Observation Essay: Steps to Write a Paper


Almost every day students are given different assignments. To write an essay is the most popular task that teachers give. Sometimes tutors ask students to write observation essays. Every single paper task can be challenging for a person. To create a clear and powerful essay one needs to think carefully, to make an outline, and to pay attention to sentence structure.

While writing an observation essay, a person has to organize his work properly to achieve the best result. One can say that this assignment is not difficult and even funny. Indeed, if say the truth, this task is rather entertaining. However, in case you need help, our assignment writing service works 24/7 to assist any person. If you belong to people who need help, chat with us.

Sometimes it is difficult to pick one of observation essay ideas. That is why it is so important when a teacher gives someone a particular topic. Any essay of this type gives an opportunity for a person to express his attitude, impression of an event, person, or item. A certain topic helps someone to prepare well before he will proceed to writing.

What is an Observation Essay?

Observation essay is a paper that a person writes after he has observed a group of people, event, or something else. So, one becomes a witness of events and then writes about them. When someone is writing an observation essay, he has to provide readers with detailed description of an event, people, or activity. Also, he has to describe the mood, scenery, and theme of an event. The length of this essay can be different. It depends on one’s teacher demands.

Many types of literature use this kind of essays. Usually journalists use the format of observation essay when they talk or write about current events. They provide readers with precise description of a story. Thus, the description makes a story to become alive.

A writer must mention his feelings and emotions while creating an essay. The explanation of your feelings in a paper will make it realistic and comprehensible. Words help people to understand and to imagine the situation or events that take place in a book that they read. Use this tool to reach the goal. Make it your major helper that will lead the reader through the situation as if it was he who observed it. Words unfold the story. They increase the insight of a person who reads a paper.

This assignment helps to improve two different but important skills: to observe and to write. A person observes something that is around him. Then he writes about it and edit. This task is required in college classes. It is challenging but a good way to boost ingenuity.

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Remember that a reader wants to know what happened to you and how it happened. So, literally you have to place your readers in your shoes. A writer must do his best to unravel a story that he observed.

How to Write this Kind of Essay?

1. Start to observe. Before start writing an essay a person has to observe first. Observation is more than a simple vision. Observation means that one must notice sounds, smells, colors, and sensations that are happening around. Do not focus on one single person or thing. Observe how all things work together and how people are involved into a process that you monitor.

One can even make a video of place where an observed event will take place. Later you will use it for support in a paper.

2.  Put down notes. This part is essential because a person needs prompts for his essay. It is better to take notes without looking at a piece of paper. Do not forget that all notes you are making for yourself. Although they should not be perfect, they must be readable.

Note the first impression. Try to write down information in chronology. It would be easier for you later when you proceed to writing.

Make notes about people, their gender, age, and cultural orientation. Note the behavior of people. Then you will explain in your paper what it means.

3.  Make an outline. This step is very useful in making different assignments. An outline is like a map that guides you from the beginning to the end of a task. It helps in planning further development of your story in essay.

Remember that you must write your paper in present tense.

4.  An introduction. If one wants to begin his paper correctly, he has to begin it with introduction. Here a person tells about what he has observed, where he has observed it, and why he has picked this topic. A person should provide readers with background information about an event that he has observed.

Make an introduction in a way that it sets the topic and gives people an overview of a matter of observation.

5.  The main part. This is also called the body of your paper. It is very responsible task to write it properly and clearly. All the notes must be arranged and tied up. One has to set all sentences and events in a right order. Make it possible for readers to feel what you felt and to experience what you experienced.

6.  Final statement. A logical conclusion of every essay is a summary. Conclude all that you saw and put into this part of a paper. Another significant detail is to write your own attitude according observation. Explain briefly what this observation means for you and what it might mean for readers. Do not write long sentences. This is the final part of your paper. It should be interesting and succinct.

7.  Review. One always needs much time on editing. Check grammar, spelling, punctuation, and clarity of the paper. Read your essay over again. Engage your friends, they will point some drawbacks, things that you must cut or add.

To write an observation essay you need to remember many details. Try to look at this task as an opportunity to have fun. Thus, you will complete it successfully.

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