Read The Poems With Essay On Emily Dickinson


She did not publish any book when she was alive. No one in the USA did not know anything about her. It is possible to say, that she was unknown during her life. But a few years later, when she died, her poems were published and it was the sensation in the literature. She became the classics of the literature in the USA. You can get the examples of her poems ordering Emily Dickinson essays on our site. Our writers will be glad to help you and to provide you with the best essay in the world.

It is impossible to say, that her life was full with different events. She lived in the house of her father, did not visit the city a lot and later, even decided not to leave her room. She communicated only with the members of her family and wrote the letters to some people. She did not love and it was not shown in her poems.

She lived as the spirit, but she has the rich soul. He liked religion and philosophy and studied it a lot of time. She lived alone, but she could express in her poems the thing, which is very difficult to express to the people, which live in the huge cities.

The main theme of her poems is the death. Sometimes she is afraid of it, sometimes is not. But she wanted to develop this fact in her poems. It seems, that she really died in every her poem. A lot of people find her poems amazing and informative.

It is possible to divide her poems into 4 groups.

The first group consists of the poems, which are about her principles and how exactly she accepts this world. She shows the readers, which poems she wants to write and how exactly they should accept them.

The second group is connected with the nature. She writes about the nature as about something, that constantly can be developed and is unique.

The third group can show to the readers, that the only reality is the inner world of every person. Also she shows a lot of depression and different black thoughts in this period.

And the last group can show the hope of the people that will live forever. These poems are the most successful of all, which she wrote.

Her poems were published in 1955. But she died in 1886.

She was born in 1830 in the USA. Her grandfather was the richest person and he opened the college, where she studied.

She decided to write the poems in the childhood, when she got the present from her father- the book with the different poems. She read them and they inspired her to write the poems.

In 1855 she met the pastor, who became her friend. But in 1862 he moved to the other city and she had the depression because of it. She even could not write a lot, but the period 1858-1862 was very successful for her. She wrote a lot of poems, but at that moment she could not do it.

In the same year she showed her poems to the other pastor and asked him about his own opinion. The pastor said, that they are good, but advised not to publish them. Also, he suggested her his help, but she decided to refuse from it.

She did not write a lot of poems after 1862 but if you can write them, you will see how deep is her inner world. It seems, that she shows her soul in these poems. She collected her poems and even had a few of them on her table. Her friends suggested her to publish them, but she refused. Only up to 7 poems were published when she was alive.

She had some serious problems with her eyes and she decided to stop her work for two years. She was at the hospital in the other city in 1864-1865. After that she spent her time only at home. She lived in her room and her younger sister lived with her. Her younger brother with his wife lived together and helped her.

She read a lot and she also liked to work in the garden. She wrote a lot of letters to different people. She did not leave her house, but it was the only way of the communication with the other world.

Emily died in 1886 and after her death, there found a lot of poems, which were not published, in her table. She wrote up to 1800 poems. Her friend, who decided, that she was quite crazy, collected her poems, edited them and published in 1890. But only in 1966 the original poems were published.

At that time, it was very difficult for the woman, with such inner world as Emily to find something for herself. She had not even the choice and she understood, that the other people could not understand her. She decided to say the truth, but did not say it directly, because it was the sense of all, that we collected in us and after that expressed in the poems.

There are a lot of discussions about men in her life. But the critics are sure, that she was interested only in the men, whose experienced in different poems she could borrow. She has a lot of poems, which are devoted to women and people can find a lot of different meanings there. She wanted to show her talent and wrote the poems.

To sum up, the Emily lived in her own world, but it was not the problem for her to write the poems. She decided to write the poems during all her life. It was comfortable for her to be alone and just to show her feeling on the paper. If you wish to order the essay about her poems, you can do it in 5 minutes. You just need to place the order here and after that wait till the essay is ready. You can be sure, that our professional writers will do their best and provide you with the great essay.