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Our cheap essay service wants to share this essay on how to read more books with those who can’t find enough time to do it.

Reading is obviously one of the most fascinating ways to spend your time. The books have an amazing power to scatter the borders between this world and an imaginary one. They have enough power to change our mood, makes us feel emotions we never felt before and speed up the heartbeat with every page read. The book enlightens us and gives us new information. Moreover, books are a source of information and it would be great to read as many books as possible. However, with the modern style of life, it is almost impossible to pay much attention to the books despite the fact that we really want it. Thus, they are lost on the dusty shelves or on the cell phones. Therefore, we would like to help you with this issue. This essay contains various feature for those who can’t find enough time to read. Don’t forget to order cheap term paper at before reading our essay. Let us do the job you don’t want to do.

How to read more books?

1. First, make a list of all the books you would like to read as accurately as possible. It will take time but it is an important step to be taken. The internet or the nearest bookstore will help you to make this difficult choice. Your choice should be based on certain features like the author, genre, topic etc. Take the notebook and write the list of all the chosen books. For example, read the list of the novels of Ernest Hemingway Maybe you will choose some of his works.

Then, you need to look through all the chosen books in order to understand whether it is interesting so that you could avoid spending time reading it. Read some annotation, table of content or look through the pages. Thus, you will be able to get acquainted with a large number of books for a short period of time. Therefore, you will know exactly what books you would like to read and prioritize them on your personal list.

2. You need to literally schedule your reading. Obviously, sometimes people have a dynamic schedule of work and they can't know for sure whether they will have time to read. However, it is possible to override this obstacle. First of all, you need to read at least twenty minutes every day and then increase time spent reading until it reaches an hour or two per day. People become very inventive when it comes to the things they really like and if you will get used to reading at least fifteen minutes per day, you will come up with the way to spend more time doing it. The best assignment rewriter is available at to satisfy your needs.

3. The reading should be nothing but a pleasure. There is no need to coerce yourself to read one more page or read this chapter until the end since it seems to be very boring for you. If you are not in the mood right now, it is better to postpone reading for good since it will cause nothing but irritation and anger. In order to get all the benefits of reading, you should be inspired and encouraged enough to read. Undeliberate reading is one of the worst modes to read in general.  Sometimes we are not feeling good enough for reading. A headache is not the best companion. So, you need to wait for the best conditions for you to read so it would be enjoyable and interesting.

4. This is a logical continuation of the previous tip. The reading will soon enough become boring and lose its magic if you will consider it to be another task on your list. It will turn into the routing and everything you were fighting for will be lost. It is great to have reading on your to-do-list but soon enough you will lose interesting towards reading. If you noticed that the process has begun, it is better to give up reading for some time. A week or two will be enough to get the desire and interest back.

5. Reading should be carried out without distractions since it will turn into the waste of your time. It is better to turn off the phone, if it is possible, and ask your relatives not to disturb you while you are busy reading. It will take only an hour and we think they will manage to spend this time without you. That’s why, on one hand, it is great to read outside breathing the fresh air and enjoying the good weather but on the other hand, all the noises and people around will draw your attention. It is very important to stay focused while reading and these tips will teach you how to do it.

6. The next step is connected with our thoughts. Most people start reading longing to read all the books on the list as fast as possible. There is no need to think about the speed of your reading or the way to turn the pages one-by-one. It draws your attention and you actually lose the speed of reading. Read for the sake of peasant emotions you feel every time you go deeper into the imaginary world of this book and you are unlikely to want to finish it. If you really want to enjoy the books you are currently reading, forget about the speed of reading and the time spent reading. These are two main distractions that literally devastate its positive effect. Our good 24-hour essay writing services will make you happy since there will be no need to do your homework! 

7. Try to read in the morning. When you have just wake up your mind is not yet polluted by the thoughts about the work you will have to do or other problems you have to solve today. This is a perfect time to be distracted from our own mind in order to spend time reading. Moreover, you might not know for sure whether you will be able to read this evening due to a large amount of work or other issues. In the evening before going to sleep, put the book you currently read beside you so that you could start reading once you wake up. Another good author we would like to share with you is Edgar Alan Poe

8. Communication is an essential part of any activity and reading is not an exception. You need to find people interesting in reading on Social Media in order to discuss interesting topics, latest releases and debate on the topic of the book you like. This is a good way to share information with others and absorb this information. However, don't let other people's opinions cloud your own judgments. Having found as many like-minded people as possible you will find new interesting friends and spend time with please among people who are fond of reading as well as you are.

9. The technological process gave a birth to various gadgets and devices and readaholics may find it beneficial due to the electronic books and the ability to use a cell phone as a book. This is a perfect opportunity to read wherever we are regardless of the poor light and lack of space. This is a whole library in your own pocket and you can download literally thousands of books, make notes, and create your personal online bookshelves with books divided according to the above-mentioned groups. There is no need to carry books with you anymore since they occupy a lot of space actually and they might get dirty or may be damaged. Such a waste, don't you think? Of course, it is impossible to substitute printed editions, its smell, and sound but in order to read being in rather difficult circumstances, it is just the job.

10. Of course, we can’t leave speed reading without due attention. Unfortunately, only a few people have an ability to read really fast while others read really slow and have to develop this ability by means of practice. There are plenty of methods to master speed reading, moreover, there are also other ways to read books faster. However, in our opinion, this is the straight way to lose the magic of reading itself since you are aimed at the speed of reading rather than at the reading itself.

If you want to read more books it does not matter what speed of reading you currently possess, speed reading skills will be beneficial for you. People can even read three or four pages per minute but they can't remember what they read after all. Modern speed reading is design in such a way to both increases the speed of your reading and improves memorizing of the information read. Thus, you will be able to read a really huge book and remember everything except for some insignificant details. There are other ways to improve your memory besides reading. These are the most propagated ones on this list.

So, we can come to a simple conclusion. In order to read more books, there is no need to be talented or have some phenomenal abilities and skills inherited from your parents. The only thing you might need is a strong desire to increase the number of books read for a certain period of time and increase the number of pages read per minute. In order to attain this goal, you need to read constantly without regarding to the time spent. It might be either fifteen minutes or an hour per day but you shouldn't give up reading. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Therefore, grab a book and start reading since this is the only tip you really need.

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