Essay on Faith: The Bible and Words of Faith


Have you ever thought about faith? Do you really believe in something or someone? Is it a must thing to believe in something? In this world one can find an immense amount of religious beliefs and different streams. Well, faith is a great element that can influence someone’s life. Even if you are not a believer, but you have faith, things can go very different in your life.

Although it is not a short essay on faith or speech on faith in god, we have to find out the definition of this term. Faith is the complete confidence in things that one cannot see. Also, it is the fulfillment of things that one does not see. The Bible says about faith very clearly. One of the books of the Bible is called Hebrews. The eleventh chapter of this book starts from the definition of faith.

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Very often faith plays a crucial role. There are cases when someone suffers from severe illness, but then a person gets well just because he has faith. He believes that nothing can hurt him. Have you heard that sometimes a man gets sick because he pronounces wrong words? If he/she always says, “Oh, I feel so bad, I have such an awful headache”, a person will plunge into worse condition. But when someone says, “Yes, I have a headache, but it is fine, I will be fine”, he/she indeed will feel better.

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What the Bible Says about Faith?

Faith is a powerful force that changes things. It is able to create things. While reading the Bible and while looking at our lives, we can see our weaknesses. The Scripture teaches people to see themselves in Christ. Read more about Christianity and its worldview here:

Do you talk to yourself? Surely you do. Our thoughts are talking to us. We are discussing in our mind what do we feel about things, how we view things, and what we want to happen. There is one more key aspect. Have you noticed how do you talk to yourself about yourself? Many people do not like themselves much. They have very poor opinion of themselves. Others can think too highly about themselves. They think they are smarter than others, they are always right while other are always not.

Mercy and grace of God give us forgiveness for all those mistakes that we have done. God wants someone to be the best person that he/she can be. He gives us talents, strength, and ability. Start to think about yourself how Jesus thinks about you. Begin to say the words that God says about you. He has a plan for everyone. Maybe you do not like your present life, but God wants you to have a great future.

Experience is also very significant. But in some cases someone should not trust it. Why we are talking about it? Because experience can spoil everything, while faith brings faded things back to life. Check important questions on life experience with us:

One more significant thing that we would like to mention in essay about faith is that when you make a mistake, do not say that you do everything wrong. It is not true. You do many good and wonderful things. If a person focuses on his failures, he will have a very bad opinion of himself. The good news is that you can talk to yourself in a way that can benefit you. The Bible says that Christians in spirit are seated in heavenly places. So, your body lives here on the Earth, but once you believe in Jesus Christ, your soul is seated in heavenly places. This aspect changes everything.

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How to Release One’s Faith?

Faith is an obscure matter for many people. They get confused when think about it. What truly makes sense is that a person should not meditate about it too much. Just relax and trust in every single word of God.

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1. Decide to trust God. This is an amazing moment. It opens the curtain. It is very important for having peace, joy, and hope. 

2. The second necessary thing that someone must do is to have a child-like faith. What is that? A child believes everything that he is told. It is so simple. He knows nothing about this world and about how things work in this life. For these reasons, a child believes someone who tells him about Santa.

3. Do not dare to say, “I wish I had faith.” You already have faith. If you did not have faith, you would not come to the department store. You go there because you have faith you can buy something. It is fantastic how many faith someone uses every solitary day. You can easily continue this topic with essay creator online.

4. When you have faith in God, you understand that some things should not be changed. Faith can bring you into the rest of God. So, a person says with confidence, “If you do not want to change it in my life, let it stay like this.”

5. A person releases his faith when he/she prays sincerely. It is important to know that having faith does not mean using it. Somebody can have money in a bank, but he still is starving. It is vital to let it out.

Oprah Winfrey, a gifted host and brilliant person, claimed that she is Christian. She tells that faith helped her in many life situations. Like we have said previously, God gives us all. We have to find out how to trust Him.

A person needs to learn how to lean on God. When you sit in the chair you have faith that it will hold you up. It is comfortable, and you can lean on it. This is a pathetic example of how someone can lean on God. Another simple example: if you pay to write essay, you get it in time.

Faith helps us to get rid of confusion, jealousy, and distress. Someone may say that he is a person of faith, but it is not true. Open Mark 11:22 and read what is said there, “Have faith in God.” Jesus told that the smallest grain of faith gives a person strength and ability to move mountains.

Faith is the inheritance from God. It connects you and things that must occur in your life. The life itself becomes available when one has faith. Do not give up your faith. Sometimes you have to keep believing, keep trusting. The Bible says that God is faithful. He will make you to go through all obstacles with a smile on your face.

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