Oedipus The King Essay: Legendary Plot


Literature of the Ancient Greece gave a birth to a great variety of modern tendencies and Oedipus the Kind is not an exception. One of the most prominent Greek writers named Sophocles wrote a tragedy that represents all the traditions of Greek literature including elements of its mythology and original plot that make you think about our destiny and future foreseeing. However, even for a modern society, this tragedy might seem interesting and knowledgeable. A story about a man who realized its own sins and punished himself, whether any person capable of something like this. A sacrifice he made was immense to deaden the pain inside. Dissertation writing service with draft delivery and a free plagiarism report is waiting for the new orders to come. 

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An essay about Oedipus the King that will make you reflect on certain perennial questions that for now don't have a single answer.

In the world of literature as well as in other branches of our lives, there is a triangle of priorities. There are human as a perfect creature, nature as a mother of all and a God as a creator and a keeper of wisdom. Antic authors worshiped God as guardian and a ruler of the destinies. In case of Ancient Greece, there were many Gods. Since we are one of the best paper writing company on the internet we have a list of certain guarantees that we will provide you as a customer. They even created deep historical roots explaining the origin of all the Gods. As you might have heard, Kronos, was a father of all the Gods ruling on the Olympus. He was afraid that these kids will grow up and take his throne and ate theme without any sorrow. However, the strongest one, Zeus managed to cut his stomach and freed his brother and sisters. This is one a small part of a huge web of connections and relations. That’s why Sophocles tragedy absorbed all these traditions and soon enough you will find out in what way. Having followed this link you will find our why you should choose our service.

It would better to start this essays on Oedipus the King from the biography of the author and general overview of a tragedy so you could acquaint with the life of the author and general knowledge about the tragedy. Maybe, you will manage to find some obstacles that influenced his art. Usually, authors invoke their own memories and worries into their novels. If you are intended to get the highest mark, use our custom research paper writing service. We offer only high-quality papers.

1) Sophocles. He is one of the most famous antique writers. He is compared with Aeschylus and Euripides two other most prominent antique writers. Sophocles was born in the family of a wealthy people. Thus, they managed to give him a good education. As a result, he was very clever, intelligent and open-minded person. He studied music, was very good at sport. According to the historical facts, Sophocles was a handsome your boy, that’s why he was in the first line of chorus honoring the victory after Battle of Salamis. Biography of Aeschylus, the second prominent writer of antique Greece.

Sophocles won a lot of literature competitions. He even managed to overmaster Aeschylus on one of the competitions. He was well-known till the last day. He is known to take a part in various competitions of antique playwrights and won almost all the time. More than a hundred playwrights and tragedies. He considered tragedy writing to be a great part of his life. What is the secret that triggered the USA fast development is singled out in this essay https://findwritingservice.com/blog/essay-on-america-facts-freedom-dreams.

Though he spent a lot of time writing, he was a political activist and occupied a lot of positions in Athens. According to the historical records, he was chosen as a member of ten strategists to head punishing operation during Samian War. When Athens experienced hard times, he was chosen as an advisor. Being a governor he built a sanctuary of Heracles. In spite of the fact that he wrote mostly tragedies, he as very optimistic, friendly and communicative person.

Unfortunately, only seven tragedies survived to nowadays: Oedipus, Antigone, Electra, Deianira, and others. Moreover, he changes standard paradigm of tragedies having added more characters to the play and singers to the chorus and improved frame of the tragedy. These changes propagated between other genres as well. Obviously, each of us ever thought about the creation of the universe and in this essay, you can find two contradictory theories https://findwritingservice.com/blog/creationism-vs-evolution-essay-two-ideas

In the Sophocles’ tragedies, the main focus is not on the current of events, but on the internal reflections of the heroes. Sophocles usually immediately explains a general meaning of the plot thus it is easy to foresee all the unrespectable events. He carefully avoids confusing and surprises. He is intended to show their internal sides, their weaknesses, and fears, the mistakes, and sins they do. The characters of Sophocles are not a general and abstract manifestation of vices, virtues or ideas. Each of them has a bright and unique personality. Sophocles almost deprives the legendary heroes of their mythical superpowers. Power and influence of Gods were eliminated. There is no interference into the life of ordinary people. The catastrophes that haunt Sophocles' heroes are caused by some circumstances, but they are always a payback for their actions, as in Ajax, or actions of their ancestors, as in "Oedipus King" and "Antigone." Oedipus must be punished for the guilt of his father, but Oedipus does not deserve it. High-quality dissertation writers in UK at low cost can surprise you by their English skills.

