors by its colors and huge buildings.

4. Another place in the list we give to Singapore. Businessmen from all over the world fly together in this place because Singapore is the best and the easiest place for doing business. The city is one of the brightest Asian spots. The country and city itself has strict rules and belongs to the countries with the least level of corruption.

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5. Seoul in South Korea also belongs to this list. The population of the city is more than thrilling. But it is difficult to find apartment not only because of it. Prices are high in Seoul. Nevertheless, someone has a chance to find rest in the city with the best Internet connectivity. When you have time, read Essay about the Internet.

6. New York City is indeed one of the most expensive cities in the world. The city is divided into 5 boroughs. The population of Manhattan doubles during working time. New York is one of the busiest spots on the planet. Besides, it is extremely expensive city and it is not affordable to live there. So, many people choose suburbs for living. Read our paper on New York:

7. Another American city that is not cheap is San Francisco. Some people say that living in this city is more expensive than in New York City. Someone can live here well when he/she has a big wallet. In case you want visit a theater, be ready to spend a good sum of money. San Francisco is one of three cities in the world that can boast of its hugely expensive price on theater tickets.

8. Bern in Switzerland as well as Zurich has high level of living quality. If you compare it with other world megalopolises, this city is calm and comfy. However, Bern is the cheapest Swiss city. Doctor’s advice costs much here and purchase of jeans also.

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It is important to get clue of a work that we perform. Now let us return to the main topic.

9. If you choose to visit Los Angeles, work hard this year. This is the city of fun and joy. People find rest there and entertainment. All this needs money. Los Angeles is merciless not only towards visitors but towards native citizens. One has to have a good job for living well in Los Angeles. Apartment, food, transport demands cash. If you do not have a car, you should either find it or leave the city.

10. One more city that deserves to be in this list is Tel Aviv. This is the most expensive city in Israel. Transporting in the city is not cheap. Although foods and other goods are expensive, there is good news about it. All prices are controlled by the government. So, there is a particular sum of money that cannot be higher than it is now.

11. Let us move further. Our next guest is Melbourne in sunny Australia. It is the second biggest city in the country. Month’s pay for rented apartment will cost for about 3 thousand dollars. There is no big difference where do you live. The price will be almost the same. Besides, some people assert that Australian cities are the most expensive in the world. Clothes are expensive in Melbourne. All in all, many people consider this city the best for living in the whole world. Quality of life, good ecology, safety, climate, and absence of traffic jams bring the city on the top.

12. London attracts tourists by its history and beauty. Well, one will rent an apartment for affordable price, but he will deprive himself of many other interesting things. Expect to spend much money on food, clothes, transporting, visiting museums, and historical buildings. Besides, studying here is also expensive. So, if you are studying in London and need help, we can help with online classes. “I want pay someone to take my class online” – is a common phrase among students. We are ready to help.

13. Denmark is a beautiful and nice country. Its biggest city is Copenhagen surely. This city of our beloved cartoon characters is very expensive. People call it the center of European art. Denmark is comfortable and attractive place. Service reaches the highest level here. As usually someone has to pay much for all this.

14. Again we come back to Switzerland. Geneva is a huge financial and business center. Tourists visit it every year with big zeal. Geneva attracts people from all over the world but only those who have a wallet with money can live comfortably in this city.

15. We finish our list with one more Australian city which is Sydney. It is a wonderful city. It can offer so many great things. Nevertheless, if someone looks at it from financial side, he should not trust Sydney. Australian dollar grows so high that the city becomes too expensive for living. It has one of the highest prices for rented apartment and transporting in the whole world.

Thank you for attention. If you have a chance, pick one of these cities to live in. All they are wonderful. Although this work is not charmed and we cannot promise that you will live in one of the cities, we promise that can complete your order quickly.

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