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Our term papers writing services team elaborated an essay on Karasek’s stress release systems.

By the end of the day, people might be either capable of going to the theatre or for a walk or exhausted and tired. What does trigger such differences? A stress management system called Demand-Control will easily answer this question. Its founder, Robert Karasek, is positive that it depends on the amount of work and its difficulty. If one is able to modify the schedule and free to get a day-off he or she is less subjected to the influence of stress. If you are obsessed with leadership qualities development tips, these essay will help you rearrange the time of your employees more effectively.

Briefly about the system

Karasek elaborated this system in 1979 and published his study in "Administrative Science Quarterly" journal. This study singles out two key features that affect the level of stress:

  • Working requirements are stress inciters. For example, these are deadlines, difficulty, interruptions, conflicts, and pressure.
  • Relative freedom also causes stress inciter since people can barely control their work.

Karasek conducted a small research watching people who had both difficult assignments and relative freedom to choose an order and spend time working. By the end of the day they were exhausted and in the morning they have barely woken up. This exhaustion was followed by stress and depression. He also noted that high demands on work do not lead to unpleasant consequences if a person is He noticed that increased work-load are less vulnerable to stress in case if they are free to make decisions.

Application of the system

Though this system is far from being perfect, to provide you with more freedoms then you currently have, especially if your work requires a lot of time and both physical and mental activities. Thus, the influence of stress and depression will be significantly reduced.[G1] 

Consciously reduce stresses

First of all, make up a list of stress inciters of stressful situation that can easily force you to lose control and get depressed. On the basis of received date try to elaborate the most effective way to avoid these features or provide more freedoms to eliminate stresses as well.

Those who experience stress due to existing deadlines these following tips should be helpful:

1. Postponing is the worst option in this case. Try to complete all the stated assignments at once without any delays.

2. Complete all the preparatory measures in advance in order to start working immediately when the time comes.

3. Minimize the number of all the possible distraction in the course of working. Avoid talks, listening to music, watching TV or other things that draw your attention away from the working process.

4. People are more likely to overload by multiple unnecessary assignments at work. Discuss it with the boss in order to minimize time spend doing them. It will significantly increase your efficiency and resistance to stress.  By the way, nutrition is also a key factor for stress reducing and with this essay that reveals a couple of tips on good breakfast will be more than helpful

Set and control the boundaries

Though term border has a lot of negative connotations, it significantly ameliorates working process since it enables to focus on work. The attention is paid to current assignments and issues to tackle. Keep in mind that these assignments should be completed within the stated deadline and with due attention to all the requirements. Moreover, there are other people who are also in need of your attention.

If you noticed that these borders are crossed because of other people, say “no” with all due politeness. People unwillingly try to steal your time causing serious problems both at work and at home. Remember, every hour you wasted compromising your work won’t turn back. Inability to complete work on time will cause stress and hopelessness let alone serious problems at work. However, if you are looking for the ways to become more effective, these simple multitasking techniques essay will is the best solution.

Friendly relationships

Good relationships with colleagues or within the family and with friends are one of the best ways to reduce stress since sometimes psychological tension between people can cause a lot of side effects including depression and guilt. Moreover, you might get a good piece of advice or help from people who care about you. This feeling of safety and reliability is the best cure for stress and depression.

Minimize the number of irritants

This exercise is based on the same principle as well as all the previous ones. Make the list of all the irritants that drive you crazy or at least make you too emotional. Even the smallest distractions will be a perfect addition to the list. Well consider every choice and reread this list a couple of time. Listed irritants seem easier to fix when you see them. Most of them now seem insignificant at all. That’s who it works.  Since people usually disregard the significance of time, that’s why they are unable to complete all the statement assignments and work cause nothing but stress. However, if your work does not require much attention, music will make the working process more joyful and pleasant. Other benefits of music are in our essay  

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