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Religion is something that has spread all over the world and has gotten into the most distant and hidden corners of the universe. Everyone believes in something or somebody. Even the one who says, “I am an atheist”, knows that he/she will die. As a result, a person imagines his further existence. This is a kind of religion. The notion of religion and a sort of faith was put into DNA. People were always searching for some god whom they could worship. While looking into our past, every nation has honored someone or something. It could be a heaven god or an animal made of stone, gold, or wood. A folk feels the need in praising somebody.

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Nowadays on the planet one can find numerous religion organizations. Each of them is based on particular faith, god, and sacred writings. There are too many of them to discuss each kind. So, we have decided to talk about the most peaceful and most influential religions in the world – Christianity.

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Christianity is a deep well of knowledge and teaching. Believers very often say that the Bible is unending source of wisdom. Every time you read it, you can see something new. Holy Scripture that comprises texts about Hebrews, Moses writings, and following stories belong to the oldest texts. Do you know that it is the biggest religion in the world? It has so many followers even in Muslim world. It is a huge mistake to think that Christianity and Muslim are about the same. Christians and Muslims are very different. Christian wave has captured hundreds of towns and regions on the planet. It exists even in too dangerous places. Still, people continue to be devoted to their God and faith.

There are three branches that make one set of believes. The world knows Christianity through Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and Protestantism. In each country or even continent one of these three branches is dominant. For instance, Europe is almost divided between Catholicism and Protestantism, while the East of Asia leans towards Orthodoxy. Besides, if you need an essay about the history of Catholicism, for instance, our writers will do it. Do not say this, “I want pay someone to write my essay.” This “someone” may not manage it, while our company is reliable one.

There are basic elements of Christianity. We will discuss them a little bit later. However, because of these three streams the understanding of the Scripture is rather different. It concerns several similar fields.

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The Basic Aspects of Christianity

1. Jesus Christ is the everlasting God. He has created the universe. Once He has come into this world. Jesus gave His life for people. Now everyone who truly believes in Him will be saved. The Father has made Jesus to be the middleman between Himself and all the rest people.

2. There is Trinity. It is uncontested fact. The Holy Spirit is now on the Earth as well as in the hearts of saved people. Jesus Christ is now with His Father. The Lord inhabits the heaven. All three are the One.

3. A person must repent and be baptized. This is the admission to salvation. It does not matter which church he/she attends. It is the matter of faith. Someone has to change his life. Now God becomes his all. He does not belong to himself. The Lord is his guide through the life.

Forgiveness is one of the key elements of Christianity. Find more information about forgiveness on this page:

Services and History

The notion of Christianity first appeared after the death of Jesus. Most of His disciples and followers were scattered. Although, people were afraid of a ruler, some men and women were brave enough to gather at homes. They prayed and worshiped God. Besides, do you need a paper on how to become a Christian? Think about it. Our experts write essay for you.

There was a special command from Christ before He was taken by God. He told His disciples to go and to preach. Filled with courage and wisdom people began to tell Gospel. They travelled, stopped in towns, and preached in temples. It was a new teaching which many of people accepted with pleasure.

Through preaching Christianity was spread around the world. The first Christians were so strong in their faith. Many of them were cruelly murdered. All the twelve closest disciples finished their lives with deaths. They were executed. Many Christians were persecuted. Despite all the struggle and hardships, people followed the Lord. Maybe this is the main reason why this religion is such influential.

Christianity firmly stands on the Bible. This Scripture is the foundation for religion. The Book covers two parts. The first part serves for Christians as example, while the second has the words and rules which believers must follow. All Christians may attend different churches. Even within one branch there are numerous divisions. Each has features which are common and not. Usually the service takes place on Sunday. However, during the week believers gather at homes or in the temple for smaller services.

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As a rule, each service consists of worship, sermon, and prayers. In the Bible it is said that the ways of services are very different, but the Lord is the same. Indeed, each church has its peculiarities. All the services are different. The teaching sometimes also differs within one denomination. It is very surprising since the Bible is the same.

In most Catholic and Orthodox churches all the services go without big difference while among Protestant churches one can find a huge distinctness. Someone can make a search on the Internet to find out how a usual Sunday service goes in the biggest Protestant church in America. Such churches break all standard images of believers. They wear beautiful clothes, decorations, and sometimes jump or dance during the worship. Still, the teaching of the Scripture in Protestant churches stands on the first place. There are no icons and long black dresses. People wear ordinary clothes and concentrate on the word of a pastor.

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According to the Scripture God has divided the gifts of Holy Spirit among all believers. For these reasons, Paul taught church to serve in accordance with the talents of everyone. As for our talents we can write, rewrite, check, and revise. Also, we have special and useful tips for all our customers. Please, check editing essays tips. They are very helpful.

While talking about financial offering, it is obligatory part in every denomination. Churches of all branches of Christianity practice this service. The Bible tells that those who work hard must be blessed. Christians as obedient followers stick to this message.

Modern Christians are very often involved in community services. They are constant participants of the help that is devoted to victims of some accidents. They assist homeless people and poor families. The help of Christian churches nowadays is of high importance. Read in essay on Mother Teresa about one of the brightest representatives of Christianity:

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