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You probably heard something like: “don’t be such a cynic!” or you just heard about such a word but you don’t know what it means specifically. In this essay, we will talk about cynicism: its origins, the modern concept of this word and advantages and disadvantages of being a cynic. In other words, we will discuss useful and useless features of cynicism to understand whether it is good to be a cynic or not. What features each of us can use for personal development and what features should be avoided.  This is the topic of our today’s conversation. It is time to buy a good research paper for college at Moreover, there is a special offer waiting for you!

The origins of cynicism

The word “cynicism” is Roman and originally it meant a “dog”. Cynicism is a philosophical school founded in the 4th century BC by Antisthenes, a disciple of Socrates. In order to get deeply involved in this topic, you can also get acquainted with the biography of Socrates. We are positive that you will like it. The brightest and most famous representative of this school is Diogenes of Sinope. The ideas of cynicism were based on the freedom from conventions, worshiping of naturalness and simplification of the day-to-day life. The cynics were not limited by family or any other kinds of relationships or any dogmas the government wants people to obey. They wanted to break free from common moral rules and standards.

Modern cynicism

In the modern world cynicism is the behavior or position, which challenges the true motives and intentions of other people, moral standards and ethical values. In general, cynicism is suspiciousness expressed with a bit of despise. Modern cynicism is also characterized by disappointment due to the inconsistency of reality and the utopian future in which our government wants us to believe, and giving up the former ideals and values. Cynics do not believe anyone: neither to other people nor to any organizations both private and governmental. Such thing as constructive criticism is not peculiar to cynicism. The ones with predominant features of criticism are more likely to use irony to criticize the actions of other people, or government in general, social traditions, values and standards, and even behavior. As a rule, the reasons for being cynical lies in the cultural development of the country where an individual lives. Read more about it at

Pros and cons of being a cynic

The positive impact of cynicism has the following features: giving up the common values and standards, disregarding other people’s opinion and denying of blind faith in something are obviously positive features. However, cynicism has nothing to do with critical thinking. As a rule, cynics do not believe in something even if it is proven by the reliable evidence and since such people got used to questioning all the information or facts disregarding critical analysis of information. In this case,
it is important to balance the critical analysis of information and skepticism will allow you to consider information without being deceived. The laws of common sense are more than necessary to study in this case since you might fall prey to biased and prejudice opinions

Otherwise, you won't benefit from both these features. For example, if you will be too much cynical, you found yourself mocking and laughing at other people which will do no good for you. Moreover, soon enough you will start treating everybody and everything with contempt and even demise.

It is better to avoid such an outcome. You need to analyze information being objective without falling prey to bias opinion or other people’s influence. For example, intolerance of the society towards the government is a much-propagated problem all over the world and subconsciously people absorb this negative energy and soon enough people start judging the government without any reasons or blaming the government in their personal failures due to lack of education, experience etc. You need to be cynical towards people but not too much. However, there is no need to be too credulous or too suspicious. All the decision should be made after careful consideration. Moreover, there are special tips to understand whether a person is lying and we want to share it with you so that you could find out for sure whether you are talking to a liar or not.

Constant denial of everything or being bias or prejudice towards something without any reasons is not a smart move. Such an attitude is too resourceful and soon enough you will get tired of this approach since it is impossible to be happy being too suspicious. There is one thing you should benefit from cynicism which is based on defending your personal opinion by all means. As you can see, sometimes this is a mistaken strategy, but along with critical analysis of information, it will allow you to be self-sufficient and strong personality; such a person will disregard other people’s opinion if it has nothing to do with the truth. If you become a cynic, you will lose faith in good things and good people always trying to see the lies questioning everything you come across and soon enough it will poison your life with suspiciousness and intolerance. Do not let it happen. We always improve our services and the quality of the papers delivered so that the customers could say: “Yes, can reword my paper with the highest quality!”

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