Day of the Dead Essay: Tradition and the Bible


Some traditions make people to shudder. Most people in America and actually all around the world pay much of attention to Halloween. However, some of them still believe that it is sacrilege. Day of the Dead holiday also has two different sides. From the one side it is the fest of sweets and joy. From the other side it is the fest of darkness and evil. This event attracts attention of many people. Day of the Dead is of such a great impact and importance that it has captured the whole society. In this Day of the Dead essay we will discuss an interesting side of the event.

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How can it be that the tradition of ancient people could serve a reason to make the even a traditional holiday? Well, it is as an easy as difficult matter. Sometimes we should not understand things. We must just believe. People always understand their own customs and traditions. For a nation it is an obvious thing to celebrate wedding or Christmas in a way that is different from others. It happens because all people are unlike. They consider similar events not in the same way. By the way, every folk usually appreciates hugely the traditions of the past. They are an integral part of a people, so they cannot be forgotten.

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Day of the Dead even nowadays is a very disputable issue. Do you know what Christian church thinks about it? Since Mexico is the country where Day of the Dead “was born”, it matters. Catholic church is considered to be the chief religion stream in this country. The event that is celebrated each year is of a pagan tradition. How these two opposite unions may exist? First, there is nothing odd about it. Now it is a common thing to see how pagan and Christian traditions have been mixed. In each country one can see such a mixture. Do you have an essay on Christianity and paganism? We can rewrite it and edit. Just say, “Rewrite my paper online for money.”

The second reason is that even a church with all its influence and authority is not able to change the mindset of people who do not want it. People are inclined to worshiping and devoting to something. They always want to be obsessed about particular events or people. Without any doubt, the true Christian church will say that Day of the Dead is the worshiping of demons. Although people honor deceased, the church will mention what the Bible says about it.

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What the Bible Says about the Dead People

The Scripture is divided into two parts: The Old Testament and the New Testament. This division is not random. These are two different covenants and two extremely different periods of life. Laws, rules, and opportunities were not the same during the time of the Old Testament. So, the Bible says that when God has created the world and then a man, He has given all the power and authority to the man. But, when Adam has sinned, he automatically has handed in the power into the hands of devil. If you want pay someone to write a paper about the first sin, choose us. Our writers will make it quickly and professionally.

What kind of power and authority Adam had? The Man was able to enter spiritual world. He had a constant permission to enter God’s presence. When Adam tried the forbidden fruit, he was separated from God’s presence.

Since then devil has obtained the power above all nations and earth. Also, he received the keys of the death. So, any of his follower could call the dead one. God always abhorred this practice. He told Moses to burn every medium. Our best thesis writer online can make a paper about Israel laws. Just say any time.

Such people as mediums had to hide in Israel. Indeed they had power to call deceased people. In witness of this, the Bible says about another event which happened during the rule of the first king of Israel – Saul. The king was frightened, he saw that God took His hand away from him. That was a war time. Philistines were attacking Israel. So, Saul dared to ask a witch to help him. He asked her to bring up for him priest Samuel. She did it. The woman saw a spirit of a man who was coming up out of the ground.

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The New Testament tells us the story of Jesus Christ. He lived a life of a common man, but He was the Son of God. When Jesus has been resurrected, He has taken away the keys of death from devil. In accordance with this fact, every witch now brings up not dead people but demons. As a result, when people prepare food, clothes, and blankets for deceased, they meet demons. For a nutshell, we can make such a short list which explains everything clearly.

1. God gives a man all authority.

2. Adam loses his power and gives it to devil.

3. Devil obtains the keys of death. His descendants are able to call dead people.

4. Jesus Christ sits on the Lord’s right hand. With power and glory He enters hell and takes the keys of death from devil.

5. Mediums no longer may call the dead people. Instead of them come demons.

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As you see, everything is very simple. Knowing it and reading the Bible, any Christian church which follows God will tell that Day of the Dead is the fest of darkness. It has nothing do with light and truth.

As for other people, many of them think that this event is all about fun. They do not take it seriously. Do not confuse Day of the Dead and Halloween. They are different. If you know nothing about it, we can explain some of its traditions, customs, and interesting facts.

1. People choose fancy clothes for this day. The color does not obligatory must be black or white. It can be red, blue, or purple. Both men and women try to look very bright. Also, they pick interesting make up.

2. Everywhere one can see many baked and sweet goods. Food is a special element of the Day of the Dead. Bakers work very hard. They make the bread with the cross which is a kind of the symbol of the festival.

3. The traditional flower of Day of the Dead is a marigold. People decorate graves and altars with this flower. It has a pleasant and warm yellow color.

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4. Usually people may spend all the night on cemetery. They bring favorite food and beverages of the dead people. On the graveyard the relatives of deceased may dance, eat, or just meditate about their lost ones.

5. The tradition to honor dead people has been spread all over the world. People celebrate the holiday differently. However, it is all about one thing. 

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