Observation Essay: How To Write It


Observation essay

Any essay has its purpose. Writers create papers which deliver some message. It can be thoughts of a person or some research essay. Anyway, it is always very interesting. This practice is both exciting and tiresome, and not everyone is able to write something valuable. Observation Essays often tell how to create an interesting observation paper. We will also include this information and give several necessary tips.

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Students face many problems while studying. School program often becomes boring because of constant writing assignments. If you know nothing about how to write an essay, you have poor chances to receive A+. To make a paper is a very creative work. It demands time, skills, and desire. You need the desire to write. Then you need to have some material which you will type. Finally, you need hours which you will dedicate to writing. For these reasons, many students fail while writing essays. Of course, if you have to write a love story essay, it may take only one hour to create it. By the way, check Love Story Essay here.

Another reason is that teachers often lead classes not interesting. They are like machines without sensations. Students feel cold from such a teacher. This element prevents them from a profound work and cooperation. Also, it happens that a teacher is not able to explain plainly a task. Sometimes, he/she is not able to teach right. Any student of such a professor will never become successful.

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Writing An Observation Essay Is Not Difficult

While talking about observation essay, everything becomes little easier. This kind of assignment is extremely entertaining. Curiosity is the main factor of this work. Show us a person who is not curios. Everyone wants to know everything. It is so interesting to observe how people talk, what clothes they wear, how kids are playing, and how nature changes. Observation essay is about observation. It is about noticing things which are significant for a paper. We will teach you later how to scribe them. This kind of writing is obviously one of the best for each person. It is a pleasant part of a homework. Besides, find time to read about it here: https://findwritingservice.com/blog/do-homework-easily-with-the-homework-essay

A writer in this case becomes a partner of a reader. He has to place his audience in the atmosphere that he has experienced. Observation essays have so many ideas. That is why it is so easy to write it. New Year party, first date, buying a pet, or cooking Italian dishes are pieces of experience that one undergoes. Your task is to describe it in a way that it becomes alive in the mind of a reader.

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Involve all your feelings, senses, and strength to deliver a message. Create a real situation out of your paper. It must be alive. A reader must become you for a while. Besides, an essay must engage every person who follows your writing. It should be so tense that no one would like to stop reading.

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Steps To Write Observation Essay

1. Get An Experience. There is no sense to start writing without an idea. It does not matter whether you will think about it many hours or this idea will flash in your mind. You need it first. If you have no idea, have a walk. Maybe you will observe something interesting during college classes. By the way, we have a service which helps students with classes. Say this, “Take my college class for me cheaply” and we will manage it.

If you have time and you are not a creative person, do not plan. A good idea may find you. Go to the nearest park, department store, or attend old age home. The last is a very good one for you and for people whom you will visit. It is so nice to bring a sudden joy to those who need it. So, in such places you may find many interesting stories and observe extremely touching events. Besides, we also bring joy to students. They often say, “I want pay someone to write an essay for me.” We say, “You can pay us cheap and get a brilliant work.”

But wait a minute. Are you sure you have nothing to remember? Recollect in your mind the last birthday party. Remember your first day at school or something that has happened to you during summer holidays.

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When you have an experience, be sure you have everything to note impressions. Be very detailed. Journalist and reporters often make a detailed analysis of a situation. They pay attention to things which other consider not important. However, such things become the brightest elements of an event. The same must happen with you. Be curious and even suspicion.

2. Take A Notebook. It must always be with you. This is your closest friend while you are writing observation notes. Be honest and quick. Write everything you think and feel in details. Forget about punctuation and grammar. This is your working place and for now it can be dirty. Serve the information in your notebook according to chronology. It is very important because you may get confused. Your notes are insurance. They may be large but at the end a writer must make them short and logical.

3. Outline. This aspect in writing is significant as always. Making an outline gives you a guarantee of that you will touch every vital element of your story. It is your pass to mention everything. It helps to plan further and it is necessary for making a final paper.

4. The Beginning. In this part a writer must not only write a thesis statement but introduce a situation to readers. It must become familiar. Provide your audience with a background which you surely have. For example, if you are writing about spring festival, you must explain for what purpose it has been organized and what people take part into this event.

5. Main Part. The body is a part where you give freedom to all your notes. Use your outline. Arrange sentences and paragraphs carefully. They must answer questions and be completed. There are many ways which help to present information in the body properly. Make it interesting and avoid repetitions.

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6. The End. Any conclusion must be brief. This is the part where a writer summarizes information. It must be to the point. The information must support previous sentences.

7. Checking. Review an essay. Read it again and again until you are pleased with your work. A writer is the first and the most important critic. You must like your paper. Make sure you have mentioned the brightest emotions and moments.

Useful Tips While Writing An Observation Essay

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1. Be very clear and precise. Avoid water in a paper. It will spoil an impression.

2. Do not try to recollect everything from memory. Do not rely on it. Use a notebook or a piece of paper all the time.

3. A paper must be structured. Use necessary tools that will help to make an essay according to a standard.

4. Describe more than one event. It will make your writing more interesting.

5. Be impartial. Your feelings will remain yours but describe an event objectively.

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