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The Mother Teresa is one of the most famous people of the 20 century. Her name became the symbol of the kindness and love for other people. There are a lot of Mother Teresa essays, but if you wish to order exactly the Mother Teresa biography essay, it is possible to order on our site. She founded the Missionaries of Charity, which is the greatest in the history and you can order more information about this fact in the short essay on Mother Teresa here.

She always was interested in the work of the missioners and decided to devote her life to the God. In 1931 she took her first religious vows as a nun. At that time she took the name Teresa. She would like to do something good for people and was glad to do all dirty work.

When she started her own way, she did not have the money or the support of someone. She just loved the God and he helped her a lot. She started to help poor people in Calcutta. Even she did not have the money for it, she believed, that the God would help her. And she always found the people, that could give a lot of money and she helped all poor people. She found the meals, clothes and places for the poor and ill people.

In the autumn 1950 she got the permission to create the Missionaries of Charity, but the government did not give money to her. But this fact could not stop her from her actions. The Mother Teresa and her sisters opened the hospitals for the ill people, schools for the children.

In 1964 she was invited to the Vatican. The Pope was surprised because of her activity and gave her the present- the very rich car. But she solved this car and for the money, she got for this present, she built the hospital for the people. After that, she got the permission to open the Missionaries of Charity not only in the India, but in the other countries too. Because of this fact, she became very popular in all different countries. There were no people who did not hear about the Mother Teresa.

In 1979 she got the Nobel prize. She accepted it, but she refused from the celebration and all money, that were prepared for this celebration she gave to the poor people. She was very kind and respectful. When the government of the India asked her to give about 80% of the money, which were collected for the poor people to them, she even did not answer.

The activity of the Mother Teresa was not only very hard, but also very dangerous. She visited every country, where there was the war or some illnesses and helped those people.

The advices from the Mother Teresa

  1. There are no any keys from the happiness. The door is always opened for you.
  2. Every person, that will come to you, should go further happier that he/she was before.
  3. The good actions are very short, but their result is very long.
  4. If you are the kind person, people can say, that you are a liar. You should continue to be the kind person.
  5. You should understand, that no one needs all what you are doing. Only God and you need it.
  6. If you give everything good, that you have to the world, you can be sure, that it will not be enough. You should give it more.
  7. You should give your love to all people around you. Give it to your wife, husband, children, neighbors and even strangers. You need to be kind and friendly.
  8. If we are ill, we are visiting our doctor. But the best pills to overcome the depression, loneliness and anger are such things as love and kindness. A lot of people die from illnesses, but more can die because of the lack of love.
  9. What is possible to do to connect our world and all people? Just go home and love your family.
  10. You can create the little things, but with the huge love.
  11. Your life is your chance. You should use it.
  12. The God does not expect, that you will be successful. The God expects that you just try.
  13. If you reached the success, you will have a lot of friends and enemies. But you should go further.
  14. It does not matter, what people are saying about you. Just smile and continue what you were doing before.
  15. If you are honest, be ready that people will lie, but you should be honest.
  16. It is not very difficult to say some good words to all people, but these words will live in their hearts for the longer time.
  17. You can build something for the long time and someone can destroy it in one minute. You should build it further.
  18. Remember, the world starts from the smile.
  19. If you open a lot of beauty and love in your heart, you will be able to see it in the other people.
  20. The God send us some difficulties only to help us.
  21. After the rain there always be the sun, after your tears you will smile.
  22. The life is too short to regret, that you did not do something. You should respect and love other people and help them. You should believe, that everything, that happens, has the special reason.

To sum up, the Mother Teresa did the great job and we should follow her advices and live with the piece and love. Our life is in our hands and we should not forget about it. We should always think about the other people and do all possible to help them, when they need our help, because one day we will need this help too.