The Patriotism Essay: Are You The Real Patriot?


The patriotism or also the national idea connected people at all times. If you wish to know more information, you can order the patriotism definition essay on our site. Exactly this fact gives the people the hope and sets the goal, which they need to reach. So let’s check what is the patriotism and where it appeared. If you need any help in writing the essays on patriotism, you can get it here.

What Is The Patriotism?

Patriotism is the system of motivations, ideas, goals, interests and actions, because of which people can develop themselves. The detailed explanation you can get, ordering what is patriotism essay. You will get all needed information there. The patriot is the person, that loves his/her country, lives and works to improve it.

What Is Patriotism Essay And What It Must Have?

If your task is to write an essay on patriotism, you must start with defining what information it must have and how to arrange it. You need to remember that your paper must be easy to read and understand while following the formatting requirements of your professor or university. To achieve this, you need to be experienced and proficient in the ways of academic writing and have extensive knowledge on what you are going to write about.

  1. You need to provide your readers with a professional and technical explanation of what is the subject of your paper, and what meaning does it have. For example, you can use the definition of a specific term from the trusted vocabularies like a one from an Oxford University or any other highly regarded information sources.
  2. Provide a brief but meaningful explanation of what is the aim of your paper. This approach not only helps you to stay on topic during the writing process but also provide the readers of your article with an explanation of what you are going to base your research upon. The engagement of the audience is essential to any type of writer, and it will stimulate anyone who would decide to read your paper to investigate your research or thesis further.
  3. Separate the text of your essay into the data blocks, which are logically arranged in a chronological position to underline the point you are trying to make in the contents of your paper. Any text will be way easier to read and understand the meaning behind it if every single paragraph or section is arranged into a carefully constructed framework.
  4. At the end of your essay, you must come up with a well-thought-out conclusion, which presents detailed information regarding the methodology of your research and what you have discovered during it. You must clearly state if the purpose of your paper was fulfilled or not. You must not let the readers think that all your efforts were for nought and you are simply left them hanging at the end of it.
  5. Do not forget to proofread and revise everything you have written as many times as you need to polish your text into a flawless work of art in the field of academic writing. Moreover, any mistakes that you will leave unchecked would have a severe and grave impact on your grades and overall academic success.

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Top 10 Patriotism Essay Writing Themes.

Such thing as patriotism can be expressed in a colossal number of ways, so if you want to base your essay on some specific theme, you are more than free to do so. Here we gathered some of such topics for you to consider if you want your essay to be something more than a generic explanation of this term.

  1. Your views on the concept of patriotism.
  2. Patriotism in psychology.
  3. What defines patriotism in the eyes of society?
  4. The most patriotic deeds in history.
  5. How can a patriotism affect a politic discourse of a nation?
  6. The difference between patriotism and chauvinism.
  7. How different are the nationalism and patriotism?
  8. What are the positive and negative sides of a patriotism?
  9. How harmful is a patriotism towards the idea of globalism and diversity?
  10. Is the patriotism outdated or not?

These topics may sound reasonably generic or straightforward on the surface. Still, they can provide you with lots and lots of valuable research materials and will make your essay to stand out amongst many others.

The Difference Between Chauvinism, Patriotism And Nationalism.

Let us assume that patriotism in the general scheme of things is just the way an individual can express his or her love and affection towards the place or a nation that they been born into and raise to the adulthood. However, when a person becomes too obsessed over it, the patriotism can evolve into something more harmful, like nationalism or chauvinism.

But how can we differentiate these terms and their meaning? Here we want to address this issue and present you with the opportunity to learn something new and make the decision yourself on how bad these supposedly positive feelings can be.

Patriotism is the way a person expresses his or her national pride, the feeling of love and deep affection towards his or her homeland, and the alliance with the citizens of the same country. Usually, this term is used without any negative connotation or a destructive power behind it.

You can be patriotic and respect the people and culture of the people from a different area or a nation. There is nothing wrong in feeling patriotic if those feelings of yours are pure and you are not obsessed over it in any way shape or form. As with the most things in life, you can embrace yourself, be free and open about everything you feel a deep connection to as long as you do not hurt anybody in the process.

Chauvinism is an obsessive and passionate feeling of your nation being superior in every way possible to the other governments and its citizens. A chauvinist always loves to brag about his or her society and fellow citizens, and completely disregards any other country and its people. They usually justify such shallow and condescending views with the use of furious and biased political propaganda, and these kinds of people tend to be extremely prejudiced towards the other people and even their own brethren.

This belief has nothing to do with being patriotic in the usual meaning of this term. It is a malignant tendency, which is usually justifying such atrocities as slavery and genocide, simply because “they are nothing like us, those savages.” The typical behaviour of every chauvinist is extremely entitled. A person believes that he or she is the only one who is correct about everything and acknowledges as human beings, only those who will agree and kowtow to their every word or need. Usually, these people are not mentally stable and prone to displaying violent and hysterical behaviour.

