The Love Story Essay: What Is The Love?


If someone asks us, what is the love, it seems, that it is impossible to give the quick reply to this question, because all people have their own definition of the love. But you can order the love essay on our site and our writers will be glad to provide you with this information. The meaning of the love is changing for us every time. It is impossible to write the short essay about love, because it requires a lot of time to understand the whole meaning of this word.

It is possible to show some types of the love. Often it is exactly what the psychologists are doing, if the people visit them with this problem. Do you know, that there are 4 types of the love, which does not depend on any definitions? If you wish to have more detailed information about the types of the love, you can order the definition of love essay here. You will get all needed information about this theme.

4 types of the love


This type of the love is based only on the passion of two people. It will need a lot of emotions, because in the other way, such relationships will not exist. This type of the love gives us the incredible beautiful feelings. You will be addicted to the other person and think, that it is your real love. But, unfortunately, this type of the love can be only for some time. Later, you will not have such feelings, which you had from the beginning of your relationships. You can have a lot of conflicts and, finally, you will divorce. A lot of people can drink alcohol, or even take drugs because of it. So, as you can see, this type of love will give you a lot of passion, but it can be very dangerous for you.


This type of love is the love-friendship. How often do you hear the phrase: “ Let’s be the friends”. This type of love is based on the common interests, hobbies or the same views on the life. There is no need to have some emotions for this type of love. The passion does not play any role in this type of love. Because of it, this type of love will be on the level of the friendship in the future. The people, which wish to get some emotions and feeling, will not be able to live, having this type of love. It will be very boring for them.


Did you hear the phrase: “Do you respect me?” This type of love is based on the respect. The partners love each other, but they do not belong to each other. Everyone has the own life and because of it, such relationships cannot be boring. In this way, people just accept the situation as it is at this moment and do not want to change anything.

Do you think, that it is impossible? You are wrong. Exactly the understanding of the interests of the other people and respect of their life can give the long term relationships.


It is the victim love. Are you surprised? The main principle of this love if the fact, that one person do something for the other person and w

ant to get the same from other people. If they do not get it, then there are a lot of conflicts and quarrels.

Also, there are such definitions of the love as true love, the love from the first sight and the modern love. But it seems, that the most important question for every person is about the true love.

The true love in love essay

All people want to find the true love. But what is exactly the true love? The true love is when people love each other and also love the soul of their partner. This feeling is not possible to explain with the help of the words. But is it easy to understand, that you really found the true love?

If it is your true love, you will feel yourself comfortable near this person. You will understand her/him without any word. You will live, as you knew each other during the whole life. You will give your partner the freedom, but you can be sure, that he/she will not leave you. You can order the true love essay and we will provide you with the best essay in the world.

The false love in love essay

Sometimes, people can think, that they found their real love, but, unfortunately, they are wrong. Because of it you can check the factors, that can show you, that your love is not true.

  1. When you think, that if you find the ideal partner, everything will be ok. Unfortunately, it is not in this way. There are no the ideal people in the world. All of us have their benefits and their disadvantages. But if you wish to find the ideal partner, you will be deeply disappointed with the result.
  2. You cannot take the responsibility of your life and your relationships. You cannot understand each other and have a lot of quarrels. It happens, because you do not respect each other. You can say, that your partner is not always right, but you do not want to understand, that you caused this problem too.
  3. You compare your love with the love of the other people. You always think, that your relationships can be better. You can dream about the relationships from the books, but you should understand, that you live in the real world and you should just accept it.
  4. The strange reaction. For example, if your partner criticize yourself, you can think, that he/she does not love you. But, usually, your partner wishes just to help you and to change your life.
  5. You can live in the past and just dream about the future. You should understand, that you are living now, in the modern world and you should build your relationships here and now. A lot of people cannot live today and be happy because of what they have now. They do not know what they want, because of it, they often feel themselves miserable.

What is love story essay and how valuable it is.

