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Besides the best quality writing services we also offer proofreading of your papers. Online grammar checking is a complex process that comprises three simple steps. The first step is an attentive reading of the written text several times trying to get rid of the misprints since usually, people can't fix them reading their own text. It is much easier when the second party reads the text. Most of the mistakes become obvious. Then, our proofreader reads the text again more attentively trying to find grammatical mistakes in the paper connected with the incorrect utilization of various grammatical constructions, tenses etc. since those who use English as the second language have a lot of mistakes of this kind. The third step is based on the polishing the paper. The proofreader we assign reads the corrected text once again to make sure he or she didn’t miss something. That’s why you should choose us to complete your paper since we know exactly what you need.

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The best English grammar corrector wants to dedicate this essay to the psychological enemies or, in other words, the excuses we are looking for not to be happy.

Life is about the choices and the decisions we make and sometimes we are the creators of the problems. The stereotypes and the lack of confidence play their role predisposing the path we choose. It is important to have goals but sometimes they do only harm since they are unreachable or just ridiculous. This essay will be dedicated to such ridiculous goals and habits since sometimes we contradict our own values and desires doing something very stupid.  Just write the following sentence in our online chat: “write an essay in a day for me” and our company will take care of your writing assignment. These are the following:

  1. Be perfect. It is a good intention since people should always grow professionally and personally but sometimes people misunderstand this concept and use it in a wrong way.
  2. Pay too much attention to the past. Such a wrong perception of time has unpleasant consequences like depression, stress, and laziness. It is better to think about this very moment since soon it will vanish in the past and you will regret it as well.
  3. Complaints. While you are wasting time complaining, people work hard to achieve their goals. Do you want to waste your time in such a way?
  4. Be offended. There is no need to be a victim since when you are offended you allow the offender to control you. We will assign the best paper writer & editor we have so that your paper could be written and edited with the highest quality.
  5. Lie. This is one of the strongest types of mental abuse first of all, for the liar since the fact that you deceived somebody will burn you from inside. Lie in general is a very interesting phenomenon. This essay reveals the most interesting questions concerning this topic: why we lie and how to stop it.
  6. Say “I can’t”. It is much better to do something and fail rather than give up and regret the possibility of success but you will never find out unless you try.
  7. Say “I am not ready”. Right now is the best moment to do something. It is impossible to find a perfect time since our brain can come up with an excuse not to do something easily.
  8. Too insignificant goals. When you are aimed at something great and at something that seems to be unreachable you experience a real challenge. However, when you do something easily achievable, you can’t understand what you are really capable of.
  9. Try to do everything at once. There are plenty of things you want to do but it is impossible to manage everything. Careful redistribution of your time is more profitable than attempts to do everything at once.
  10. Buy something you don’t need. This money that you can save, you can spend on something really useful.
  11. Blame others. People are more likely to shift responsibility over others’ shoulders. Thus, you will never be able to change your behavior since you are positive that you do everything correct.
  12. Look for the easiest ways. It is impossible to achieve your goals without the challenges you need to face. That's why it is better to walk the longest way to enjoy the taste of victory.
  13. Make promises that you cannot keep. This is the best way to destroy your reputation with the members of your family and friends. If you make a promise, do your best to keep your word.
  14. Inability to control emotions. If you can’t pull yourself together when you need to control your emotions, you will face serious problems in the society since people with such problems can easily be controlled.
  15. Always doubt. Your doubts are the only obstacle that stops you from making your dreams come true. It is better to do something and say “I am sorry” than regret.
  16. Avoid changes. Changes are the inevitable part of our life. They bring new experience and new feelings that make our life brighter and more interesting.
  17. Procrastination. This is a bad habit that can result in missed deadlines and further problems at work or at the university you really don’t need.
  18. Dismissing physical health. Even if you don’t have enough time to go to the gym, spend at least ten minutes in the morning to do some morning exercises.
  19. Malnutrition. Without paying special attention to your nutrition you will have plenty of problems with your health both mental and physical. Besides a good diet, don't forget to drink a lot of water. This essay contains the major reasons for doing it
  20. Bad habits. This is not something new and we won't talk about smoking or drinking but there are some habits that will make you a better person after getting rid of them.
  21. Inability to communicate with people. Never disregard communication skills since if you are able to speak it does not mean that you do it very well. Pay attention to your communication skills, the way you talk and express your thoughts.
  22. Do something repeatedly. Do your best to avoid day-to-day routine since when you do the same things all the time it seems that life is boring.  
  23. Choose the easiest way. We are all striving for the real challenge to show what we are capable of. We want to prove to others and ourselves that we are able to do anything. It is impossible to achieve this goal if you choose an easy path.
  24. Think that everybody has easier destiny than you have. It is egoistic to think that you are the only one with the burden over your shoulders. The problems you experience each person experience as well.
  25. Make emotional decisions. Do not let your emotions to influence your decision since being controlled by emotions we never analyze the situation and make a blind decision. Usually, it leads to the failure. Don’t make hasty decisions, since your problem can be solved. We are more than capable of rewriting your assignments at low cost.
  26. Think about your miserable future. Nobody knows what is hidden behind the corner so it is meaningless to think that something bad will happen in the future since you don’t know that.
  27. Be too strict with yourself. People take failures and mistakes way too seriously. This is a new experience and the best thing to laugh at since tomorrow you will make another attempt and everything will be alright.
  28. Do something you don’t belong to. We spend too much time at work we don't like and waste our life doing something we don't want to. If you don't want to regret it, it is time to change your life. All people are busy thinking about their purpose. We all want to find something we would be happy doing. These essay dedicated to three unexpected ways to find your own way so that you could live happily and pass away without regrets. 
  29. Think about the things you don’t have yet. Don't you think that it is not a reasonable waste of energy? People think too much about something they don’t have but others have. If you can’t appreciate everything you have, you won’t be happy even having everything you want.
  30. Be shy. The lack of confidence usually makes us regret the decisions we didn't make. Sooner or later, you will realize that you could be happy but due to your shyness, you didn't use all the opportunities offered. Those who experience lack bravery should definitely check our essay on courage and how to be braver

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