Reincarnation: The Most Popular Theories And True Events


Have you ever heard about reincarnation? We think that any person at least once in his/her life has heard this notion. In this paper we will explain what this term means. Also, we will talk about its theories, its influence, and some bright cases and events which prove that reincarnation takes place in someone’s life.

What Is Reincarnation And Its Theories

A paper writer explains that reincarnation is a literal migration of souls. One person dies and his soul settles a body of another person. Together with this a person may remember his last life or have some screenshots of it, or just be sure that he has once lived on this planet.

Some people pay much attention to the theory of reincarnation. It gives hopes for those who miss their lost relatives. You might have seen movies where directors describe cases of reincarnation. In one of such films a husband dies and his soul starts a new life in the body of a dog. This dog lives with his wife and tries to protect her. The movie is very emotional and touching. It may change one’s mind.

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Nowadays people talk more about this notion. For this reason, reincarnation becomes very attractive. Not only common people but doctors, experts, philosophers, and scientists talk about reincarnation with strong belief that it is a real thing. This is a part of one’s worldview. Our writers have prepared a very interesting Personal Worldview Essay to read.

Reincarnation of a soul is a very unclear issue. The theory of reincarnation is the only thinking which can open the secret chamber.

Popular Theories

1. One of the theories says that a soul always comes into a person of opposite sex. So, if you are a woman, in the next life you would be a man. In your previous life you certainly were a man. This alternation is necessary for getting of a significant experience for further development. Sometimes unclosed souls of the previous life influence the quality of presence life. For instance, men have character traits of women or women have character traits which may possess only men. A personality which has been formed in previous lives can have a huge impact on further reincarnations.

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2. The next theory says that it is impossible for a person’s soul to settle a body of an animal. However, it is almost a regularity that animal’s soul may inhabit a soul of a man. All in all, some people disprove this idea. Others believe that one’s spirit may be not only a person or an animal in future life but a stone or a plant.

3. According to the next theory of reincarnation a soul may transmigrate into a body of a person on the fourth month of pregnancy. When a child is born, memory about previous lives switches off. Most people do not remember events from their previous lives, although children may speak about things that nobody has told them. Such cases are often described into literature about reincarnation. However, general impressions about the previous life often remain. When people use special methods to remember events from past life, they experience such impressions.

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4. There is also one more interesting theory. According to it, performance of actors prove the existence of reincarnation. Remember an expression, “When an actor acts a role, a role acts him.” Maybe for this reason in past the church disapproved of performance. During particular time the bodies of actors were buried not at the cemetery. The movie “Avatar” is a great example of reincarnation.

5. According to the next theory karma of a person influences his next life. The debts of karma are sins and mistakes that someone commits. So, in one’s next life a person has to correct them. Moreover, there is a family karma.

6. Animal reincarnation is possible as well as the reincarnation of people. There is an opinion that animals’ souls migrate within the same species. A soul of a pet that once has lived in a family may return to this family. The rest of pets that live in this family will easily accept the old friend in a new body.

7. Souls of suicides also have a chance to correct mistakes in their next life. Nevertheless, one theory says that a soul may be punished and dwell like a ghost during some time.

Christians react differently when hear the word “reincarnation”. Some Christians do support it and believe that God cleanses a soul of a person through reincarnation. Some Christians and Christian churches stand against reincarnation and say that it has nothing to do with true belief in God. They say that God gives only one chance. This is our presence life. It defines our place in eternity. Either a person will live with the Lord or go to hell. You can check our Essay On The Development Of Christian Doctrine.

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Several Cases Of Reincarnation

1. Edward Austrian was a boy who had a special story. When he was little, he often complained that his throat hurt. Then he told his mother in details what happened to him during the First World War (he was born many decades after that). The boy explained that the bullet hurt his throat and he died. Doctors recommended his mom to remove tonsils and she agreed. After that a cyst appeared on his throat but when Edward intended to tell his story to relatives, the cyst disappeared. Nobody could explain this fact.

2. Bruce Whittier had a vision of that he was a Jew in his past life. He had a dream where he saw his family. It was hiding but then Germans found them. Also, Bruce saw a big clock. He described it and recorded in his notebook. In a dream the man recognized the place where the clock was. So, he went to see it. When Bruce came, he was surprised because saw the clock from his dream. For Bruce Whittier it was the proof of his past life.

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3. A 1,5 year old boy Gus began to say that he was his grandpa. Gus’ grandpa died 1 year before a little boy was born. When Gus was four, he opened the secret of his family. They hid it from everyone. The boy could not know about it. A sister of his grandpa was killed. This is what he told to his family. Later the boy convinced people that God had given him a chance for a new life.

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4. The story of Ruth Simmons is well-known. She has undergone several sessions with her therapist. During this time she could remember some events and facts from her previous life, like her name and people who sold her foods. This story is mentioned in a movie.

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