Sophocles’ characters usually have to bear the burden and suffering though they are not guilty at all. However, Gods are graceful towards those who don’t lose their dignity even having faced dark times. They can’t avoid their own destiny, regardless the circumstances, sooner or later they will take them down. This is only about the way individual overcome difficulties regardless the Gods’ will. They just evaluate this individual according to the choices he or she make.  Among the best UK thesis writing services, we can guarantee you well-elaborated paper delivered on time without any plagiarism.

2) Oedipus the King. This Oedipus the King analysis essay contains also the plot of the tragedy. Thebes were reigned by Laius and Jocasta. Once, the prophet said to Laius that his child will kill him and marry Jocasta. The king was furious and in order to avoid inevitable death and a great shame for his family, he orders to kill his son. However, a shepherd couldn’t do that and gave him to the shepherd from the neighbor kingdom. This child was granted as a gift to the king of Corinth. He raised him as his own child and called him Oedipus. Dissertation urgent help with UK writers and low costs on our website. You order is valuable for us.  He grows up as a strong and clever boy. Considering himself as a son of Corinth king disregarded all the gossips that he is an orphan. The Delphian oracle told him that regardless who his father is, he will kill him and marry his own mother. She was scared to death and decided to leave Corinth forever. On the way to nowhere, he met a carriage. One passenger seemed to be wealthy and two others were just servants. Suddenly, this wealthy man hit Oedipus and he hit this man back. With only one hit Oedipus killed him. Servants tried to start a fight but were beaten. One of them even managed to escape. On our website, you can find professional dissertation writing service online with 24/7 chat where you can find all the answers you are looking for.

Having reached the city called Thebes he saw that it was embraced with chaos. Somebody killed the king and dreadful beast called androsphinx threaten people. She killed those who didn’t solve her riddle. Oedipus manages to solve her one she fell into the abyss. The Thebes was saved, Oedipus becomes a king and marries Jocasta. Academic essay writing service online that meets all the standards of good writing. Order now!

Many years have gone and Thebes fall prey of Gods’ curse. Citizens ask for Oedipus for help. He sends his advisor for help and he brings the prophecy of oracles. They said that this was a punishment for Laius murder. From now one the killer of Laius is wanted dead or alive. Soon enough, he applies to Tiresias and asks him who the murderer of Laius is. Having some hesitation, he answered the Oedipus is the killer. We are the company that provides online assignments help for students and adults. Oedipus is sure that it's Creon who forced Oracle to lie. Suddenly, Jocasta interrupted him and advised not to believe in prophecies. Then, she added that Laius had to be killed by his own son but her son died a long time ago and Laius was killed by some unknown man. Having asked her about a place where Laius was killed, he realizes that he was that stranger. Guardians bring that shepherd who managed to escape. He pointed his finger to Oedipus and says that this man killed Laius and this is the boy I saved from death when he was a child. Now, Oedipus understood that the prophecy came true. Now, he is broken realizing his sins. Later, Jocasta commits a suicide to redeem her sins. Oedipus takes her sharp razor and put his eyes out in order not to see the chaos he caused. He is blind now but for the first time in his life, he can see.  All so-called premium websites that write papers for you have nothing on our custom writing service. Place your order to make sure that we are more than capable to do your paper. 

3) Analysis. In this part we will try to describe problems never studied in other Oedipus the king essays. Obviously, this tragedy can be considered from different angles. Antique problems were fully described by the author. Pay attention to the main trigger for all these events. It was a prophecy. Having heard it, Laius decided to kill his son rather than die from his hand. He betrayed his own dignity, lied to his wife in order to avoid inevitable death. It is a common feature of antique literature. A prophecy is beyond the reasonable doubt since it is a direct will of Gods. Antique man or a woman is able to kill a member of their own family having a delusional opinion about inevitable punishment. English essay writing service online can write any paper on any topic regardless its length and difficulty. Just place your order to see the difference. Religion, in general, plays a significant role in the antique personality. However, unlike other tragedies, like Odysseus or Iliad, Gods are not involved in the life of ordinary people directly. This function is carried out by the oracles, mythical creatures and sometimes even by demigods that born with special powers inherited from the Gods. However, whether people can change their own destiny? This is the main question of the tragedy. In order to escape destiny, Laius decides to kill his son but whether this variant was included to prophesy? What if Laius disregarded it and accept his destiny? Probably, he would stay alive and his son should have inherited the crown as it was meant to be. Unfortunately, we will never know another alternative of this story since the author gives us no choice. We can make up a great variety of factors that might have changed the destiny of the main hero but as well as the Laius we are chained by some obstacles. To some extent, this is a very sad story about two innocent people who tried to escape their fate but failed. We help to write a narrative essay online with 24/7 support agent that will help you in case of any problems or issues that might arise.

