Common Sense Essay: The Way to Freedom


Sometimes words have such a huge power that they are able to change everything in our lives. The words indeed have strength, especially if one trusts them. The gift of a word lies in an impact on society. It can either encourage or hurt personality. During war time people search for support, help, comfort, and shelter. Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” became one of the most important documents written during American Revolution and a prop for all people in America.

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Common Sense essays are easy. They will lead you through the way of interesting and vital events that took place in America. The pamphlet “Common Sense” was published in 1776. The key purpose of the paper was the encouragement of American society during rebellion time. So, let us first remember something about the author of the pamphlet.

Brief Story about Thomas Paine’s Life: Several Facts

1. Family. Paine was born in 1737. He was born in England but later in 1774 migrated to America. Although Thomas lived in time when education was not mandatory, people say that he attended school. His father was not educated but had his own business. When Paine was 13, he started work with his father.

In September 1759 he married Mary Lambert. Their family story was not happy. Mary had difficult childbirth. She and her child died.

2. Career. Started from 1761 Thomas Paine took several different jobs. He was rather talented and responsible man.  More about this topic one can read in essay about responsibility.

Thomas Paine worked as a schoolteacher, stay-maker, and supernumerary officer. His life reminded stormy sea. In 1768 he had to move to Lewis, the country town. There he got married again.

3. Civil Issues. Lewes was a special town. That was the town where people fought with throne. During his living in this town Thomas was engaged into community matters. In 1772 Paine published his first article.

Thomas Paine had many debts. He had to sell his house. Paine divorced his wife and relocated to the capital of Great Britain.

4. Immigration. In London Paine met Benjamin Franklin. He offered Thomas to emigrate to America. Thomas Paine received a recommendation letter and in 1774 abandoned England.

The voyage was dangerous because of typhoid fever. Paine hardly stayed alive. The doctor that was sent by Benjamin Franklin took care of Thomas.

When Paine got well, he took a vow in order to become a native person of Pennsylvania. Later in 1775 Thomas Paine developed into redactor of a local magazine.

Common Sense

Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” is a pamphlet that was written in 1776 to inspire colonists to fight for their independence. Now let us say several things that led to the publishing of this work. Plain arrived to America when people were uncertain according revolution. There were big debates concerning this issue. Some Americans still tried to escape splitting in relationships with England.

Thomas Paine wanted to change the debate. For these reasons, he formed harsh views of England itself and wrote “Common Sense”.

When Paine published his work, he hid his name. First, this pamphlet was called Plain Truth“, but later Thomas changed the name. Do not forget that people in America were confused about revolution. “Common Sense” claimed that colonists needed independence not improved representation from British government. He also wrote much about ruler. Paine stated that it was ridiculous to have king as a leader; a ruler must be chosen by people.

Thomas Paine wrote in clear language that independence was a good idea. He presented several arguments to prove his concept. Thomas tried to convince people of advisability of independence, showing problems that were deep-rooted in monarchy.

Paine conveyed through his pamphlet the idea of democratic republic. He proved that America possessed great position, and it could have trade and diplomatic relationships with Europe.

In his pamphlet Paine stated that America suffered because of its connection to England. He explained it due to numerous European wars that Britain was dragged into. Thomas Paine wrote that it was foolish that a continent was governed by island. He insisted on rejection any reconciliation with Britain because of blood that was shed; for these reasons, America had to reach freedom.

The whole pamphlet was dedicated to total freedom. The author argued that it was an obvious right to live freely and happily without bowing to royal empire.

Thomas Paine broke his work into four different sections:

1. The first part was about origin and design of government. He explained the elections are the right thing for all government because they represent the people.

2. The second part was about monarchy and succession. Here he was talking about the meaning of monarchy. Paine believed that one worker was of higher importance than entire kings that were in history.

3. In the third part Paine discussed present state of matters in America. In this section he emphasized independence as a key element for the best future.

4. Paine’s final part was about the ability of America. The author wrote that America had more than enough people to form an army and create navy.

The impact of “Common Sense” on people was huge. It was written so clearly that everyone could understand it. His work inspired people and encouraged their thoughts of independence. Although it was not so simple because England was the biggest world power during those days, the idea of liberty was a cohesive thing that joined thousands of people in America.

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