Why Multitasking Can Be Harmful And Beneficial


Multitasking is an integral part of our lives nowadays. Can everyone manage it? Is it so necessary? Tim Harford the journalist says that no one can escape multitasking. Since it is an inevitable thing, we have to bow to it. People do not long for being invisible or for ability to fly. Their main goal is to do several things simultaneously. Multitasking is one of the main factors which is considered during job interview.

Haven’t you done several things simultaneously at least once in your life? Our cheap essay writing service workers do it constantly. People sit at desk, do their work, and eat a sandwich. Others watch movie and type a message in Twitter. We often send email to our friend or a neighbor with suggestion to drink a cup of coffee because we know he/she will answer in a minute. This is the way in which modern world lives and works.

Multitasking nowadays is such a fundamental element as writing or counting. To perform only one thing at a time is not cool. Once Lyndon Johnson told about Ford that he was a nice fellow, the only thing which was wrong with him is that Ford could not walk and chew a gum at the same time. It is interesting who among other famous people could do or did not several things at the same time. Maybe Edgar Allan Poe did. Find out more about this person in Edgar Allan Poe Essay.

The rise or awakening of multitasking is stimulated by developing of technologies and social changes. Husbands and wives no longer are divided into workers and housewives. Now every husband and wife must be both a worker and a housewife. Work and entertainment may be inseparable. Your friends can call you even if you are working. Your boss can call you at 10 in the evening. While sitting at computer, you can buy some stuff and discuss business questions while standing in a line. Popular apps help people nowadays to be more multitasking. Check our article about the List Of Popular Apps.

Multitasking is a good change for many reasons. It is so good to perform significant things and do not waste time. Multitasking is admirable factor in all its ways. Does everyone agree with it? In this work we will find out pros and cons of multitasking.

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The Benefits Of Multitasking

1. When a person has a plan, multitasking becomes very essential. While making a cleaning up at home, a person can listen to online classes, for instance. While working in the office, you can type a greeting card or listen to music. Multitasking is often composed out of simple elements.

2. Multitasking helps a person to beat distraction. Actually, it is the main weapon against distraction. The world moves without a stop. In this way multitasking becomes your tutor who helps to overcome different interruptions. Your mind is already full, so nothing can disturb it. Multitasking helps people to be more concentrated.

3. It is a good chance to train brains. Multitasking helps someone to concentrate. It moves several things towards one aim.

4. Multitasking brings progress. Usually, a person has a particular limit of hours or days on performing some tasks. Multitasking activates your strength, so you move assignments quicker in the right direction.

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5. This element adapts a person to changes which can happen unexpectedly. If you get used to performing one thing at a time, it means that your brains work the same. Psychologically you are not ready to changes. Multitasking becomes a very useful element which helps to overcome even stressful changes.

6. It is always better to perform at least some part of a task than nothing. What is better to receive a low grade or none? Still, if you are interested in high grades, we can take your classes. If you say, “Do my class for me”, we will.

7. Almost every day we receive new technologies. This is the age of technologies and gadgets. While using them simultaneously, people stay adaptable to everything new.

Why Multitasking Can Be Harmful?

1. While performing several things, a person does not obtain profound knowledge. He touches only the surface of a subject. For this reason, someone has poor knowledge in materials and questions.

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2. Multitasking forces people to make mistakes. Brains are inclined to interruptions during such a tough work. Especially this question touches children. By the way, people get used to things for about 2 weeks. It is a short period for getting used to bad habits. Do you need an article on how to avoid mistakes? Do not forget that we have PHD thesis writing services for money.

3. Multitasking is a synonym to a word “nothing”. Someone spends much time and does many things which result in nothing. This work is not productive.

4. Wrong built multitasking leads to fatigability. A tired person cannot perform many things effectively.

5. Technology as a part of multitasking usually becomes ineffective. More often technology causes distraction. 

6. It wastes our time. There is a particular time gap between two types of work. To switch to another task you need to close one file and open another.

7. All people posses limited strength and energy. Multitasking demands all of it and even more. Often it results in problems with health and memory.

8. Multitasking leads to depression and feeling of loneliness. It happens because people use technologies in order to perform several tasks. Any technology cannot replace live conversation. It often makes us isolated. Find out more about depression here: https://findwritingservice.com/blog/essay-about-depression-7-ways-to-overcome-it-successfully

So, we have introduced you pros and cons of multitasking. Indeed, all of them are truthful. Also, we would like to suggest you several tips how to become a multitasking person. Please, follow the list.

1. Be attentive. This is the ideal atmosphere for a work in multitasking timetable. There is also one smart tip: make two lists of task, one of those which you have to perform with the help of the Internet and another one which you may perform offline.

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2. Get things done. Turn every idea into an act. That is why put down all tasks you have to do. The main idea is not to worry about things that you do now and those which you will do later.

3. Curb your smartphone. It can be very annoying. Switch off all unnecessary notifications. Set the system of storing in your email.

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4. Concentrate on short tasks. Divide a huge project into several small parts. Spend 25 minutes on performing of each part.

5. Work on different projects. New ideas will sparkle in your head, if you work in different fields. Good ideas visit you when your mind finds unexpected connections between various spheres.

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