Even today this question is on the agenda. People nowadays refused to believe that we are doomed and our life is under control by some supernatural force. We used to be the creators of our own destiny and in fact, this mindset caused prejudice attitude towards religion. In our opinion, it is connected with two factors. The first factor is sacrifices necessary almost in every religion and the second one is lack of evidence. There is no 100% evidence that God exists. Since religion
is a so-called test for your faith but for some people it is not enough. Since pizza is the most
propagated type of food we prepared a small historical essay on pizza https://findwritingservice.com/blog/something-you-should-know-about-pizza.  

If you are acquainted with antique mythology you know that it is a common phenomenon for Gods being members of one family to fall in love with each other and have kids. Ancient Greeks accepted love in all the possible forms. For their mindset, there was no separate love for the member of a family, for the lovers, for the God and the prayer. The love was single and unlimited. Sophocles showed that for ordinary people it is a great shame to marry your own mother. Having found out about what he did, Oedipus damaged his eyes in order not to see the results of his deeds and his mother committed a suicide. Greek mythology and human origins according to the antique believes are fully described in this essay.

The author emphasizes the question of judgment and punishment. All the characters in this tragedy get what they deserved. Laius sacrificed his own son in order to save the crown by was killed by him despite all the efforts to avoid this destiny. Oedipus punished himself since he couldn’t stand seeing how the curse tearing down the whole city. His mother committed a suicide since she made love with her own son. No one in this story came off unscathed. How do you think, whether death is the severest punishment? Obviously, Oedipus decided to live without a vision bearing the burden of his sin but having accepted what he did he was enlightened. We consider that Oedipus has chosen the hardest way without floating in the oblivion. Thus, the main idea is that every person should bear responsibility for his own sins no matter what. If you truly believe that reincarnation is possible, read more about this phenomenon in this essay https://findwritingservice.com/blog/reincarnation-the-most-popular-theories-and-true-events.  

4) Oedipus complex - a group of unconscious motives, love and hostile feelings that the child experiences towards father and mother, wishing to "get rid of" the parent of his or her sex and "possess" a parent of the opposite sex. Sigmund Freud used the ancient myth of King Oedipus, who killed his father and married his own mother to give a name to this disease. Biography Sigmund Freud, one of the most controversial scientists of the nineteenth century.

The essence of the Oedipus complex is that a boy experiences sexual attraction to his mother and aggressive feelings towards his father, wishing to take his place next to his mother (there is also a female version of this complex called Electra complex). Influence of these contradictory circumstances typical for children 5-6 years old activates identification mechanism. A boy wants to step into father’s shoes to be by his mother’s side. He copies the behavior of his father in order to substitute him. The final stage of this disease occurs in adolescence.

Freud singled out a special stage in the development of a personality called the Oedipus stage, universal for the representatives of any culture. In modern science, Freud's theory was subjected to some adjustments: psychoanalysts deny the universal nature of this disease and their conclusions are based mostly on the social factor, rather than the biological one. In addition, scientists are still arguing about developing of this disease in women. In general, this term is used in a wider sense in order to define various relationships between parents and children. Factors and consequences influencing identity formation are on this essay.

As you can see Sophocles gave a birth to many new tendencies in the world of literature and even psychology. You may find an answer to the question about destiny. In one way or another, we can't avoid it so you should just accept it since your attempts to change it can result in even worse consequences. For the modern people, it is a good way to prove that there is no need to know your future. It would be better for us all to stay unaware. Sweet ignorance is not a myth. Imagine the situation, you found out that you will die in the car accident. What will you do? You will avoid all the cars till the last day. It won’t be a full life since it will be accompanied with fear. We hope this

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