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Patience is a very important and useful quality. With the great technological development and progress of the 21st century, our lives become more chaotic and dynamic and it is very important to stay calm whatever the cost. Those who can’t help conflicting with others are in need of this feature. It is impossible to imagine a happy persons being impatient and hostile towards others. This feature is very necessary for communication within the society. Obviously, more patient people do not have any problems with others comparing with short-tempered people who can't control their emotions. These people are difficult to communicate with. Let’s examine different situations where this quality might be needed the most.  For example, you might need our best service to write an essay in 7 hours so you could meet your deadline.

At work. This quality is one of the most important for those who have subordinates besides knowledge, experience, and certain skills. Of course, there are certain employees that have not enough experience and they will definitely make mistakes. It is very important to help them be as patient and as objective as possible so they could learn something instead of screaming at them provoking a stressful situation. It is better to appreciate their efforts rather than punish them. If you feel very irritated within the working environment, this essay will show you some tips on how to stay calm exactly at work.

The employees also should be patient since people usually very stressful and irritated being exhausted after a long day or when they have plenty of work to do. Those, who are engaged in the intellectual activity are more subjected to stresses that those who are engaged in the physical or manual work. Especially, employees who have to communicate with people. Due to the fact, that some people might be impolite and hostile, it might be rather difficult to stay calm.

Personal life. Patience is a very important feature for any relationships. It helps to make them stronger. It is difficult to live with short-tempered people who can’t control their emotions. We all have certain flaws our partner should put up with and without patience, it is literally impossible. Thus, it is impossible to build up good relationships without tolerating other people’s flaws.  We can rewrite assignments with zero plagiarism preserving the main idea of the original text. Thus, you can get a good grade without writing a new paper.  

How to be more patient?

1) It is easy to become a more patient person in the condition if you are motivated to change. Thus, you need to consider all the benefits that this new quality might give you. It will help you to have better relationships with your colleagues and friends, it will be much easier for you to achieve your goals. Moreover, you will become less vulnerable to stress and depression. Sometimes, even religion helps us to find the peace we are looking for to tame the fire inside our hearts

2) Usually, people are impatient due to the fact that they can't control something. It is a high-time to get used to the fact that we are just humans and we can't control everything. If a rainy weather spoiled your day, there is no need to be angry. You can't control it. If you lost a good friend since he is stubborn, it is not your fault. We can't change people.

3) Let’s talk about actual benefits of being patient. This quality will help you to attain your goals. How is it possible? First of all, if you want to learn something new or master a certain skill, it will be much easier for you to study have enough patience since this is a long and exhausting process that requires all your efforts and time. You won’t be able to achieve the expected results being distracted.

4) People are very concerned by the past and the future forgetting to live right now. These thoughts can depress and we won’t be able to control the situation. There is no need to torture yourself for something you’ve done long time ago and something you haven’t done yet. It is high time for you to leave the past behind and start living. You waste your time and it won’t be compensated.

5) If you are bored and need to wait, do something. In the hospital, waiting for your turn, you can read a newspaper or a book. At the time of the working break - chat with colleagues, train communication skills. When cooking at home - clean up the kitchen, do exercises to strengthen memory, solve the crossword, etc.

6) Every time we experience stress and anxiety, our nervous system is seriously damaged. Thus, we become more vulnerable to various stress inciters. In order to get rid of their influence, we have to strengthen our nervous system. Various meditation techniques fit perfectly for this very purpose. Unfortunately, most people just can't meditate since they can't shake voices inside their head. However, there are simpler techniques like breathing meditation that will help you to relax. If you got used to more traditional methods, a warm bath will perfectly accomplish this function. Or, you may also apply to the beneficial effect of music, since your favorite songs may also help you to calm down and pull yourself together

7) A diary trick is also very effective. This is a psychological tip that helps people with communication problems or certain internal conflicts. You can write down everything that bothers you the most in order not to keep these emotions inside of you. The paper is one of the most impartial listeners and you will feel relieved once you write down at least anything in this diary.

8) People you communicate with also play a very significant role and if you really want to be a more cold-blooded person, you need to give up hanging out with people you don't like or those who drive you crazy.

9) Do not spin out your life. This is one of the greatest pieces of advice of Dale Carnegie which he used in his book “How to stop worrying and start living”. Life is too magnificent and magical to worry about the things that won’t play any significance for you in the end. Your mental health is much more valuable than conflicts you may avoid.

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