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The eidetism is the ability of a person's memory to remember images, sounds or objects with high accuracy without appealing to the mnemo techniques. According to another definition, the eidetic image is the ability to arbitrarily recreate exceptionally detailed images of a certain object with phenomenal accuracy as if this object had been right in front of the eyes. If you are interested in other techniques of memory improvement, these article emphasizes the most effective ones.

Sometimes such abilities are called the photographic memory. However, scientists, especially psychologists usually refer to the term eidetic image but for most people, the term "photographic memory" will be more familiar comparing with its scientific equivalent. This word is usually used in general scientific literature, that’s why people got used to the term “photographic memory”. L. Squire, professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Diego, is positive that such method of memorizing by literally “photographing” an object does not exist. In order to prove this theory, Squire conducted an experiment. Several subjects with memory capacity higher than of an average person passed special tests. This one was aimed at memorizing a piece of text. These subjects were unable to reproduce this text backward. Thus, the myth about "photographic memory" was busted since if one perceives information in the form of an image, he or she should be able to reproduce it both straightforward and backward.

Scientists say that most people are born with yet undeveloped eidetic image abilities. This ability might be observed in the childhood but then with the development of those parts of the brain responsible for verbal skills, this ability degrades.

The propensity for eidetic memory depends on a number of factors, such as genetics, brain development, serious emotional stresses. Modern scientists, especially the cognitivist M. Minsky, are skeptical about the eidetic abilities of the human brain due to certain reasons. Usually, people with exceptional or eidetic memory have other problems of a psychological kind like autism etc.  Physiological eidetic image, as was mentioned before, is displayed in the childhood but as we grow up only a few people manage to preserve this ability. That’s why it is such a rare phenomenon. As a rule, it is connected with a path we choose. That’s why such ability is more common for musicians and painters. However, an average person with the same abilities can’t reach savants’ level. Thus, a chess player and psychologist A. de Groot, who was interested in an eidetic image as a phenomenon, made an attempts to prove almost anyone can develop this ability. As an example, he chose chess grandmasters capable of memorizing many combinations and scenarios in the course of the game. However, this approach was criticized since conducted experiment does not cover all the opportunities this ability provides. Moreover, he didn’t manage to study this ability applied to other types of information. That’s why most of the methods of memory development do not use the term “eidetic memory”, though it is usually applied as a synonym.

How to develop the eidetic memory?

The internet is fulfilled with various techniques and methods to develop the memory in general and eidetic image specifically. Even hypnosis or exercises from yoga are used as a method to develop this kind of skill. As well as most internet techniques, specialized schools dedicated to the eidetic image are focused on perception skills improvement.

On the basis of all the above-mentioned sources of information, we did our best to single-out the most efficient ways to improve this type of memory. Unfortunately, it is impossible to acquire phenomenal memory by means of these methods but you can easily develop your memory capacity and it would be impossible to achieve this goal without our essay on hardworking

Block 1. Minor changes

  • Avoid stress. It is a scientifically proven that anxiety, depression, and anger increase the level of cortisol in the brain. This matter can seriously damage hippocampus cells and thus one loses the ability to memorize and store a large amount of information.
  • As well as any muscles brain should be constantly trained. Without proper attention memory as well as other cognitive skills will start degrading.
  • Sport and other outdoor activates also beneficially influence our brain since it gets the necessary amount of oxygen.
  • Smoking, drug, and alcohol abusing are the worst enemies of your brain. It can cause irreversible damage to the whole system. Read about other dangerous consequences of alcohol abuse in our essay

Block 2. Memorizing techniques or mnemo techniques

  • Any kind of distraction also serious aggravates the ability to memorize information.
  • Associations are the best way to memorize any kind of information. You just need to connect a piece of data with an image or just visualize it within your memory.
  • Constant reappearing of information, usually textual ones, is a perfect way to memorize information quickly and effectively. Generally, effectively means that one is able to reproduce a certain amount of information with high degree of accuracy. This essay on mnemo techniques should clarify the essence of this method if you haven’t heard of it yet.

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