Ernest Hemingway Essay: The Most Interesting Facts


His life was very interesting and he had a lot of events, which made him as he was. He was the hunter, the soldier, the sportsman and even the journalist and he also liked to drink the alcohol. More detailed information you can order on our site and you will get old man and the sea essay. You need just to wait some time and the paper will be sent to you.

10 interesting facts from the biography

  1. Hello, the gun!

When he was at the age of 12, his grandfather gave him the present - his first gun. The boy was really happy and decided to show the gun to his friends. But one old woman saw him with the gun and told him, that he should be careful, because there were a lot of facts, when the owners of the gun could be killed with the same gun. 50 years later he died, because he killed himself with the gun Vincenzo Bernardelli. Now this model is called Hemingway.

  1. Games with the death

Before he died at the age of 62, he had a lot of opportunities to die before this event. He had a lot of injuries, he had 5 accidents and 2 times he had serious problems on the hunting. One time he could even die in the forest fire. But as we can see, he lived till the age of 62.

  1. The first hero

In 1919 he came to the USA as the hero. Firstly, he was not taken to the army because he had problems with the eyes, but later he helped the doctors. He also met some famous writers there.

  1. The war

There was the accident, when he took the gun in his hands and started to fight against his enemies. It was impossible, because he was the journalist and there was the strict punishment because of it. But he was lucky and he did not have any problems after this event.

  1. The shortest story

One day, there was the competition for the shortest story. He won this competition with the story, which consisted of six words: “For sale: baby shoes, never used”. The main demands of this competition were: the introduction, the culmination and the conclusion.

  1. The cat’s father

In 1935 he got the present from his friend - the unusual cat. This cat had 6 fingers. After this event, the cats constantly lived in his house. At the end of the Second World War there lived up to 20 cats in his house. But, unfortunately, the cat died after the accident. Now in his house, which is the museum, live up to 44 cats with 6 fingers.

  1. The autograph

The writer was afraid of the stage and he did not like it. Also, he did not like to give the autographs. Because of it, people could not get his autographs and it was like the treasure for them. One day, the person Victor Hill told his friend, that he could get the autograph of the writer. He followed him 3 months and finally the writer was really furious. He wrote on the page of the book that these lines were for Victor Hill, who was a real Son of a Bitch and who could not take «no» for an answer.

  1. The favorite alcohol

He loved the cocktails Mojito and Daiquiri. Usually, these cocktails are better for the women and the psychologists are sure, that this choice can make the people, which are the little boys in their souls. Despite of the fact, that he was really strong and had a lot of fights, he was not the type of the man, who can save the woman. He liked the strong women, that can help people, had cars or can go hunting.

  1. The personal records

He was handsome and was very strong. One day he caught the huge fish and after that he wrote the story about the old man and the sea. He had the Nobel prize for this story.

  1. Alcohol

When he was young, he bought the alcohol in one county and brought it in the USA, despite of the fact, that it was forbidden.

  1. The fish

There is the fish in the ocean with his name. It is «Neomarinthae Hemingwayi».

  1. The women

He loved a lot of women. He was married 4 times and he could not be constantly with only one woman.

  1. The books

His books were forbidden in the Italy and Germany after the fact, when he published the books about war.

  1. The money

He liked to say, that there is no any other way to spend money, but only to purchase the champagne.

  1. The words

Every day he wrote the number of the words he wrote during the whole day. He had the huge paper on the wall and there he wrote the numbers of the words. They could start from 450, 575, 462,1250. Sometimes, he wrote more words, if he had some plans on the other day, for example, fishing.

  1. The music

When he was the little boy, his mother wanted to see him the musician and even during the one year he did not visit the school, but he visited the music lessons. But he liked box and fishing.

  1. The study

He did not have the higher education. After the school, he did not study further, but started to work in the newspaper.

  1. The films

He wrote a lot of different popular books and there are fifteen films, which are created from his books.

  1. The writing process

A lot of his books were written in his bedroom. The interesting fact, that he did not sit, he wrote the books going from the one wall to the other one. He could spend up to seven pencils per day.

To sum up, he created amazing books, he was a famous writer, that left us a lot of books for reading. Even without the higher education, he spent the life, which was full of different events. If you wish to get more information about this famous writer, you can place the order on our site and our professional writers will help you.