The exact definition of love is simply nonexistent, no matter how hard you are going to investigate this question. You will end up with multiple answers and definitions; each one is more confusing than the others are. You can try to pursue the knowledge regarding what love really is from numerous standpoints; however, you will only end up with the same result as we mentioned before.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that you cannot base your essay on any of them; alternatively, you are more than welcome to! This topic had been on the mind of many great people throughout history, from scholars to poets, from old to young. It is the universal and consistent part of human nature, and if you look back at the past, you will see that society has not found a suitable and definite answer.

If you are writing the essay about such a metaphysical conception as love, you may want to learn more about the academic writing skills you will need to create this literary work and the formatting requirements your university has. If you're going to construct something, you will need to make the necessary preparations yourself in order to achieve the task before you.

Let us begin by listing the standard requirements many education establishments have. In addition, we will provide you with some widely known ones to help you plan the process of your writing better.

  1. Note down everything you can regarding the requirements and rules you need to follow in order to create the perfect essay, which contains no mistakes whatsoever. This will help you to find a way to continue your writing in case you are stuck and do not know what to do. Moreover, you need to possess a piece of extensive knowledge on the subject matter that you are going to write about. You need to make your essay
  2. You need to have a well-thought-out strategy and a proper logically based plan of how you are going to split your essay into different sections, the way to arrange them, and what to put inside them. If done correctly, this approach will help you make your essay very easy to read and will stimulate them to look into its contents to find out the conclusion of your work further.
  3. Always try your absolute best to stay on point and do not use any meaningless, filler, or unnecessary words. It does not matter how much interest you have in the topic that you are going to write about if you want to get your essay to be done as correctly as it can be. In addition, if you will let your personal feelings dominate over your work, your essay will inevitably fail to serve its purpose, and your readers will feel any negative emotions you had during the writing process.
  4. Under any circumstances, do not forget to proofread and revise the contents of your essay even down to every single letter. Your continuous efforts and the enormous amount of time you have spent during the writing of your essay must not end up being in vain. And you surely do not want your grades to suffer because you have overlooked some mistakes that you could quickly fix earlier but decided not to do so.

These pointers will help you with the writing of your essay, no matter the theme. As for the subject of "love" goes – just put down what love means for you and what influence the feeling of love has on your life. It is said that the human cannot live without love, and the truth behind these words is hard to disprove. Simply pick a direction that you want the point of your essay to go and try to write everything that you had encountered along the way!

The example of a good essay about love.

This short piece of text will provide you with a general understanding of what we were talking about in the previous section. This piece will allow you to see how the pieces of advice that we mentioned above will do their work within the contents of your essay.

What is love to me, and how it affects the everyday life of a person?

Love is the most inexplicable feeling a human could ever hope to experience during his or her existence. During the history of humankind, this feeling and its origins were studied by the scholars and psychologists, admired and grieved by the ordinary people, including even the most prominent minds of the past centuries. Many heroic and despicable deeds were committed under its influence, and one can say that without a doubt the love is one of the main driving forces behind human motivation and emotions.

This feeling is so complicated that even today, you cannot find a simple definition and a singular explanation to its meaning or the substance behind it. Love is unique and special to each person, just as our psychological identity as human beings. It takes many forms and can be euphoric and tragic at the same time. However, do not confuse love with the concept of a human relationship. You can feel a mutual adoration towards the person, but utterly hate the relationship form that is between you and your special someone.

The forms of love are the entire type of talk altogether. You can love your mother and father, our girlfriend or your pet, and even the particular brand of the grapefruit juice, and in all of these cases, the form of this feeling is vastly different from the others. Love can be painful and ecstatic at the same time, and if you ever loved someone, you definitely know what it is all about.

This particular example of an essay on love will undoubtedly be helpful to those who do not know where to and how to begin the writing of their composition. We hope that your paper will bring you a good grade and will please even the most demanding reader!

There are a lot of types of the love, but the main purpose of it is the fact, that the love should bring the happiness and the satisfaction. You should understand and respect your partner and, then, you will have the strong relationships.