Power of Words Essay: Does It Make any Sense


When God was creating earth, He was saying words. According the Bible a word has a huge power. First, we would like to know what Christian preaches say about the power of word.

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What Christian Preaches Think about Words

1. John Osteen. He always said, basing on the Scripture, that life and death are in the power of tongue. It is super important what comes out of one’s mouth. Words can help you to make something or to fail. It is better from time to time to put a hand over a mouth. Sometimes it is better to keep silence instead of saying words.

Words can put someone’s down or put one on his feet. These are not just the words of others, these are words that a person speaks himself. Many people do not realize what confession means. Confession means to say the same things or to agree. So, when a person says, “Confess the word of God”, it means that someone has to say the same words that God says.

If a person sick, for instance, he does not say, “I do not hurt, I do not have any symptoms.” All are those are facts. A person should not deny them. One has not reject the fact of sickness, he has to read the Bible to know what God says about healing. Then one simply says, “I agree with God.” That turns things around.

2. Joyce Meyer. This Bible teacher emphasizes one’s attention on outrageous promises of God. For these reasons, when a person takes a word of God and asks Him to do what he has said, a person hopes to receive it. Joyce Meyer shows the connection between an answer on prayer and the words of one’s mouth.

Meyer is taking this teaching very seriously. She claims that every word contains power of some kind. Through saying words, a person gets opportunity to improve his life; words change one’s life. If someone wants to see changes, he must understand that it greatly depends on words.

She maintains that a mouth plays a major role in a love walk; people do not realize to what extent words and love deeds are connected; what people can do for other people. We can build people up and tear them down by a word.

Although we are not writing knowledge is power essay, we are talking about knowledge that helps us to say right words. Most people do not highlight the sense of words in their life. This is amazing how one can advance in different fields just because of power of words.

What Power is Hidden into Words. How Different People See It

1. Will Smith. Popular actor states that greatness exists in all people. It is not an unattainable thing that only chosen people can gain. Greatness is a living matter that is available for all. Will Smith believe that someone may create whatever he wants to create. It is possible when work hard and say proper words.

2. Maya Angelou. In this paragraph one will find out what a distinguished poet says about words. She says that vulgarity is vulgarity, it may come out of black mouth or white mouth, but it is still vulgarity. The words may easily bring somebody down.

When a person says something, he also shows how powerful he is. Very often people use words to demean someone else; to make him believe he is smaller than a hole. People use words without thinking about consequences. It happens that life can be tricky, and words may boomerang on you.

3. Eve Poumpouras. This lady insists that words are the most powerful weapon. Communication is not only art form. Communication is what gets you to where it is you want to go. Someone’s words are what really matter in this world.

People say what they want, email what they want, but they do not understand the impact of their words.

Eve illustrates an example from her life. She says that she was a cadet. Once Eve’s instructor told her that she would have a great career; it would happen, if she used words, not weapon.

Word is an instrument that makes people to give you what you want. It is a means that make other to comply.

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4. Jim Carrey. This brilliant actor always says about the power of thoughts and words. He often motivated himself. Jim Carrey believes that a motivation speech encourages a person. It makes him to think positively and commit successful acts. Jim tells that a believe system always has a practical way. If you see something, believe in it, and say it, it will be much easier to achieve it.

How to Use the Power of Words

A word is a mysterious mechanism that moves one’s thoughts in deeds. People have to invoke their desires. Call up to universe and tell what you want. Understand that someone has not only think about what he wants but speak out loud. Sound is an element that creates our individual reality. People either destroy or boost their dreams.

Most of us do not realize how things work. There is a power of invocation. When you say a word, happens the same thing when you make an order, you receive it. So, begin to speak about your needs out loud.

Believe that your success is true just because you say that it is true. For these reasons, if you invoke something, you create what you need. Do not use such words as “maybe”, “I am doubt”, or “uncertain”; be certain, be absolutely positive, and confident. All your dreams are reality, you hold them in your hand. Just pronounce the word that has power and change your life for better.

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