Nationalism is a group move towards the independence of a nation and its freedom from the outside rule. The prime example of the nationalism is the discussion over Scottish independency rallies aimed towards the autonomy of a Scotland from the British government. This means that a person, who shares the nationalistic beliefs, usually has strong political convictions regarding the independence of his or her nation.

However, do not confuse patriotism with citizenship. This term means that your nation is legally acknowledging the fact that you belong to its citizens. Some countries can have a policy, which permits the concept of dual citizenship; each of them is being equally respected and politically recognized. You can even have the citizenship of one nation and still feeling patriotic towards another. This shows that you cannot document the feeling of patriotism, but you need to be accepted and recognized by the laws of the country you are currently residing in or travelling to.

Thus, the patriotism is a definite feeling that undoubtedly can be toxic and destructive if taken to the extremes. It is okay to feel the affection and love towards your motherland. However, do not let it consume you and dictate your views on the people around you.

Children are the best patriots

The children can accept the meaning of the patriotism better than all other people. At this age they have the instinct of the group protection, but they do not have children or families, because exactly this fact helps their parents to be more careful. The teenagers have the tendency to divide the society into the meaning of “ the friend” and “the enemy”. The researchers had the very interesting research. They asked the children about the computer game World of Warcraft. In this game the children can choose one of two fractions. The players of the different fractions cannot speak with each other, but they can only fight. According to the researches, the players at the age up to 18 years old said, that the players of the other fraction are stupid and dishonest. But at the same time, they think, that the players from their own team are kind, friendly and honest.

The older players said, that everything depended on the person and the same people can play for the different fractions.

The Greece Patriotism

It is believed, that the patriotism appeared in the Greece. It appeared at the period of the city-country. But why it appeared only at that time but not earlier? Unfortunately, there is not any version to this question. There is the only version, that they just did not have the need in it.

The Greeks had a lot of the Gods, and every city should choose 1-2 Gods, which were their favorite ones and should protect the city. The Greeks should find the other ideological base and they found it in the patriotism. They believed, that the patriotism is for their city, families, citizens.

The Famous Patriots – The Romans

There were some differences in the meaning of the patriotism among the Greeks and the Romans. The Greeks believed, that the patriot is the person, that always pays all needed taxes, works for the other people, protects the laws and can go to the army if there is the need. But for the Romans, the patriotism was on the same stage with the glory.

They blindly protected the laws, they refused from their own purposes, they can give in the name of the Rome everything, including their own children – it was the ideal program of the patriotism in the Rome. This ideology was very successful for the aggressor- country, because the Romans took the whole Italy, the part of the Europe and a lot of the other countries. But here the Romans needed to change the national patriotism to the emperor patriotism and it was not very strong and reliable.

Even now, the national patriotism of the Romans is believed to be the best of the all times. And a lot of the ideologist dream about the fact, that all people, that lie, that they are the patriots just disappear and some millions of the real Romans with their patriotism appear instead.

The Unpatriotic Christianity

At the beginning, the Christians were totally against the meaning of the patriotism in any form. They do not believe in the king or the emperor, they believed only in the God. The Christians could not go to the army, because they could not kill the people, because it is the evil and it was written in the Bible.

Yes, sure, the Romans were against the Christianity and did everything possible to destroy it, because they understood that the Christianity could destroy their country. But the Christianity was not very easy to overcome. First of all, it was divided into separate small groups and the second thing is, that it became the greatest thing to connect the people against the same enemy.

The Critics And The Country In Patriotism

There were a lot of philosophers, which wanted to change the idea of the patriotism, for example Walter, Kant, Toro and many others. They wanted to create the new kind of the patriotism. They understood that the people should be blind and always respect the laws, even if they are stupid and unneeded. It is important to look carefully after the country and to correct all the mistakes, even if the price is the life.

Because of it, the meaning of the “critical patriotism “had appeared. The critical patriots always supported the media, because they understood, that it was their friend and with the help of the media was possible to control all spheres of the life. They were confident, that it was needed to control the government and always wrote the truth in the history, even some facts were not very good, because the understanding of the history could give the opportunity to avoid these mistakes in the future.

Usually, the government and a lot of people do not like the meaning of the critical patriotism, because they would like to blindly believe in the idea and they accept the critic as something bad.

The cosmopolitans

The cosmopolitans are the people, that are sure, that there is no need for the patriotism, because all people are the whole nation and the whole planet is our country. The first famous cosmopolitan was Diogen. He was against the patriotism and he was sure, that the people need to live as animals, do not have a family, go to school and do not create any things like learning or reading.

But it seems, that the patriotism depends on every person. It is impossible to create the patriots, you can just be the patriot or not. And this choice depends on you.